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November 02 2006

Kali Rocha starred in this week's episode of Bones. Kali Rocha (Buffy's Halfreck) appears in Bones on November 1st.

In the November 1 episode "The Girl with the Curl", Kali Rocha plays the mother of a dead beauty pageant child star.

Kinda missed the episode discussion on that one seeing as it happened yesterday.
I think there's a discussion over

Anyway, the second news from the episode, was that Tamara Taylor, gets bumped from guest star to regular from this episode on. She even gets a spot in the opening sequence.
Well then we can continue the discussion over at our sister site then :).
I also noticed that they call the hotel The Hyperion and Kyle Gallner (Beaver Cassablancas from Veronica Mars) guest stars.

I did a search on the episode before posting and didn't see anything, but I sort of don't have cable and can't see these things live.
I don't mind people posting about guest stars from the Jossverse appearing on other show but I'd rather it was on the actual day so we can have a wee chat about it there and then. But I'll not delete this after all and we can chat about here in a special one-off change of heart. I think this makes the 29th Jossverse actor that's guested on the show (it certainly feels like). How much casting influence does David have? I think he recommended Adam Baldwin.

I'll slightly tweak your subject line accordingly.
I didn't realize there was a 0-day policy. I'll remember that in the future.

By the way, it's sort of unfair how good this show keeps getting. It's really competing with Veronica Mars for me.
She played a very creepy mother. But all those stage mommies seems a little crazy.

I caught the hotel name when Booth was calling it in. My husband then asked "wasn't that Angel's hotel". I was impressed he knew that!

The ep was very good. Great sense of humor while they were all investigating the case. I enjoyed all the romance and especially the end scene with Booth and Bones.
I also got the Hyperion reference. It made me very happy.
I didn't realize there was a 0-day policy. I'll remember that in the future.

It's not so much about that, it basically falls down to whether something is really front page worthy in the black.
A lot of things can be directly posted in the white, specially because, there are a few shows with special foruns for discussion right there.
But don't worry, anyone can get a little bit over excited about a few things, and go on a posting frenzy. Hey, it happenned to me yesterday.
Boy, I'm dense. I sat throught the whole episode thinking, "That woman looks familiar!" and never even paid attention when they said the name of the hotel. So I'm glad for the late shoutout about the episode. What a horrible fan I am... :)
Brent Jennings was also on last night Bones, he was a guest on Buffy - When She Was Bad .... Absalom.

So the count continues to rise on Bones.
I also liked that Kyle Gallner was in this episode (he played Beaver on Veronica Mars).

Someone mentioned Adam Baldwin -- when was he on Bones and why on earth did I miss it?
He was on an episode in the first season - Two Bodies in the Lab.
over on there's a topic that lists all of the 'verse actors that have appeared in Bones ... it's quite impressive.

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