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November 05 2006

House On Haunted Hill. L.A Magazine article on the history and attempts to save Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis-Brown house, which was the exterior location for Angel's Crawford Street mansion in seasons 2 and 3 of Buffy.

Thanks for this article. It has been a while since I checked up on what had become of the Ennis house after it had been red-tagged. I'm happy that it is going to be saved. I think the article got it right, that the house, apart from being one of Wright's great works, embodies so much that is LA.
This is good to know. I had given up on the house, figuring it was lost. And thanks for the pictures as well.
I love the Ennis House, along with many of FLW's works. Thanks for those photos! :)
For those of you keeping track, this is also the house that is used in Blade Runner as Harrison Ford's apartment. FYI.
If this is the house where Blade Runner was filmed, then didn't they also take some early publicity photos for Firefly here? I seem to remember some shots of the cast where they were in a room or hallway of some sort with really unusual looking brick walls, kinda Mayan as this article describes of this house. Does anyone know what I'm referring to, or am I really buggin' this time? ;-)
That is just so damn cool. I LOVE Angelus's mansion. Thanks for the link.

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