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November 02 2006

Badger doctors up Medium Season 2 DVD (R1). Mark A. Sheppard does commentary on Medium episode "Doctor's Orders" in the Season 2 DVD set, which he stars in. The DVD set is out now. Also we get to find out what the 'A' stands for.

It is one of the best commentaries I have ever listened too. Especially from someone who not only enjoys the show but knows something about every asspect of it. It's like easedropping on a conversation that it is interesting, entertaining, and informative. Plus Mark can creep you out as the bad guy in this episode.

On a side note; Mark will be showing up again on Medium this season and if you have seen the advertising for Medium's return, you can catch a him in it. Look for him within the sweeps period episodes.

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I really enjoy this show. This ep, is not only creepy but one of the most intresting of it's whole run so far.

I think what makes this show work so well besides the great stories and acting, is the main character's family. Her husband is not some push over, but is a well fleshed out character to support her when needed. Her children are not just used as props but to further the stories. The whole cast is incrediable.

I am very excited that it is back on NBC. I will deffinatly be buying these dvds.
I must say, Mark is absolutely fascinating to listen to when he speaks about the business - the craft of acting, castings, studio politics etc - so I can't wait to hear the DVD commentary.
Although anyone who has looked him up on IMDB knows what the A stands for already, I think.

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