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November 02 2006

Comedy Central pilot to spoof Buffy, other shows. Filming for "Not Another High School Show" will begin this Saturday in Los Angeles.

Course you could argue that Buffy in its first three seasons offered a highly satirical take on "the high school years' experience" but that argument might be lost on the producers of "Not Another High School Show".

Hopefully there will be fart jokes and vomiting for added HI-larity.
I'v seen Not Another Teen Movie on cable and laughed quite a bit, but I'm pretty sure that reflects badly on me rather than well on the movie.
Actually, I got a kick out of NATM as well. I liked gags like the guy who always wants to start the slow building clap. =)
It could be very very good... or very very bad. I'm hoping for the former as the last few years of new comedy shows have run thin. (HIMYM is the only one I've cared for.) I'm ready to make with the ha-ha's.
I wonder how they'll squeeze a vampire hunter into the cast, or maybe a witch, but it should be interesting
I'm with you Simon - I thought the whole point of Buffy was that it was Not Another High School Show. Fnyeh.

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