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November 02 2006

A small hint for the Buffy season 8 comic book. Find out which Buffy season Georges Jeanty will have to watch pronto as "apparently there's some reference there that I WILL need". Hmmmm indeed.

On and in next month's issue of SFX (no 151 to be precise) Joss will talking about Buffy so hopefully we'll find out more about his Dark Horse series.

first of all, the hi-rez version of that drawing...? beeyootiful!!!

and re: the hint...Glorificus? or maybe an expansion of Little Ms. Key, but this time sans Michelle's screechy? (love her, but always turn down the treble when she's on.)
Dawn is very big in the first four.. so knowing she is the key and she is not Buffy's "real" sister might make a difference. Maybe like the portal Buffy jumped through or world that Glory came from? Or the Knights are back and they are killing Slayers? Glory/Ben are dead, right?

Dawn's keyness is really not talked about or mentioned again in the later two season's. Sure they kinda tell Faith, but very quickly.Maybe people are losing thier minds again.

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My guess would be the dragon that escaped in the gift. We never did see that again, did we? But thinking about it, it could be anything. Maybe it will have something to do with Giles killing Ben, since that never really had consequences...
This quote is from EW first anounced the comic book.

"Soon an "old enemy" surfaces (Dark Horse is cagey on Big Bad's identity), and Dawn starts "experiencing serious growing pains."

So I would deffinatly say it involves her being the key and if she is more a shiney power source or more Summers' blood now.

So Knights(who were not really bad) Glory(who might have jumped bodies and been living inside Giles all this time)One of the other three Gods that exhiled Glory(was one Ilyria?) Or Ethan Rayne for the big bad...

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Very interesting.I think it's something related to Dawn and her being The Key.Remember when the cover was revealed on had a blurb.

Soon an "old enemy" surfaces (Dark Horse is cagey on Big Bad's identity), and Dawn starts "experiencing serious growing pains."

ooh, wait...the Key? in Rome, close to where she was "forged"?

we'll see just how strong that Summers blood is...! :)
I'm even more intrigued than I was now. Ooh.
You think he doesn't know that Ben is really Glory?
Wait. Ben is Glory?
Wow. That preview image is amazing. I can't wait for this.
I've always interpreted Darth Willow's intent to kill Dawn as an attempt to access Dawn's key-energy. And of course it was Doc who opened the portal, not Glory. All of which opens the question about how many ways there are to access the energy of the Key, and who knows them.
I wonder what someone like Ethan Rayne would do if he found out what Dawn was.
Open a locksmiths shop ?
*BA-DUM CHING* (for Saje ;-)
. Maybe it will have something to do with Giles killing Ben, since that never really had consequences...

Giles told Buffy about it in 'Lies My Parents Told Me' but David Fury said it got cut for time.

Relevant Whedonesque thread
You know, I actually forgot about the Giles killing Ben/Glory thing. None of my business, but do I think that should be addressed some day? Yes.
"My guess would be the dragon that escaped in the gift. We never did see that again, did we?"

The dragon in NFA always looked suspiciously like the one from The Gift to me. I always wondered what it had been doing in the intervening years.

Haven't read this yet, but the discussion is intriguing...hmmm.
Playing with little miss muffett and counting down from 730, is my guess.=P
I think the dragon is a plausible guess. Someone had said (maybe Joss, but not sure)that the original finale for season 6 was going to be Buffy vs Dragon since that was never addressed, but it would have been too pricey. Comic seems like as good a place as any to bring the dragon back.

Donna Troy, that was from season 4 was it not?
Yeah.. LOL.

But some speculation was 730 was counting down to the last ep of season five and Miss muffet was um.... I forget what she was.. but they were relevant to season five stuff. It was just said by Faith in season three.

I doubt the dragon would be introduced so soon if he is part of it. These spoilers are only for the first four comics.
Wait a minute you people mean that there's some kind of connection between Ben and Glory? Not sure I'm following...
Little Miss Muffet I think was confirmed as being about Dawn.It was referring to Buffy getting a little sister in season 5.730 was referring to Buffy's death at the end of season 5.It was the countdown to her death starting from Graduation Day Part 2 where it was mentioned.
Cheers Pat, i'm here all week (unless I make bail ;).

I wondered about the dragon in NFA too newcj. Sure, meta-textually it maybe looked the same because they re-used the visual effect but I prefer the 3 year dragon adventures idea. Think 'The Fugitive' meets 'The Equalizer' meets 'Puff the Magic Dragon'. In fact, after 'Ripper' and 'Faith' that might be my new favourite spin-off possibility ;).

(and the dragon at least really isn't getting any older)

Course if it is the dragon in S8 and it's the same one in NFA then we know Buffy doesn't kill it, bit of a spoiler that.

Thinking about 'The Gift' though, do we know for a fact Doc died when he went off the tower ? Wouldn't mind seeing him again as a baddie.
I wondered that too. If he was so powerful to help bring that Zombie/Joyce back and open the portal, then surely one little fall would not have killed him. And the group did have more to care about at the time to notice.

He also knew about Dawn and the Summers blood thing.

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Anyone else think it looks like a tiny Willow head growing out of Buffy's neck?
first of all, the hi-rez version of that drawing...? beeyootiful!!!

Right there with you pal.

*(closes mouth manually)*

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ETA Oops. Thank you, Simon. Heh.

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bearing in mind that many people online adopt "famous" names, is that you, Kid Congo (Gun Club) Powers?

also, if anyone wants a new Jeanty desktop based on the hi-rez image, it's yours for the DLing at:
In some ways I thought Glory was the best Big Bad of all; I always loved how season 5's theme of family even applied to the villian of the year.

Now I'm even more intrigued by the comic.
Eeek. Italics gone mad. Biff ban boom. Ummm again. All fixed. Anyway, knowing the deviousness of Joss' mind, it could be the smallest thing from season 5. But it is such fun to speculate. Takes me back to the old days *sniff*.
Not "the actual" one, no. Like a lot of the projects that the man in question has been involved in though, hence the nick...
I would love to see what the Initiative is up too.
Thanks all. A good excuse to go back and watch Season 5! While I really would like to see Giles' murder of Ben discussed, I don't think I want to see Giles without ASH playing him.
Maybe it is the minions. They didn't all die with Glory, did they?
I'm getting really excited for this. I thought that Buffy ended at the right time for a weekly TV series, but I'm loving the idea of returning to it, possibly to tie some of those loose ends (and there are plenty!) from the series.

Who I'd love to see:
- Ethan Rayne
- Amy Madison
- The Initiative in some function--not necessarily there all the time, but with some.

I'm really liking the Season Five mention, because it's both my favourite season, and one with the most open story potential (in my opinion). I'd love to see more exploration of Dawn's key-ness and the consequences of Giles' killing Ben and what the Knights are doing now. And yes, Doc would be awesome.

Oh, and off season five for a second, I would love meet some of the coven that helped Willow--frequently mentioned, never seen. And maybe have some plotline examining the consequences of Willow's murder a little more, because season seven, while okay at it, didn't deal with it quite as thoroughly as I wanted it to.
WtheB, 5 is my favorite, too, and I also think there's plenty of stuff there to revisit in the comics.
I really liked 5 as well. So many great eps.

I would like to see Riley back and deffinatly Oz.
It would be great to see Riley and Oz. And who knows, maybe Riley has left the Initiative and Oz is his sidekick in fighting evil. Roz anyone?
Anticipation, it's making me wait! I haven't been this excited about any post-Buffy project since the show went off the air. Which, since this is the first real post-Buffy project thus far, would figure. Still, much with the excitement, and I'm psyched the Key issue looks to be addressed in this series. And all things considered, one definite advantage of comics is that Dawn comes with Closed Captioning instead of dog-register decibels ;)

I hope it sells like ice in the Gobi so's we get at least another year of Buffy and Co., and THEN! a S6 of AtS (pleaseohplease)... There's many questions I can happily live without answers to in this lifetime, but what happens to Angel and the rest of his crew after NFA isn't one of them.

(Also, another Gun Club/Cramps/et al. fan here, Kid Congo Powers. I've worn out several copies of "The Fire of Love." Great moniker if you're not, you know, him. And if, by some stretch of the incredibly weird, you are, then coolness. Either way, a world in which the Gun Club and Buffy can simultaneously exist and connect in some way, no matter how small, makes me happy to be alive.)
If the comic book is due to come out in February, there should be solicitation info and an indeed a cover preview coming out very shortly.
Simon, I thought it was March?


Hmm. This is very, very interesting. It's awesome that it appears that Dawn's Key-ness will, indeed, be explored. As for the reference that Georges needs...hmm...thinking...thinking...

And while we're onto what we'd LIKE to see:

Oz and Clem MUST be in it. Please. There also about a million other things I'd love to see, but I think that would take at least four new comic book seasons. At least.
I thought it was February lol. Anyway, we'll know one way or the other if it is out in February in a couple of days time.
Giles killing Ben was so frightening and is now permanently etched on my brain... in a good way though.

Season 5 was when Willow and Tara's relationship was cemented and when Willow almost lost Tara to the insanity. Maybe Joss is picking up that idea he had about bringing Tara back and Georges needs some relationship reference. And maybe Kennedy will go into a coma or have to be committed or something equally cheerful and have to go far far away. I can only hope on both of those.
Maybe Georges needed to find out what Tara's brother's name was - after all, did anyone tell Tara's family that she was dead? Maybe the family come back seeking vengeance?
"Oz and Clem MUST be in it."

Clem! Would love to see him again. Can't wait for this comic!
And Dark Horse's solicitation info came out for February with no sign of Buffy so onward to March we look.

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