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November 02 2006

Sweet choreographs Evil Dead... the Musical. Sweet... well, Hinton Battle, from Buffy's OMWF choreographed "Evil Dead the Musical" which just opened in Off-Broadway in New York City. Sweeeeet.

Click here for the review in the New York Times (Registration Required)

...the playful choreography by Hinton Battle, who was co-director with Christopher Bond, and the lively music was composed by Mr. Reinblatt, Mr. Bond, Frank Cipolla and Melissa Morris.
Their most rousing number, “Do the Necronomicon,” cheerfully evokes “The Time Warp” from “Rocky Horror.”

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This is so completely a reason to go to New York sometime soon.
My wife and I (both big fans of the movies) saw it in previews a few weeks ago. It's great (especially if you're a fan) but I think it could be enjoyed by those unfamiliar with the movies as well. The guy who plays Ash is great at doing his very best Bruce Campbell.
Not only sweet but completely groovy. This I'd like to see.
I fear it'll go the way of Taboo.
But I wish it's people the best luck!
Just saw this last night -- much fun.
RambleOn, do they still keep a splatter zone in the New York version?

I still have my soiled t-shirt from the time I went. (3 years ago, if I remember correctly) I think I'll frame it ;)
I will be there tonight in the 3rd row (SplatterZone..wheee!) Bruce Campbell is leading a Q&A after the show! Can you say PSYCHED? Right now I am sitting in the airport waiting to fly into NYC. Free wireless rules.
There is definitely still a splatter zone, complete with ponchos available, if you're so inclined. JustNick, the reviews I've seen so far have been surprisingly positive, and it was a packed house last night (though, granted, it was opening night).

Charmuse, I'm jealous! Enjoy!
Last night on "Dancing With the Stars" some visiting dancers performed one of Battle's choreographed Swop routines as well.
I saw the routine on "Dancing With the Stars" last night too, and was going to look for a link to share it here. So thanks for doing that 'yourlibrarian.' I highly recommend checking it out, it was awesome!

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I saw Evil Dead the musical several years ago, back when it was just starting out in Toronto. It was really great and absolutely incredibly funny.

It's great to see this musical start off so small and has gone on to play bigger and bigger venues, until it's become this decent size show in New York. I also wonder how it's changed with Hinton Battle now choreographing it.

Now they just need to bring it back to Toronto so that I can see it again. :)
Just got back from the show. It was hilarious. Bruce was hilarious. He threw blood on me and made me cry, in a good way. We ran in to him leaving the venue (alone) after the show and he was super cool. We got pics with him. The choreography was fantastic! Tons of dancing! Way to go Hinton! Fantastic!

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