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November 02 2006

Into the West to air on BBC2. The Emmy award winning mini series, featuring Alan Tudyk and Christian Kane will start in the UK on November 4th at 9.00pm. Alan also guest stars on tonight's episode of CSI on CBS.

The BBC site hasn't got much on there, but the advert on TV states BBC2 will air the 6 feature length episodes from this Saturday.

This is OT, but Alan Tudyk is also on tonight's (Nov 2) CSI episode. Not worthy of a thread, but some people might want to know.
I was planning to do a thread for Alan's episode tonight but handily this was here already so I've added the info to the subject line.
You probably should change that time to 9pm as 9.30pm seems to only a regional time since all the sources I've seen say 9pm
Biff ban boom. All changed. Cheers.
Has anyone seen this series? And if so, is it worth taping cos I won't be at home on Saturday night (at least that's my plan).

The setting reminds me a bit of Deadwood, but that's probably giving it too much credit. The trailer on the TNT site would seem to suggest otherwise... But I'll watch it if only to see Alan on screen again. Wash was my favourite Serenifly character :(
Don't blink if you want to see Alan on that miniseries.
I thought into the west was brilliant.
Well worth taping werealljustfloating
I'd already set my PVR to record it. I'm not expecting another Deadwood, but it looks like it might be fun (in a Steven Spielberg kind of way). DVDTalk gives it a reasonable review.
I can't comment on Into the West, but I did watch CSI for the first time to see Alan. Let's just say he played the part simply and earnestly and you believed that he believed he really hadn't done anything wrong.

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