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November 03 2006

Marc Blucas co-stars in "The Jane Austen Book Club". He may not have gotten a role on ER, but Mr. Blucas is going to co-star in a movie starring Lynn Redgrave, Kathy Baker, Maria Bello and Jimmy Smits, among others, to be written and directed by Robin Swicord.

I so love marc. Congrats.

I can't wait to see this. What an awesome cast too.
Has anyone read the novel? Is it worth reading? I've seen it in bookstores and thought about picking it up. But now I might just wait for the movie ...
Has anyone read the novel? Is it worth reading?
YES! Yes, yes, yes! Don't wait for the movie. Get to know these people now. Who wants to bet Jane Espenson's excited?
I read the book and the characters even mention a couple of times watching Buffy on tv and some go to a science fiction convention. Wonder if Marcus'character will be the Buffy fan?
I loved the book! Marc must be the lone male in the book club who feels out of sorts. Can't wait to see what they do with this.
Well, I read all sorts of books and I couldn't get into JABC. In fact, I didn't finish it which I Never do. But maybe it will change how the the book to movie adaptation usually goes for me. Good book, ahhn movie. Good for Marc though.
The books on my shelf - unread - I know what I'm reading next. I was going to read War and Peace but... (throws book over shoulder.) JABC was mentioned here so Iíll give it a try.
I read the book, but a number of years ago, so I am a bit cloudy. But I think Marc is too young to play the male book club member, Grigg (?), who I thought was supposed to be forty-something. My guess is that MB plays the (eventual) love interest of one of the younger women in the book club, the daughter of another member. Of course, this is all guesswork, as imdb (and similar) haven't revealed the entire cast, yet.

As for the book itself, it's a sweet, gentle reworking of some of Austen's themes as lived out by each member of a book club devoted to her works. E.g., as the club reads Pride and Prejudice the reader notes Pride's major motifs mirrored in the life of the person leading the discussion that month. Cute. Worth a read, I think, especially for rabid Austen fans. And some of the sci-fi references made me laugh out loud (see: Grigg's flashback to the moment of his boyhood at which he first began to love sci-fi).
I don't think this spoils anyone. From the book:

Yet the very next person she asked was Grigg, whom we none of us knew. Grigg was a neat, dark-haired man in his mid forties. The first thing you noticed about him was his eyelashes, which were very long and thick. We imagined a lifetime of aunts regretting the waste of those lashes in the face of a boy.

We'd all known Jocelyn long enough to wonder whom Grigg was intended for. Grigg was too young for some of us, too old for the rest. His inclusion in the club was mystifying.

But movies make characters younger, older, different cultures all the time, so who knows. Kevin Zegers I don't know and I would think Jimmy Smits might be the estranged husband of one of the characters. So fun, I can't wait to see this!

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