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November 02 2006

Adrienne Shelly, Nathan Fillion's recent Director, passes on. Condolences to Nathan and his "Waitress" compadres, she was great in those Hartley films....

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How sad that a woman so relatively young, and with a very young child, has passed away. Condolences to her family and friends.
I loved her in those Hartley films. This is very sad news.
That's so sad. Condolences from me too.

(I misread the title - it took me a few minutes to realise she wasn't passing on condolences to Nathan.)
I misread the title - it took me a few minutes to realise she wasn't passing on condolences to Nathan.

Same here. The sentence needs a period at the end of it.

Sorry to hear about this tragic news. My condolences.
All I can say is WTF?!
Always happens to those who don't deserve it..

Condolances from Arizona here..
My condolences to her family. This is very tragic news.
Damn, that's unexpected. Very sad news indeed, my condolences.

I loved her in Trust.
This is sad and unexpected news. I really enjoyed her work in Hal Hartley's films.
Yikes. How awful. Such a talented lady.
:( My condolences to all her family, friends and fans.

This is very sad news indeed. I've been a Hartley fan for many years and loved her two starring performances. It was great seeing her again in Factotum, as short as that part was.

My next mission is to track down some of her directorial stuff.
How sad! The Unbelievable Truth is one of my cult movies. Funny and romantic and "angst-y." Adrienne was wonderful in it.
Not the kind of news mention we really want, but he's in this article about the arrest of the director's murderer.
Oh dear Lord. Human beings are so horrible. I thought in the original news report linked here, the cause of death was unknown. Nothing was said about suicide. Now a friend has posted this at another forum today (I'm so depressed). I thought rather than starting a new topic, I'd just post it here in case people came by. Women really need to be vigilant in this world:

Adrienne Shelly
I think the arrest merits a new headline since this article is off the main page already; I feel it is our responsibility to undo the illusion of suicide that the murderer tried to create. Done.

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Well, the mods decided, and I've never been ashamed of Whedonesque before, but I am now.
Apologies totally0random. I was so upset when I posted I didn't see that you had already done that.

Well, I can't really blame the moderators. It isn't a strictly whedonesque article and it's very harsh and unpleasant which is why I put it here. I understand though, your wanting to share it.
It is tragedy that she is dead. Unfortunately further postings on the manner of her death are not really relevant for the front page.

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