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November 05 2006

TV Squad's Five Worst Episodes of "Buffy." This is a follow-up to their five favorite episodes from last year.

I don't wildy disagree with the list, but I think 'The Puppet Show' is quite possibly the last episode I would ever show a prospective Buffy fan.
And I personally quite like 'Go Fish' - it's got some classic banter. Not up there with Hush and The Gift, but hey. And some of the most-hated eps are ones I enjoy, like 'Ted'.

There aren't that many eps that I skip completely past, but 'Older and Far Away' makes it, as does 'Lies my Parents Told me'.

Part of the reason I love this show is that every single Buffy ep has at least one moment of magic.
I disagree with Where The Wild Things Are - Giles singing completely redeemed everything else about it, as did:

Xander: So, who's with me?
Spilke: I am. I know I'm not the first choice for heroics, and I've tried to kill you all at least once, and I don't care for the lot of you...actually, that sounds pretty convincing.

The rest of the list is spot on, except for The Pack...ooh, Xander. I'd replace them with Teacher's Pet and Reptile Boy.

And, uh, lone fashionable wolf, isn't the point of Hush that it doesn't have any banter?

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Where The Wild Things Are - wasn't that the one filmed so SMG could go and film some Scooby Doo? Yeah, that was not a great episode..

Go Fish - "The scene at the end of the episode, with the group of them flopping around in the ocean is pain inducing and laughable at the same time." Yep. Not going to argue that one.

I loved Doublemeat Palace! Man, it had a granny with a penis on her head - what's not to love? Seriously, though, I did actually like that one.

Unfortunately, two of my personal bad episodes are in season 5. Buffy Vs Dracula and Listening To Fear. Both have their moments, though - "Master.. Bater" (anybody think Joss wrote that line?). And Sarah Michelle Gellar's break down when washing up in Listening To Fear is performed fuckin' brilliantly. Season 5 of Buffy is interesting as they have a really well modeled writing room, and there's some really fantastic episodes in there, and a hell of a lot happens.
Apart from loving buffy I seem to share none of Keiths taste. I am thankfull though, that he made me think of these awesome episodes.

''The Pack'' is in my top five list, I just love the atmosphere of the original Sunnydale High School, and it isn't showcased in any episode like it is here. Principal Flutie getting eating was great, and "why can't he possessed by a puppy, or some ducks" is one of my favourite Willow quotes. Nicholas gives a great performances, as does Aly.

''Where the wild things are'' is part of an arc that I don't really like, but the one with easily the most redeeming qualities. It's actually a favourite of mine. Keith must really hate Xander, cause this also is one of the episodes he gets to play a nice heroic part. I love Spike, Anya, and Xander in this episode, they have a lot of nice scenes; 'Spike trying to scare Anya', 'the Spike and Xander both being mad that Anya brought Spike to the party moment', 'Spike talking himself out of helping', and again a favourite quote of mine:
Anya: A year and a half ago I could have eviscerated him with my thoughts. Now I can barely hurt his feelings. Things used to be so much simpler.
Spike: You know... You take the killing for granted... And then it's gone, and you're like... I wish I'd appreciated it more. Stop and smell the corpses, you know?
And I haven't even mentioned Tony singing yet. Really awesome ep.

''Inca Mummy Girl'', is also very high on my favourite list. I love the introduction of Oz, Dingoes Ate My Baby, Jonathan, and principal Snyder, and again, great lines: "One day I'm gonna live in a town where evil curses are just generally ruled out without even saying it", Xander asking Empata if she's a praying Mentis, and Willow: "Well, I didn't choose yet."

''Go Fish'' is another one I love. Again, great principal Snyder, great Jonathon, and I just love the research. Willow: Hmm. You're forgetting our high mortality rate.

So now I'm afraid I will have to make a worst list myself. I can't just critisize can I?

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How can you do a list of worst episodes and not include "Beer Bad"? It was dreadful! I'd probably swap out "Double Meat Palace" for it.
A fairly predictable list...can't argue, except for Doublemeat Palace, which still cracks me up.

That said, I like--a great deal--all of the "worst" episodes, for the reasons given above and more.
Worst episodes.

Hush - no dialogue. Made it very difficult to follow the plot.
Once More With Feeling - Buffy goes 'Oklahoma'. Need I say more?
Restless - Just a mess and people speak French in it for no apparent reason.
Oh, Beer Bad, how I loathe thee.

Also, Simon wins. But he forgot to mention how there's no music in The Body. Worst Episode Evah.

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The Pack seems like kind of a weird choice to me.

"And then we're supposed to believe Xander can take down Buffy in any capacity? Please."

When does Xander take down Buffy?...

The Pack is still a favourite of mine, because it was the first episode I saw, channel hopping of an evening. The acting completely went against what I thought of as a 'teen vampire show'. And I think it was that last 'Shoot me, stuff me, mount me,' line that hooked me good.

I have no worst episodes. Yes, there were episodes I didn't enjoy as much as others. As a matter of fact there were whole seasons I did not care for. But to go as far as list them, nope. Buffy good.
So here's my worst list.

5# ''Bad Eggs''. Just too dumb a plot. Hated the Gorches, and not I don't think it had enough really great lines, nor enough of the great atosphere of season 2. I have to admit there are a lot nice things about it, though, like the early Xander and Cordy relation, and Willows reaction to that. Maybe it's just that timing was wrong. After ''Ted'' I told every one that we should watch Buffy, and so we watched this with a group, and it was difficult for me to pursuade them to watch ''Suprise''.

4# ''Forever'' Felt really lame after the body.

3# ''Grave'' Very little happens in this episode. What happens feels like a really bad story for young who just don't know any better children. Pointless and boring fighting, draging on without any reason. Lame power of love ending, wich in my opinion felt incredibly fake. I do kinda like Giles just laughing with Buffy though.

2# ''Wrecked'' Very little that I think is done right in this episode. A lot of things I think that are done really, really bad.

1# ''Smashed'' I think the Willow/Amy storyline was executed really badly. Worst story in the entire series. Nothing good to say about it.

ETA: btw, The Pack was my first episode too.

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Man, I love Grave, Wrecked and Smashed, with a fiery passion. There's a lot going on, and a lot I can relate to in those episodes.

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Caroline nails it: I have no worst episodes. Yes, there were episodes I didn't enjoy as much as others.
I dunno gossi, at least 'The Body' had a fight though all the mushy death stuff got dull but quick. Like, totally get over it already, right ?

Plus, 'Go Fish' rulz0rz, Cordy's boobs look gr8 in that one. That girl is teh hotz LOL !

(can't disagree too much with the list though, as mentioned, no Buffy episode is without at least one magic moment. I don't mind 'Doublemeat Palace' or 'Inca Mummy Girl' and think 'The Pack' is actually pretty good - come on, dodgeball as predatory sport/metaphor for high-school victimisation ? How can that not rock ? So actually I do kind of disagree with the list ;)

When does Xander take down Buffy?...

At one point near the end his regard for Buffy takes on a predatory nature and he's sitting astride her on the floor. It seems like she's struggling to throw him off and they tussle a bit with him not immediately getting his arse kicked, if that counts as him taking her down.

(and yep, I also like 'Grave', 'Wrecked' and 'Smashed' a great deal)
What surprised me about this list was that it featured so many early eps. Sure, 'Inca Mummy Girl','Go Fish' and 'The Pack' (& maybe 'Reptile Boy', 'I Robot You Jane' and 'Killed by Death') are cheesy and 'B', but I appreciate that they are so distinctive, and include some pretty iconic 'Monsters of the Week.' As such, I prefer them to a lot of Season 7.

I'm no crazed S7 hater, but for me I'm afraid a lot of it blurs into faceless Potentials and First-related speechifying. Looking at the names of episodes I can't immediately remember the differences between (for example) 'Get it Done', 'Never Leave Me' and 'Bring on the Night'.

But perhaps it's a matter of personal preference. I adore a strong stand-alone and get tired (not to mention CONFUSED!) when shows become totally mythology-focused. I know others who feel the opposite. Maybe this guy is one. Or maybe he stopped watching earlier on.

Additonal thoughts--

'Where the Wild Things Are': Yes. Ew. Especially the 'orgasm wall' scene (which I seem to remember coincided with my father wandering past and me having to defend, yet again, my loyalty to 'that vampire show'). Most disappointingly: for a show that was all about clever metaphor, this epsiode was just plain unsubtle. But I'm with Havok. Giles singing -and the reaction shots of the Scoobies- definitely in my 'Top Twenty' Buffy moments. (Now, that would be a list *dreams off*...).

'Lies my Parents Told Me': I'm with lone fashionable wolf. In fact, any Buffy (or Angel) ep that subjected us to extended flashbacks, replete with nuffy wigs, mangled European accents and Ye Olde styrofoam sets, immediately drops a few rungs on my ladder.

'Gone:' is one I struggle with. Buffy gets invisible and turns into an irresponsible git. And rather than addressing the fact that no one is taking care of the deeply unhappy and neglected Dawn, the issue is mocked via the original use of a stereotype Evil!Welfare Worker character. Also, the Buffy ADR voiceover sounds really out of sync with the rest of the dialogue. Skippable.

'Him:' Contrary to my previous statement re. standalones, this one really irritates me. The girls all behave like such halfwits.

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Err, they're under a spell in 'Him' so their half-wittedness is surely excusable (plus it's clearly being played for laughs, maybe not as successfully as other episodes but not meant to be taken seriously) ?

As usual it's interesting to see the variations among fans. 'Lies My Parents...' for instance is easily one of my latter season faves and probably in my top 10.

I do agree about some of the S7 episodes blurring together but I remember 'Bring on the Night' very distinctly because it has a battered little girl declaring war on the root of all evil. Buffy's just taken the hammering of her life, all hope seems lost, everyone's sitting around in a kind of embarrassed despair and here's what she comes up with:

Buffy: I'm beyond tired. I'm beyond scared. I'm standing on the mouth of hell, and it's going to swallow me whole... And it'll choke on me. We're not ready? They're not ready. They think we're gonna wait for the end to come, like we always do. I'm done waiting. They want an apocalypse? Oh, we'll give 'em one. Anyone else who wants to run... do it now. Because we just became an army. We just declared war. From now on we won't just face our worst fears, we will seek them out. We will find them and cut out their hearts one by one until the First shows itself for what it really is. And I'll kill it myself. There's only one thing on this earth more powerful than evil. And that's us. Any questions?

The spell part of 'Him' is what annoys me, in a way. Seems like a lame excuse to have everyone running around acting like guppies, especially at that point in the show's run. Reminded me of a Far Side cartoon I saw once that was captioned something like: 'Bewitched (ie. the tv show) Scriptwriter's Meeting' and one person is saying, 'I know! Let's have Endora cast a spell on Darren, and everything goes crazy until Samantha works it out!' and the producer has a big smile and a thought bubble coming out of her head saying, 'I LIKE IT!'*

Yes, I did like that speech in Bring on the Night, Saje, I just think by that point I (as a human person) had become a little hardened and cynical, so it didn't 'work' on me the way I remember wishing it had. :-) My own personal 'magic' moments of that kind were perhaps the rather briefer speech from 'The Gift' (and Giles' droll comment to Spike that followed) and Willow, way back in S3, saying, 'It's a good fight Buffy, and I want in'. Sniff! Gets me every time!

(*Please forgive what is undoubtedly some artistic paraphrasing here!)

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I had forgotten about I Robot, You Jane. I actually nearly stopped watching BTVS after that episode.

Personally, I loved "Him". After the ultra seriousness* of season 6's plots, it was a welcome fun episode.

* I still love S6, though.
How could Bad Eggs not make that list? I really like Go Fish, Doublemeat Palace, and The Pack. Of course, I also love Beer Bad, which for some reason entirely incomprehensible to me everyone seems to hate. I don't think I could come up with five worst episodes. Bad Eggs is about it.
I agree, Saje...that speech, the language, the delivery, the camera work, the whole thing...just incredibly powerful.

And, marmoset (trust no one!), I love Beer Bad, too.
Gossi - Me too! I remember reading an interview with Alyson Hannigan where she said she found that ep really hard to play because it felt so stupid to be talking out loud to a computer while she typed at it.

Still, I do love me summa that dialogue. I've been heard to declare, 'Wow! I had knowledge!' on the rare occasions that I surprise myself and get something right :D

Marmoset, a thought re. 'Beer Bad': I always loathed that episode. Then someone gave me the shooting script, and I was interested to note how much funnier it was written than on screen. Perhaps it's the difference between reading about people thundering around like cavemen, and having to watch them actually play it out. (Which was a little too drama school for my liking. Bleh.)

'Beer Bad' also has some great Scoobie banter. The whole scene at the beginning with Xander as the bartender is beautifully played by the actors ('What gives it away?' 'Looking at it.' Not to mention, 'Nothing can defeat the penis! [beat] Too loud, very unseemly.'), I also like Giles describing CaveBuffy as 'Blonde, about this high, walks with a sort of a sideways limp' and Willow's 'I'm tired of you men and your man-ness.' Something else that has been quoted in my house :D Nice ending, too:

Xander: And was there a lesson in all this huh? What did we learn
about beer?
Buffy: Foamy.
Xander: Good, just as long as that's clear.

Hrm. Upon reflection, it seems I tire of heartfelt declarations or dramatics but am easily won over by cheesy but memorable monsters and witty one-liners. Which may explain a thing or two about my relationships...

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Hmmm. Five worst:
Bad Eggs
Where the Wild Things Are
Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
Reptile Boy

I had included Beer Bad, but the moments when Willow busts Parker (figuratively) and Buffy busts him (literally) are worth the rest.
I think Beer Bad is wrongly maligned; I find it funny with a great Willow scene in it. I think perhaps the one episode that bored me beyond boredom was Him. Nothing happened until the very end. There was much in S7 that I found forgettable, but they all run together in my mind. I hated S6 overall, but cannot say any individual episode bothered me.
Yeah, it's poetry CiV. No doubt.

I think it totally proves Caroline's point that we all start off saying we don't like episode X then go on to mention the great things about episode X ;).

As said, 'Beer Bad' has some great Xander dialogue, Willow seeing right through Parker's schtick and Giles' description (not just the words but the harried-yet-desperate-to-be-polite Englishness of it and also his own little sort of lurch as he says 'sideways limp'. Much mirth ;).

Also, crinkly hair ? Humina humina (you know I heard the 'man-ness' comment, now i've read the 'man-ness' comment but I still don't think i've really 'got' the 'man-ness' comment ;).
Five worse episodes of Buffy..

1. As You Were
2. Bad Eggs
3. Killed by Death (Because it comes between PASSION and IOHEFY. Why?? WHYYYY??)
4. Go Fish (Because it comes between IOHEFY and Becoming)
5. I robot, You Jane.

I LOVE season six.
The only one on that list I can agree on is Doublemeat Palace. I'd also put Hell's Bell's on there. Not a big fan of Him either, but wouldn't put it on the bottom five. One of the other three might be Lies My Parents Told Me but for different reasons than Mythtaken's, I think. As an avowed 6 and 7 hater, I feel pretty confident the other three would come from those seasons. Smashed, Wrecked, and Gone are pretty good (bad) candidates.
Hush - no dialogue. Made it very difficult to follow the plot.
Once More With Feeling - Buffy goes 'Oklahoma'. Need I say more?
Restless - Just a mess and people speak French in it for no apparent reason.

Simon, you silly little troll.

Doublemeat Palace is up there among my favorite Buffy episodes. The Pack isn't up there, but it's more somewhere in the middle of 144 episodes - and eating Principal Flutie was worth any goffy mumbo jumbo at the zoo. Where the WIld Things Are had Giles singing and some of the best Spike scenes of any episode - so it's in the upper half of the middle. Even the bad episodes of Buffy had good stuff in them. Still, I sometimes skip these episodes (list time!) while watching the DVDs:

1. Inc Mummy Girl
2. I Robot, You Jane
3. Bad Eggs
4. Go Fish
5. Normal Again

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Everyone makes a lot of good points. In every episode that I hate, there is something to love. Where the Wild Things Are I always thought was one of my least favorites but it had all those great moments mentioned above, plus Xander's "She who smelt it dealt it" As long as I fast forward through the Buffy Riley sex parts I can deal.

I like Beer Bad, The Puppet Show, and I Robot, You Jane.

I love Lies My Parents Told Me, Smashed, Wrecked and Gone.

Him was not a good episode, it was ridiculous that if the jacket was powerful enough to make Dawn want to kill herself and Buffy try to kill the Principal why wasn't there a lot more trouble with it over the years since its existence. Come on. But still the episode had the rocket launcher wrestling scene, and Dawn's incredibly awkward cheerleading which is a Season highlight for me.

Also the episode where they throw Buffy out of her house. Dang I can't even think of the name. They do all run together.

But the episode I think has no redeeming qualities is As You Were. It made Buffy look really bad. She let Riley make her feel pathetic, which is ridiculous, he was not a paragon no matter what Petrie thought and the whole episode had no logic to it.

Mythtaken do you mean the "not exactly the St. Crispin's day speech is it?" After Buffy's speech in the Gift? The Gift is so moving and poignant that its easy to forget how funny it was as well.

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There are several goofy/bad standalone episodes, like Go Fish and Beer Bad, though it's Buffy, so yeah, even those probably have at least one really clever moment or line.

I also sadly feel like season seven of Buffy just doesn't work in general, and collapses after Conversations with Dead People (up through then, it was going great, except for the lame Him, though that did have some funny moments).

However, my two least favorite episodes are both in season six, a season I think had a lot of good ideas, only some of which were pulled off well. The episodes I think of as my very least favorite aren't the occassional "meh" standalone ones, but the ones that stand out by being so un-Buffy, in that they harm a strong ongoing storyline, when usually the show had been so great on paying off such things.

Wrecked is my least favorite episode ever, for taking the incredibly cool/interesting idea of the dark path Willow was going down and the addiction to the feeling of power using magic gave her, and suddenly making it incredibly simplistic. That episode basically screams, "Do you get it? We're saying MAGIC = DRUGS! See, Willow has a DEALER and she needs to SCORE SOME MAGIC to GET HIGH! You get it, right? Are we hammering you in the face with what we're talking about enough?" Dealing with addiction through Willow's use of magic was a perfect Buffy idea. The show had used metaphor so well until then, but here it became so blunt and cheesy; Willow had never gotten "high" in the literal, "Woo, I'm tripping out!" sense she did in that episode. The story had been about addiction, but now it was being made directly into one about drugs, with magic replacing crack or such in a spoonfed way that the writers were above. The show was so much better then that.

Though not Wrecked bad, Hell's Bells is also terribly clunky in a lot of ways. Some of the central Xander/Anya angst is well done. But I hated how the show sacrificed a lot of its integrity for some jokes, and again for some very very obvious "metaphor" which was now becoming increasingly on the sleeve. In the past, the show had followed this basic idea that yes, some really really crazy stuff goes on in Sunnydale, and inevitably, some of the locals have seen some of it and some of the creatures involved. But now it was just, "hey, let's have a bunch of monsters in suits at a big wedding with a bunch of humans, and no one will really question any of it!" I think they said Anya's family were circus people or such? It was just lame, and there to make some really obvious, "Ah yes, these creaturs may look repulsive, and yet who are the REAL monsters?" comments as we see how ugly Xander's dad and some humans can be compared to the demons. It's another episode that took a storyline I was involved with (Xander and Anya's relationship) and unfortunately went awry in a very pivotal episode.

But Wrecked man... that episode just makes me sad.
I think it's nice to see one of these lists without "Beer Bad," which -- while not exactly a good "Buffy" episode -- is somewhat underrated by being universally loathed. "Beer Bad" kind of makes me giggle.
I have only one worst epi: Dead Man's Party. This is the only BtVS epi I hate and despise and at this point I always skip over it when I rewatch 3.
Hey, why is there never any "Some Assembly Required" hate?

As I have mentioned before, an almost totally unspoiled friend of mine is watching them in order. Hearing her reactions is really focusing my own opinions. As everyone has said, there are things I really like in all the episodes I am least fond of. (Two no one has mentioned in Beer Bad for instance are the conversation between Willow and Parker and the moment at the end when Parker thanks her and Buffy hits him with the club.)

Interestingly, my friend has been enjoying most of the episodes that regularly make it to numbers 134 to 144 of the best of BtVS list. She may change her mind once she sees the rest of the series, or maybe she will be like a couple of the previous posters and like the creature-feature stand alones best. Maybe she will hate the flashbacks and we will both love the series but for totally different reasons. People tell me that happens sometimes with BtVS. ;-)

I was really sorry my other friend that I already converted told her Bad Eggs and Beer Bad were bad episodes. After she saw Bad Eggs I could not get two words out of her about it. It can change the way you view something if you have already been told other people dislike it. She is half way through Surprise. So far she loved Teacher's Pet, Ted, Inca Mummy Girl and The Puppet Show, with the last one convincing her that this is a series worth watching. She hated "Some Assembly Required" and thinking about it, I realized that it is probably #144 on my list. The flashback episodes, however, way up there near the top 'cause I am just such a sucker for a well written flashback and they do give good flashback on BtVS. (Hey, everybody has a weakness, that of...mine. ;-) )
I love Him. I'm about to say something sacriligious here and say I think it's even funnier than BBB, another epi I also love.
"And some of the most-hated eps are ones I enjoy, like 'Ted'. "

Aw, I didn't know "Ted" was hated! Although I did know, from the looks I've received over the years, that it doesn't make most other people's top tens. Heh, I don't just works for me...

...which is odd, because my Worst Episode Ever is also robot-centric: "I Robot, You Jane," anyone? I mean, I give some season one episodes a pass - after all, half a season of semi-cheesiness could be fun - but I have a hard time making it through that one.

Also: I loved The Puppet Show - you can't not do an evil dummy episode, you know? And that bit during the credits is awesome.

ETA: I also think the "new show/early WB" production values bring down some of the early episodes. When watching an episode like "The Pack," I always find myself thinking, "This would be a lot better if they could do then what they can do, now..."

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I think Him is hilarious also. I don't think it's quite up there with the likes of Doppelgangland but it's pretty close. I particularly love Anya in this episode. The whole tone, echoing the early seasons, and the silly plot just worked brillantly.

I disagree about Doublemeat Palace, as I do think it's a lot better than most people give it credit for. It definitely wouldn't be among my favourite episodes but I do think it would avoid being among my least favourite. The old lady with the phallic demon was quite silly, and kind of detracted from the more sinister tone of the episode. I think it might have been better if it had have been some sort of Doublemeat conspiracy, another way of the writers taking a swipe at big corporations but I suspect they might have run into even more trouble with their advertisers.

Someone earlier mentioned "Forever" as a bad episode and I really agree. I remember reading someone's review a while ago and they said something like "Forever does everything badly what The Body did so well".

The originality, restraint and raw honesty from the previous episode is twisted into completely run-of-the-mill sentimentality and lazy writing. One scene I particularly hate is the actual burial, which has the typical weepy music and "ashes to ashes" voiceover which the show so expertly mocked in "Lover's Walk" when such a scene begins, leading the viewer to assume Cordelia died from her injuries, however the camera then moves to Buffy and Willow walking past who reveal she is still perfectly alive.

There are a few things I do like about the episode though- Buffy remaining at the graveside whilst it turns to night is a beautiful image, Angel's appearance was nice and I did really like the final scene between Buffy and Dawn where they fight and Dawn rips up the picture of Joyce. It manages to be creepy and poignant at the same time, whereas most of the episode was either silly (the actual setup of Dawn's spell) or completely stereotypical (the burial scene).

I actually think it would have been better for "The Body" to have been the only episode dealing with Joyce's death, and for the next episode to take up somewhere after the funeral. Perhaps seeing Buffy struggle to care about her slaying duties, which also would have been nice foreshadowing of her disconnection from life in season six.
Gossi, those are three of my favorites too. Season six was just a great year. My favorite of the series. It was full of surprises, dark, and intense...oh, and funny!

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The Pack showed a side to Xander (and Nicky Brendon's acting) that I don't think we ever got to see again, I thought it was excellent.
Didn't much like Him but the gag shot out the window with the rocket launcher made it worthwhile.
Doublemeat Palace - nope, didn't like that one but there was Willow's and Buffy's takedown of Parker to make it worth watching again.
Where the Wild Things are - sigh. Giles singing. "Now I remember why I had such a crush on him" says Willow. The rest of the ep? Nah.
Awww too many early Xander episodes on this list! Especially since it was "First Date" where the Xander-dates-the-monster-of-the-week thing got especially stale.
I used to think that I had my own list of least favorite (notice the not using of the word "worst" here) episodes, including Bad Eggs, Teacher's Pet, and Beer Bad, but then I saw them with a large group of Buffy fans at our weekly showing of Buffy at the Mission Theater here in Portland.

No matter what I thought was bad about those eps, was completely overshadowed by the slices of humor in each that were brought out by positive energy that only Buffy fans can exude (there's nothing like the sound of 75 to a hundred people laughing or cheering at the same moment).

So, if there are some eps that you find you like less than others, I highly recommend a "Least Favorite Episode" Buffy party. Get together ten or fifteen of your biggest Buffy fan friends, sit, snack, and enjoy. Trust me, whatever you don't like about the ep, with be out-shined by the knowledge that there are just as many Buffy-fools out there as you.
This show has bad episodes? I never noticed.
Oh, I'm so sad about this list. I love The Pack. It's my favorite episode of Season One.

I quite like Doublemeat Palace. I understand why people don't like it, but I enjoy the ridiculous monster-of-the-week episodes. Beer Bad and Bad Eggs are also both under appreciated.

My least favorite episode is Help.
I think that scene between Buffy and Dawn at the end of Forever is a great bit of acting. I don't think Trachtenberg's acting chops got utilized as much as they could have over the course of her time with the show. I also think she and SMG had some great chemistry. Plus, I really like a lot of the stuff between Dawn and Spike in that episode. I do think Forever kind of pales where it is stuck between The Body, which is so amazing, and Intervention, which is so funny.

It's funny how many of the least favorite episodes for most people are from Season 1. It's the one season I don't really go back and watch from beginning to end. The people who converted me were concerned with where to start me because they thought I needed the character development from the beginning but they were afraid I would find it to hokey and wouldn't stick with it. They thought it might be better to start me with Season 2. I did start with Season 1 and I'm glad but I always have the same dilemma with folks that I try get into it.
Don't you love how in AS YOU WERE Riley was giving Buffy the joyous task of risking her life for him? He wouldn't just let any girl do that, you know. I don't hate any episode the way I hate that episode. It was suppose to be a huge one for many reasons, and instead it turned into WTF?? Anyway, that is BY FAR my least favorite episode. The rest I choose are just mildly annoying or not as exciting as the others but I also find them amusing and fun, too.
I've always had a problem with Gingerbread for some reason. It just Though Buffy's "Did I get it? Did I get it?" at the end makes it all worthwhile.

Also, add me to the list of people who love episodes like Doublemeat (is double sweet!) Palace and Him. Those are both comedy gold.
Oh god. I just remembered Beer Bad. Strike my previous post. My list is 1. Beer Bad. 2. Beer Bad. 3. Beer Bad. Etc.
Beer.. foamy.
The Pack? That one stunned me. That's actually probably the first episode that really grabbed me.
Bottom five:

5. Reptile Boy
4. As You Were
3. Inca Mummy Girl
2. Teacher's Pet
1. Empty Places

Reptile Boy -- Some funny moments, like Giles's "tad redundant" rejoinder to Buffy at the end, but there's nothing good enough to redeem Xanderella. Nothing at all.

As You Were -- Pointless. I hated Riley's wife. I didn't much care for the actress who played Riley's wife. And nothing would make anyone think that thing was a bear.

Inca Mummy Girl -- Had Buffy just followed up on her "Weren't you supposed to be a BOY and not a GIRL?!" instinct at the beginning of the episode, this episode would have been over in about twelve minutes. The rest is padding...sort of amusing padding, but padding nonetheless.

Teacher's Pet -- Musetta Vander delivers possibly the worst guest-starring performance ever, on any television series. Plus, this in conjunction with previous episode? I feel so badly for poor Xander, always getting the demon chicks. And the ending goes NOWHERE.

Empty Places -- Actually shaping up to be mediocre until the end. But nothing makes me believe that Xander and Willow, to say nothing of Giles, would willingly stand by as Buffy had her role co-opted and was kicked out of her own home. How many times had they forgiven her transgressions and mistakes in the past? How many times had she saved them? How many times had they commented on how much pressure this particular situation had put her under? No, despite the best effort of the writers, the scene was completely unmotivated, and this egregious error of character (Buffy, after all, is about nothing so much as its characters) makes me rank it lower than some episodes that were demonstrably worse overall.

Dead Man's Party isn't stellar Buffy, but there are two one-liners that redeem it for me:

Giles: "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty? It raises the dead!" Americans!

Xander: Generally speaking? When scary things get scared? Not good.

Yeah, those are funny lines.

But, nothing can redeem an epi that treats Buffy like a runaway, instead of someone returning after a horrific incident. It had a "very special Buffy" tone to it and seemed to be more about Bad Runaway Buffy, instead of what really happened. I just hated what I saw as a real life message intruding into to story.
One would wonder what the five middling episodes of Buffy are. More of a challenge than to say what are the worst and best.
(This is Keith of TV Squad...)

I did't include 'Beer Bad' because I thought it did have some little bit of charm to it that others here seem to have seen as well. Also, I hated the Parker character so much that just the fact that she knocks him out alone puts the episode way out of the bottom episodes.

As for hating Xander -- no way! In fact, 'The Zeppo' was in my top five last year! I *hate* that Xander-centric episodes are cruddy. Maybe that's why I hate them so much, because I think he got undersold.

Yes, season seven as a whole was pretty bad, but I'm picking out those single episodes that I just would rather not watch again when I decide to break out the DVDs and relive the seasons again. They're the cringerific episodes that I find myself making the decision to pass on watching again now in order to keep my sanity. Though sometimes I'll think that maybe another watch will change my mind. Sadly, it doesn't.
For me:

Doublmeat palace
I Robot
Lie My Parents Told me or First date

Not a fan of the late part of season six until the last three eps. But even some of those were better then alot of season 7.

I loved the Pack,because it showed different sides of Xander and he was so pretty all scary like that. And the eating the pig was just funny as hell

Go Fish had a few great scenes in it, but it was you typical filler monster of the week. Though I did love Xander in the swim trunks,Cordy's concern for him, and the Buffy/Angelus scene. I was facinated with her taking those things out of her hair and threatening him with them.
I too hate Empty Places and Lies My Parents Told Me, for much the same reason - I just didn't buy that the Scooby dynamics had been reduced to this point (particularly the Buffy/Giles relationship). I would have really liked the Spike/Wood stuff in the latter episode, otherwise, but I can't get past it.

I do, however, enjoy almost all the Monster-of-the-Week episodes, even Doublemeat Palace. Silly, definitely, but fun when you just want something light and funny. Bad Eggs and Some Assembly Required are probably my least favorite of this group, though.

Oh, and Giles's singing was the only redeeming part of Where the Wild Things Are for me. :-)
I never really minded Beer Bad. It's a light comedy episode which doesn't have enough jokes to sustain it, but that's not the worst crime in the world.

Where the Wild Things Are is the worst for me. Unfortunately I can't really remember why, so I may have to rewatch it to find out.
Oh, and Giles's singing was the only redeeming part of Where the Wild Things Are for me. :-)

But it had:
Spike: I am. I know I'm not the first choice for heroics, and I've tried to kill you all at least once, and I don't care for the lot of you...actually, that sounds pretty convincing.
Anya: A year and a half ago I could have eviscerated him with my thoughts. Now I can barely hurt his feelings. Things used to be so much simpler.
Spike: You know... You take the killing for granted... And then it's gone, and you're like... I wish I'd appreciated it more. Stop and smell the corpses, you know?
I rather liked Doublemeat Palace. Thank goodness it wasn't a corporate conspiracy!

And, how can you not like Storyteller, Donna Troy? That's one of my absolute favorites.

If I had to pick worst episodes they would probably come mostly out of Season 7 and would include a lot of the Potentials, and the one in Season 6 that's all about making Willow a druggie - which I consider the only blemish on the otherwise best season of the show.
I agree Eric G's criticism of "Wrecked":
Wrecked is my least favorite episode ever, for taking the incredibly cool/interesting idea of the dark path Willow was going down and the addiction to the feeling of power using magic gave her, and suddenly making it incredibly simplistic.

However, despite my dislike of the simplistic magic=drugs premise, I loved most of season 6.

And I just rewatched "Beer Bad" because of this thread, and found it surprisingly enjoyable! I think it just goes to demonstrate what I always say: the worst episode if Buffy is still better than the best of most other TV shows...
"But, nothing can redeem an epi that treats Buffy like a runaway, instead of someone returning after a horrific incident. It had a "very special Buffy" tone to it and seemed to be more about Bad Runaway Buffy, instead of what really happened. I just hated what I saw as a real life message intruding into to story.
Reddygirl | November 05, 20:01 CET"

As much as I love agreeing with you ;-) I feel the need to point out that I think that that was the point. Although I do not enjoy the episode, except for Giles's line referenced earlier, I thought they were trying to point out the way that people, especially when they are in pain, make judgments about other people's actions without getting all the information or considering that there may be factors they don't know about. For the other characters Buffy was Bad Runaway Buffy because they did not know any better and were in to much personal pain to look deeper, especially someone like Joyce who obviously did not want to have to face her part in Buffy's departure.

The characters were all in pain and they had not had answers for a long time, so they had stopped asking the questions. They just dealt with their own pain cut off from everyone else's. When Buffy came back, they had stopped thinking about the questions except for Giles, perhaps. The fact that Buffy was traumatized should have been obvious to everyone, except that they were all traumatized too. Not an episode I'm crazy about and as difficult for me to watch as Empty Places. In both cases the Fairness Girl in me wants to stomp into the story in Buffy's defense, but based on what I've seen of human nature valid in my book.

"Bad Eggs and Some Assembly Required are probably my least favorite of this group, though."

Yea! Someone else did not like "Some Assembly Required." I really loved Lies My Parents Told Me, though.
My favorite Dead Mans Party line:

"It hates the room Mom, it want's the room to suffer"

For me, picking the worst episode of Buffy is like trying to pick the worst Ferrari.
Aww, I adore The Pack. It's deliciously 'B', Xander is disturbingly sexy, and come ON. They eat Flutie. What's not to love?

Inca Mummy Girl on the other hand... Ugh.
I like Doublemeat Palace... Mostly because of Buffy's face while watching the video.
Well I love Beer Bad. And Inca Mummy Girl. And Dead Man's Party is great, though I get what Reddygirl was saying about the runaway thing. Although she did run away...:P

The absolute worst for me were:

Bad Eggs
Where the Wild Things Are
Some Assembly Required
Teacher's Pet
Doublemeat Palace

It speaks well of the show that I had to struggle to remember that last one. 144 eps and I had a hard time coming up with 5 clunkers? Eeeeeeeeeexcellent.

I also see that my list mirrors many single choices of y'all's. But these are it, all together, for me. Oh, and Giles singing in WtWTA? Needs to be yanked out of that crapfest of an ep and given its own hour! How hot was he?
The Pack is easily my favorite episode from Buffy's first season, just the dodge ball game alone was a delight. I would have chosen:
season 1: Teacher's Pet
season 2: Some Assembly Required
season 4: Wild at Heart
season 5: No Place Like Home
season 5: Tough Love
season 5: Spiral
oops, that is more than five episodes I don't like (can you guess I'm not keen on season 5?).
"I've always had a problem with Gingerbread for some reason. It just Though Buffy's "Did I get it? Did I get it?" at the end makes it all worthwhile."

Yes that, and Oz and Xander falling through the ceiling to rescue them when it was all over. Good stuff. Also Willow's mom.

Doublemeat Palace had some great funny moments but Cave-Buffy hitting Parker over the head is a series highlight for me.

Inca Mummy Girl I think I only disliked because it came after School Hard and I was so looking forward to see what was going to happen with Spike and Dru. It wasn't bad, just a let down.

And I liked The Pack. It was genuinely creepy.

Storyteller had some good stuff in it, but the tears gimmick was lame, and Buffy cracking jokes when some kids head exploded, just no.
I get what you mean about Inca Xane,I remember disliking Dopplegangland as much as I liked it. I loved the group hug when they thought she was dead. And the skanky Wills.But it felt like you were missing something in the Faith story. At the end of the last ep, Buffy was going to help her and make sure she made it. Then first you see her making fun of Faith with Wills and then when Faith tries to be friendly to her, she gives her the cold shoulder. I was confused.

Storyteller for me, was right in that bunch of eps that nothing happened and all seemed to end up with bad speeches.

Gingerbread also had one of my favorite Cordy/Giles line in it. "One of these days your going to wake up in a coma."
I *love* Storyteller, from start to finish. A real highlight of 7 for me.
That was lame. If your going to make a list good or bad you should make a poll and take a consensus.
Immortal, a poll would be interesting but I'm not sure we could ever get a consensus that really reprsented fandom. Just readint the posts here we can see how fans are all over the board, so to speak, about certain epis.
If you read through this thead IMMORTAL, it is quite obvious that there IS no consensus.

We are delightfully varied in our opinions.
I think there are a very few eps that everyone agrees on. Poll tend to lead to more issues then someone giving their own views and opinions.

The only ones I think I have ever heard anyone say anything bad about are :Becomming 2, The Body, Passion, OMWF,Innocence,When She was Bad and Coversations with Dead People.
My son never wants me to play Conversations with Dead People Because the Dawn scenes and the woman turning inside out are too scary/creepy. Next. ;-)
My least favorite five episodes would most likely be:

Some Assembly Required
As You Were

I always used The Pack as an example of why people should watch the show back when the first season was airing ("You'd love this show! In one episode, the principal gets eaten by students who are posessed by hyenas!") I think that actually worked once or twice.
"Him" is an interesting episode in that it is the only one that has sections that I cannot bear to watch, Dawn's cheerleader audition is the worst. (I just cannot deal with extended embarrassment humor.) On the other hand I really enjoy the last part of the episode and think the Spike/Buffy scene is the best sight gag in BtVS. So where do I put it on my list! Ugh.

And my bottom 4, in no order:

Where the Wild Things Are
Out of My Mind
Listening to Fear
Buffy Vs. Dracula
Havoc - I meant it's not up there with Hush in terms of greatness, not banter. A little late to be replying, I know (this is what happens if you leave the computer in search of food and drink!), but couldn't have ya'll think I wasn't big with the Hush love.

And Buffy Vs Dracula is one of those eps I really enjoy...maybe it's those pink plastic trousers..
And Pangs is one of my favourite S4 eps!

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Buffy vs. Dracula is one of my favorites!
newcj I find Dawn's incredibly awkward cheerleading adorable and endearing.
Its kind of a Dawn highlight for me.
Glad that 'Normal Again' only got mentioned once. That was among the creepiest, most disturbing episodes--as if it were the anti-'Will You Remember Me' or something. it doesn't make my top 5, and probably not top 10, but it's definitely in my top 20.

My bottom five? Ted, Dead Man's Party, The Freshman, Doublemeat Palace, and Him. Hmm. I don't seem to like it when Buffy is manipulated or ignored. That bothers me far more than silly MOTW episodes.
"The Pack" is the first episode of the show that actually hit me hard. I chuckled and smiled during the first few episodes (and groaned at "Teacher's Pet") but I couldn't stop thinking about "The Pack" the next day. Nick Brendan and Alyson Hannigan were just so damn good, and it's a perfect metaphor for losing oneself into the pack mentality, which happens so often in high school. I know a lot of people who consider this their favourite season one episode.

The other ones are decent choices. DMP isn't as bad as people say it is, but it's certainly far from stellar. "Where the Wild Things Are" is horribly boring when it focuses on Buffy and Riley but actually has some wonderful moments with the rest of the cast--Giles singing, the Spike/Anya bonding, Xander's flirting with the girl ("Watch me add short columns of small numbers"), etc. Probably also underrated.

Also, among the usually hated choices, "The Puppet Show" is another personal fave of mine from season one--it's silly, but it also has so many plot twists and surprises, with some very snappy dialogue, and Snyder! I really didn't know what was going to happen next there. And "Ted" has some of the best individual scenes in that season--Buffy's quiet, wistful "Vampires, yoo-hoo?" sitting outside, any and all Giles/Jenny scenes, Xander being awesome ("We have to do that...that thing." "We can do THAT THING any time. I'm tired of doing THAT THING."), and some very good drama in Buffy's reaction to what she has done. And John Ritter is very funny. Oh, yes, the drama is completely whitewashed by the discovery that Ted's a robot (and realistically, the show would have to have changed irreperably had Buffy actually killed someone at that stage), but it still has its moments. "As You Were" did, yes, have Sam being ultra-annoying, but there was some sweetness in the Riley/Buffy exchanges, and the Buffy/Spike breakup was actually beautiful.

"Dead Man's Party" always struck me as a realistic reaction of a bunch of friends to some pretty inexplicable (from their perspective) behaviour on the part of one of their best friends. But the zombies really didn't fit, and the fact that all seemed to be resolved at the end comes pretty close to ruining good will for it. But Giles' line! Too classic.

As far as "Empty Places," I hate to say this but I fully understood Willow and Xander kicking her out, on a first viewing: Xander lost his freaking eye and Buffy showed outwardly not the slightest bit of compassion. Yes, under other circumstances Willow and Xander probably would have seen through it. But hey, trauma--and it makes sense after everything that happened at the end of season six for Willow's trust in Xander to trump her trust in Buffy. My heart was literally pounding in this final scene. It wasn't until repeated viewings that I understood the scorn attached to it. In retrospect, it was still a bit simplistic--but, as with "Dead Man's Party," I think there's some truth in even a group like the Scoobies falling back on the mob mentality, and even Buffy's closest friends, being unable to step back from the situation and think critically.

The other thing, I think, is that pretty much all the core Scoobies were incapacitated. Giles has just been reminded once again of his own irrelevance in Xander has lost his eye and consequently his "vision." And Willow has been afraid to exert any kind of power all season, attempting to return to her mousy ways in order to hide the fact that she has killed people. I think after all that happened all of them were perfectly willing, at least on some level, to let someone else take charge--just not Buffy. The end result is that my biggest problem with "Empty Places" (besides some pretty big pacing issues) is with the season as a whole. For a show about empowerment, I would have preferred had the last season not beaten down the series' central characters so thoroughly, and focused more heavily on their redemption, post-season six. But for what it's worth, I think that what they did do with the characters is actually fairly internally consistent.

Oh and as for your list, Donna Troy? I have seen someone give "When She Was Bad" a 2.

My bottom 10 is probably:

1. Beer Bad: I know there are some who argue that it's funny, and I can understand where they're coming from. But I think it's more than a bit embarrassing.
2. Reptile Boy: Zzzzzzzzzzz... And the monster? So silly.
3. Go Fish: The fish monsters really were too silly to be believed. And I couldn't contain my laughter when they started going into the Commie Conspiracy. Please, no.
4. Wrecked: Most bipolar episode. Lots of great individual scenes, but the idea of the magick crackhouse is just horrible.
5. I Robot - You Jane: Giant demon robot. There's a limit.
6. Inca Mummy Girl: Some nice bits (Eskimo-Willow and Xander dressing up as an "Italian pretending to be American", mainly) but a pretty lame monster and a sloooooow one at that.
7. Doublemeat Palace: Yeah, I know I said it was underrated, but that's only because it regularly ends up the worst in polls. Still, kind of funny a lot of the time.
8. Teacher's Pet: Worth it for Xander and his guitar. But the concept of an evil praying mantis lady is very ridiculous. And the eggs hatching at the end? Oh man.
9. Older and Far Away: An episode I really want to like, because it has a great premise and focuses on a character (Dawn) who actually had every damn right to complain. The problem is that this episode managed to take Dawn, who had legitimate complaints against the Scoobies, and make her seem like just a whiny brat. And its pacing and continuity is just horrible. But hey, Tara!
10. Doomed: Buffy/Riley scenes? Dull. The "revisiting high school" angle? Unfulfilled potential. Spike trying to kill himself? Hilarious. I know 2/3 ain't bad, but I think 1/3 is.

The problem is I can't really say that these are "bad," just a bit "off"; some other episodes that are somewhere between "off" and "middling" include Ted, Dead Man's Party, As You Were, and Empty Places, as well as Some Assembly Required, Bad Eggs, Killed by Death, Gingerbread, Living Conditions, Buffy vs. Dracula, Listening to Fear, Gone, Him, Bring on the Night, Showtime and Potential; these episodes all sort of fall short of fully working for me, and yet sometimes I end up enjoying them so much more than I expected and think they're genuinely good episodes. Even if all of these were bad though (which they aren't), it's still on the order of one bad episode in six, which isn't all that bad.
Actually, I had forgotten about Doomed. I really, really hated that episode. Uhm, sorry whoever wrote it. Buffy diving into the center of the earth just did not work. But, yeah, Spike trying to kill himself? Classic.
Diving to center of the earth hooked to Riley's belt hoop no less. Yeah, that one was pretty bad.

I loved Teacher's pet for Buffy/Angel scenes with the jacket, but thought it was very weak in story.

I robot.. I could never get past her horrible animal print dress in that one. But it did have some very cute Giles/Jenny.
OMWF and Hush are TWO OF MY FAVORITES! Ugh--blasphemy!

But I could not agree more with Double Meat Palace being at the top...that was a terrible episode and horrible waste of filler time! oh well..
Ack! Doomed is another one I love in S4! "there's gonna be a lot of red faces when the world comes to an end!" and Spike's first venture into working with the Scoobies. Plus, one of the great Spike speeches;
"Come on - vampires! Grr! Nasty!"

And gotta chime in with 'The Pack' love - the teen hyena power walk is a great sexy Xander moment (one of very few), and that ep was the first time we got to see Alyson Hannigans acting chops, boy can that girl break your heart when she cries.
I was never a big fan of "This Years Girl". It seemed very uneven. But,I have to say I LOVE "Who You Are". The acting and mannerisms that both SMG and Eliza picked up from each others characters were incrediable. I loved the Faith/Spike scene. It was one of the most vivid descriptions on tv I had ever heard. And the Riley/Faith scenes were heartbreaking. The shadows in that scene really added to the sadness. But the best scene would have to be the end where Faith was beating herself. The rage and pain was so tangable.

Hush, never really cared for. But I did like the Xander projecter scene.

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Doomed was actually written by Marti Noxon, David Fury, and Jane Espenson. That is the only BtVS episode to have 3 writers credited. Maybe that was the problem some have with. When you have a few different people writing an episode it is bound to be kind of disjointed and not as fully fleshed as other eps.

As far as "bad" episodes go, for me there aren't any. There are some episodes I like less, or don't look forward to as much when re-watching, but there are no "oh, that one's coming up..." episodes.

Actually, wait a second. "As You Were". I...LOATHE...SAM.
The non-Sam parts are fine, but I find her to be the most irratating, repulsive, many other bad adjectives character that has ever graced Buffy's screen. And that includes Rona, who, as far as I'm concerned, bled to death on the bus at the end of "Chosen".

Every word out of Sam's mouth, every "Ri" (as opposed to calling Riley "Riley"), every nose scratch, every single thing she did made me angry.

No, no--I really like it too. I don't really care for the villian too much but I find her to be rather inconsequential to the overall themes of the episode. I love the training video, I love Manny and the replacement manager, I love the way they capture the utter boredom and despair, I love that the secret is vegetables, and I really like the Buffy/Willow bonding.
There was a least favorite Buffy episode thread on a while a ago and someone said OMWF was their least favorite ep. Just goes to show ya...different strokes.
Rona is worse then Kennedy????? LOL!

I am usually not a fan of musical tv shows. There are only two I can ever say I liked. One is OMWF(I love the song Through the Fire)and the other is the Xena musical, Bittersuit. Lucy Lawless has a beautiful voice and it was very well done. So I can understand how it is hit and miss.

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buffyfanatic, he was kidding about OMWF and Hush... also chiming in with the The Pack love, and who said Wild at Heart? That is one that I NEVER skip. Willow just breaks my heart into little shards of shattered crystal, and great Oz stuff.
"Oh god. I just remembered Beer Bad. Strike my previous post. My list is 1. Beer Bad. 2. Beer Bad. 3. Beer Bad. Etc"

LOL, hey this may put me in rare company but Beer Bad is in my top 20. I swear I feel like Xander in Nightmares when he questions his sanity in thinking that Buffy was hot as a vampire because I too think Buffy is hot as cave Buffy. Im sick I know...

But more than that Beer Bad is awesome for just everything that occurs, the Xander and Giles dialogue as they go to see Buffy, Willow and Parker, Buffy beating up Parker, the fact that the one thing that remains in Buffy is her need to help people, and just how funny it is. It cant be that bad right? Ok, yeah im probably just sick...

My bottom five are:

1. Empty Places-Easily and hands down the only episode I cannot watch again. I dislike the way it paints the scoobies, Buffy, and even the potentials but more than that, with no follow up, the tragedy inherent to the episode is meaningless, IMO.

2. Smashed-The house falls down. No kidding...
3. Doublemeat Palace-The place where feminism goes to die...
4. I Robot, You Jane
5. Where the wild things are-whats the lesson here folks? Dont have episodes that exist purely so that SMG can do Angel, especially when the episode revolves around an orgasmic wall (which btw, Id like one of those) and Riley and Buffy in bed for the entire episode.
I'm curious how many of the people who liked Doublemeat Palace (as I did) actually worked in fast food (as I did.) I found a lot of the stuff like the training video to be funny because I'd lived it.
I am amazed that Pangs shows up on anyone's worst episode list. That episode has so many funny lines. If you can forgive the shortcomings of Dead Man's Party, because it has two very funny lines (Giles - Isn't my mask pretty... and Buffy "the mask wants the room to suffer"). How can Pangs be a worst episode? It has the opening conversation with Buffy, Willow, and Anya - the imaginary Xander one. Spike with the "all this boo hooing about the indians.." talk. Buffy telling Giles he's the reason we had to have Thanksgiving in the first place. Spike "You made a bear" Buffy "I didn't mean to" Spike "change it back!" My episode quotes aren't exact, but there are so many funny lines in Pangs, I always laugh when I watch that episode.

Also I like Never Kill a Boy on the First Date. I like Owen and his Owenosity.

It is fun reading everyone's lists.

Batmarlowe -someone saying OMWF is one of their least favorite eps boggles the mind!
For me there's no such thing as a bad, or even mediocre Buffy episode, and I adore the last two seasons above all. There's no episode without more good than bad moments, even Beer Bad which seems to take so much flak. OK, the top episodes are just stellar, some of the best TV ever. But the rest are bloody good too. If I had to pick worsts, they would tend to be from earlier seasons, and would include "Ted" and the praying Mantis episode. But I wouldn't trade any one of them for three of anything else, however good it's claimed to be.
I've never worked in fast food, and I hate the villain in the episode, but I find Doublemeat Palace particularly enjoyable. Especially the guy who shows Buffy how to cook the burgers. PRICELESS.

Most of my least favorites would probably come from the first season, and more likely because the writing is just not as strong as in later seasons. The Pack is definitely my favorite first season episode. I also quite like The Puppet Show and, of course, Prophecy Girl.

Probably my least favorite episode of Buffy would be Where The Wild Things Are. There are some good character moments, particularly with Spike and Giles, but overall the episode falls flat for me. It's the only season four episode I have no problem with skipping past.
5 of my less than favorite episodes:

Empty Places will always be number one for me. An hour of my life I will never get back. It's also the only Buffy episode that I can't watch again, or feel so strongly against.
The next 4 are just less than favorite, no great distaste involved.
2. Lies my parents told me.
3. Gone
4. Beer Bad
5. Smashed

Adding my favorites for the heck of it: Sorry had to do more than 5.

1. Becoming (Both parts)
2. Enemies
3. Amends for Quirpy Buffy alone
4. The Gift
5. Graduation Day (Both parts)
6. Checkpoint
7. Prophecy Girl
8. Passion
9. Innocence
10. I only have eyes for you

Middle ground 5: Can live with or without them.

Fool for love
Where the wild things are
It seems there are two different types of "bad" Buffy episodes.

There are the ones that just don't work, whether it's in theme, or a miscalculated metaphor, or a lame villain (or both).

Then there are the ones that, as someone previously mentioned, seem "off," but I think that has more to do with how the episode is made, i.e. editing, pacing, acting, directing, etc.

It seems all of the episodes mentioned above fall into one of those categories, if not both.

I completely understand how the "penis monster" in Doublemeat Palace could cause some fans to roll their eyes, but that, as a whole, is a brilliantly constructed episode, and (in my opinion, of course) truly "Buffy."

And I would bring up Spike and Buffy fucking behind the place, but since hardly anyone's brought up "Dead Things," I'm assuming that's not something about this ep that bothers people.
Willowy--thanks for the clarification :P sometimes i'm blonde and don't catch these things...
I detest Dead Things as well. But all those eps in that run of season 6 did not intrest me. Now that I think about it,I would replace Dead Things with Smashed in my list.

For me it was not all the sex, it was how that scene was presented in connection to Buffy's emotional state that made me turn it off. The sex was vulgur to me, but it was more what Spike was telling her that made me disgusted. IMO.

I disliked Doublemeat from start to finish. I did not find it funny. The monster and job were very juvenile. It was more about demeaning Buffy then to try and tell a story,I felt. The sex behind the place was just sad because of her complete absence from the act.
jerryst3161: "3. Doublemeat Palace-The place where feminism goes to die..."

Yeah, I hadda go quick read the script again to try and see what you meant, jerryst3161, but I confess, I don't see it. (Not at all meaning to get into a thing here, just sayin'...) While it always kinda bothered me that the Buff took a fast-food job (wouldn't a security guard job, or something similar have made more sense?) I see why they couldn't resist it. And on the anti-feminist question:

For one, It's a Jane Espenson episode, and that makes it unlikely, to begin with. Buffy's just a twenty-something in her first paid job, and her behavior at work (aside from the Slayer-like detection work) is fairly typical of either sex in their first crap job. And then, on the Big Bad front, her fellow-gal Willow helps her defeat the Penis-head monster, without the benefit of magic. So, not really seeing it...

Lady Brick, never worked in fast food, but had so many peeps that did, I can sympathize with the horribleness of the sitch. Plus the training video is a riot - the only TV ones I liked as well were the "Wolfram & Hart" video in Angel and the one in an episode of the Brit The Office.

I'm with a few others who have no "worst episode" list. While there are some I don't exactly look forward to when I re-watch the series (which I may have done one or two times *whistles, looks skyward innocently*), each one had something I cherish. "The Puppet Show" has that priceless "bad high school acting" bit at the end, "As You Were" seems like a parody of cuteish 50s/60's kinds of couple-y action material, "The Pack" is definitely one of my favourite early episodes, "Inca Mummy Girl" has some nice stuff (Oz, Willow), and so on. My least-liked episodes I still like because they contribute to character or arc, or my insanely-huge, obsessive collection of Buffy-quotes.

While I can usually see why people have certain episodes on a "Worst list," I would have to (if forced) go with a "Least Favourite" list, knowing that I love the whole series, and "Least Favourite Buffy" is usually better than almost anything else. With the early shows, they were just finding their feet and voice, and when I watched them on-air at the time, they were certainly compelling enough to get me good and hooked.

And I think that "Becoming 2," "The Body," "Passion," "OMWF," "Innocence," "When She was Bad," and "Conversations with Dead People" are all just top-notch.

"I wear the cheese. It does not wear me." -- Cheese Man, "Restless"

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I loved "Doublemeat Palace." I can't really argue with the others, though. Well, maybe with "The Pack" - it had a great central metaphor, and I loved that the kids ate the principal. "Go Fish" isn't one of my favorites either, but it didn't suck too bad. "Inca Mummy Girl" was pretty bad, but it had some cute Willow scenes. And WTWTA had some really funny bits, even if it otherwise sucked.

However, "A New Man," which this guy put on his "Best" list would show up on my "Worst" list. That one was pretty lame.
I don't know enough to dissect the shows on content or theme or acting or whatever, but I have to say I would rather re-watch a Buffy epi than watch 95% of the new shows that are on right now. I used to think 'The Pack' was the pits, but that was based on 7 or 8 years of random access memory (the only kind I have). When I rewatched it last spring, there were A LOT of things I'd forgotten about that I loved. And that's the way it is with all Joss's shows.

As my gorram sister said in her Dear Joss letter on his b-day: Thank you for putting in all the little details in your films and television shows. That's part of what makes watching them over and over again so much fun. Each time I view a show, I notice something new. :)

jerryst3161: "3. Doublemeat Palace-The place where feminism goes to die..."

I was going to ask about that comment too. I don't get it.
Maybe feminism fell in the deep fryer?
Echoing the "Pangs" love. In fact, it has become a Thanksgiving tradition in my house, usurping the place of the Peanuts Thanksgiving special--although I still love the toast-on-a-stick featured in that.
"Maybe feminism fell in the deep fryer?"

LOL, better than what Buffy thought was in the burger in the first place I guess. No I was just prattling on, its just a hiccup I have when anyone mentions the penis monster and the symbolism behind it, but its for another day trust me.

Oh and I have to echo the Pangs love as well. I adore Spike's line "Undo it, Undo it". The way he says it still, to this day, cracks me up. I think it might be the funniest line in the whole series. Ok now I have to go watch it too...cheers everyone!
Sorry guys. Stupid computer! Sorry again..

[ edited by jerryst3161 on 2006-11-06 04:16 ]
I'm rather late to this, but I sure agree with #1 on the Worst List. "Beer Bad" should be in it, too. Seeing Buffy if she was in "Quest For Fire (or beer)" was a little weird. Willow's comment about men and how they haven't changed since the Stone Age was funny.
While it always kinda bothered me that the Buff took a fast-food job (wouldn't a security guard job, or something similar have made more sense?)

Xander: Ha, ha, ha, ha! Laugh now, missy, they assigned you to the booth for law enforcement professionals.
Buffy: (stunned) As in police?
Xander: As in polyester, doughnuts and brutality.
Buffy whines.

Giles: Well, now there's a thought, have you ever considered law enforcement?
Buffy stops in her tracks as Giles turns to face her. She looks at him like he's crazy.

-What's My Line? Part 1
I don't have any BtVS episodes that I hate. There are some that I skipped over the second and third time through, but this last time I watched every episode and found enough parts I enjoyed in each one that I don't think I'd skip them again if I'm going all the way through from S1 to S7. On the other hand, there are episodes I would choose not to rewatch on an individual basis.

I find that most of the episodes that were in the 'skipped' category are ones that pressed buttons for me. "Him" I find hard to watch because, like newcj, I just cringe at extended embarrassment scenes. On the other hand, Spike & Buffy through Princiapl Wood's window is one of the funniest scenes ever!

"Ted" I find very hard to watch because of the theme. A paternal authority figure who is very controlling and abusive. Luckily I had a great stepfather who loved me, but I know people who have been in a Ted-like situation and if Buffy hadn't been the Slayer, she would not have had a way out, since neither her mother or friends believed there was anything wrong with him, which is often the case in real life.

My main problem with "The Pack" is the fact that Xander goes after Buffy and in my mind is planning - with great glee, I might add - to rape her. Yet when the spell is lifted, he not only does not acknowledge that or apologize, he lies about remembering. I know he was under a spell when he attacked her, but I always felt that he could have at least admitted what he did. Then again, he didn't take responsibility for the people who died due to his summoning of the demon in OMWF either.

Lest you think I'm Xander-bashing, I'm not. I like Xander and there are so many instances where he's the one character that "sees" (as he is supposed to) and his courage in backing up Buffy even when he knows he could be killed is certainly not in question. My all-time favourite Xander moment - and one that always makes me cry - is his speech to Dawn at the end of "The Potential".

Having just watched "Hallowe'en" with 135 other fans at the Buffy Sing-along, I agree with the Portland poster about an episode being even more enjoyable when seen in a group.
jerryst3161: "...its just a hiccup I have when anyone mentions the penis monster and the symbolism behind it, but its for another day trust me."

I hear you, jerryst3161, just want to add a brief comment on the "Penis-Monster" from Jane herself on another recent whedonesque thread. (The "Penis-Monster" was actually supposed to be more like a lamprey, and apparently most everyone was a little surprised at the penis-like-nature of the thing. If there was anything Freudian going on, it may have been in the mind of the monster-maker, rather than the writer...)
As far as why Buffy took the job at a fast food joint, Spike says it: "You want this job because it makes you feel ordinary." Spike doesn't always get Buffy completely, but I think he gets a lot about her that her friends don't. Which is part of why I have never been bothered by the Spike/Buffy episodes, and why "Dead Things" and to a lesser extent "Smashed" are on my best rather than worst lists.

You could argue that she could have gotten a job in a diner which is almost as annonymous as a fast food employee, but it's not exactly like she can use her stint in L.A. under a different name as a reference. I think Buffy also wouldn't want to go into law enforcement, with her record, and her need to keep a low profile.

In season seven, when she was healthier, she took the job at the school which was a good complement to her desire to keep an eye on the Hellmouth and actually allowed her to be helpful. Well, until Hell started a bustin' all over, anyway.
My bottom 2 are Gingerbread and Doublemeat Palace. And I gotta echo the love for Pangs and "You made a bear!".

I totally forgot. Add that to my BOTTOM 4.
You guys are all nuts. I say it again, Beer Bad = big funny (sorry Caroline)! Also forgot the ridiculous Gingerbread in my list.

Hey! I was hard-pressed to find five! Then this one reared its ugly head (phoned in acting - child killing - all the parents appearing all'a sudden all freaky - burned at the stake?).

Bad. Just really bad.
My bottom five:
2-When She Was Bad
3-I Robot, You Jane
4-Beer Bad

I wasn't a huge fan of Go Fish, but the idea of Xander going undercover cracked me up... plus he looked pretty good in that speedo!

I liked Doublemeat Palace, especially Buffy's "I was feeling like a tool" line. Funny stuff. I like that the characters have real life issues to face along with the supernatural.

I'm a huge fan of season 6, so I love just about every one of those episodes (I still can't believe 'Once More With Feeling' was anywhere near someone's bottom 5!).
Well, that took over an hour to read. I'll refrain from adding most of the things that flew through my head since most of them have already been said to death, although I will take one brief moment to reinforce further the fan love of "The Pack" and state "Doublemeat Palace" was blech.

The only two episodes I've actively avoided, though, are "Bad Eggs" and "Him", the second because, like others above, I can't stand the embarassment of the cheerleading scene. The ending is funny, but my mind remains trapped in that public humiliation hell, especially since I've always identified with Dawn a lot...

The other I avoid because mind controlling demon eggs make me nauseous.

One I really never liked that I don't think has been mentioned here yet is "The Witch". Sometimes there are episodes that are bad concepts but well done, and sometimes there are good concepts badly done. IMO, this one was a bad concept horribly done. The only thing I liked was the statue at the end.

And one I have to admit, as I'm apparently truly alone on this: I loved "I Robot, You Jane". Don't ask me why, I can't explain it. I fully realize the horrid dialogue, the complete laughability of the writer's understanding of computers, the amazing cardboard cutout secondary characters... But it just works for me. Like watching my old favorite Godzilla movies, it doesn't have to make sense, it doesn't have to look good, because, by gum, it's a robot demon! ;p
Hey you missed me! I also like I Robot You Jane.

But am I really the only one who discovered a new found love and sympathy for Dawn during the awkward cheerleading? I just wanted to give her a big hug. The poor little incredible dorky thing. I guess we should have known right there that she wasn't a potential.

And as far as Ted goes I thought the whole stepdad experience was interesting to bring up, in the Buffy way. Someone mentioned above, but the thread is too big now and I can't find it was that they didn't like it because so many kids find themselves in that position with no powers and nowhere to turn. I think that is what makes it an important episode.
Nooo.. "The Pack" is one of my favourites from season1. Pah.

Agree with the rest though I suppose...WTWTA is my worst of all time personally, and nice to see "Beer Bad" being given a break!
You stupid. Buffy want beer. I can't believe people hate that episode.

My bottom 5

Touched - Goddammit Rebecca, a soppy romance chick flick epo 3 from the end of it all!

As You Were - Taaaacky

Where the Wild Things Are - Shagaliciously dull.

Hells Bells - I expected so much of this episode, and got so little.

Tabula Rasa - This is a lie. I liked the episode but I couldn't think of 5 and this one loses marks for that horrible shark guy costume.
Here's a least favourites (not worst) list:

1. Older and Faraway (Great premise, but the execution is lacking)
2. I Robot, You Jane (Couple of good character scenes, but overall it's the only first season episode I struggle with)
3. Some Assembly Required (Has the same quality that I love from these early episodes, but whearas I love episodes like Teacher's Pet and Inca Mummy Girl I find this one underwhelming)
4. Where the Wild Things Are (Never sure what to think when I watch this one, other than Giles singing, this doesn't do much for me, dullsville)
5. Him (while I love some of the humour in this one, particularly the stuff towards the end with the split-screen, but the attraction to the jock plot angers me)

Also a special mention for Smashed. Overall I like it quite a bit but I single it out because of the most horrid scene ever on a Joss show: Amy/Willow in the bronze.

Apologies to Drew Greenberg, I don't hate you. Entropy, The Killer in Me and Empty Places are all top notch as far as I'm concerned. Empty Places, in particular has grown on me considerably each time I've seen it.

Gingerbread, Doublemeat Palace, Beer Bad, Wrecked and Forever are favourites of mine. But to see Dead Man's Party, Lies My Parents Told Me, Spiral listed in the five worst episodes quite frankly, baffles me. Honestly, I didn't see it coming. Those would be certain inclusions in my top 20 best list.
I've got a theory (TM) that people often dislike an episode because of a naff MOW plot (most MOW plots are naff IMO), and they forget the good incidental stuff. That's probably why I have a bad feeling about "Some Assembly Required"; I haven't seen it for ages and I can only remember that it's about a guy rebuilding his dead brother.

The main plot in "Inca Mummy Girl" is pretty poor, but I like the episode because it has some very touching elements: Ampata's and Xander's first love, Willow's jealousy, Buffy and Ampata both suffering from being a "chosen one". Plus Willow in an Eskimo outfit! I love this bit of dialogue:

Buffy: Ampata's only staying two weeks.

Willow: Yeah. And then Xander can find someone else who's not me to obsess about. At least with you I knew he didn't have a shot. Well, you know, I have a choice. I can spend my life waiting for Xander to go out with every other girl in the world until he notices me, or I can just get on with my life.

Buffy: Good for you.

Willow: Well, I didn't choose yet.

Similarly, some people have dissed "Doomed" because of the silly demon plot to destroy the world. But that episode has some great Spikiness. I love the look on Spike's face after he's undermined the confidence of Willow and Xander as they leave the museum. And of course there's the speech at the end when he tries to persuade them to go out for some evil-bashing.

Another controversial one seems to be "Ted". I think it's a great episode up to the point where we discover Ted's a robot. We've got Buffy suffering (always good) as everyone except her thinks Ted is wonderful. Then she abuses her power, provoking a fight with Ted, accidentally killing him and having to face the consequences. But when we discover he's a robot, he becomes just another monster to be destroyed and Buffy is absolved of any consequences for having killed a human.

[ edited by tichtich on 2006-11-06 13:19 ]
5. I Robot, You Jane. Just a really pointless episode with a metaphor that was so unsubtle it felt like being hit over the head with a very heavy book and one of the least believable demons ever.

4. Living Conditions. The whole of the fourth season was the weakest one in my view (with the obvious exemption of Hush and Restless), but Living Conditions genuinely bothered me. It was uncomfortable and strange and using Kathy from the first episode was strange.

3. Shadow. This one had a few good points, mostly the storyline with Joyce, which is heart-wrenching. It also had the giant snake and Riley getting himself bitten by vampires for kicks, and for that I can't forgive it. Terrible, terrible ideas.

2. Touched. Hey, we're literally days from the final episode of everybody's favourite show EVER. What should we do? I know, let's just show Buffy being miserable and everybody having sex a lot. Yeah. Okay. Where the Wild Things Are popped up on a lot of lists, but this one strikes me as odder - not least for the terrible Kennedy/Willow sex scene.

1. Beer Bad. I believe this one is on most people's lists as a baffling experiment in cautioning against the evil With an awkward message about feminism to boot.
I think 'Beer Bad' is more about the evils of over-indulgence cos 'evil' and 'beer' just don't belong in the same sentence to me ;). And, thinking on it, I reckon I actively like it now rather than just put up with it. Yep, mind changed (even if it's still not in my top 10 or probably even 50).

(and jerryst3161 you're not alone re: cave-girl Buffy, see my 'crinkly hair/humina humina' comment above ;)

As someone said above, 'Ted' was much too early an episode to have Buffy kill an actual human but I liked the way it pointed out how super-healing can be a disadvantage forensically ;) and took on serious subject matter. If Ted had just been a man, we'd have no abstraction from reality and that's an episode of 'Bones' or 'Law and Order' not Buffy.

(getting a vague tickle about a Batman arc where Bruce Wayne fell under suspicion of child abuse because Robin was always turning up to school covered in bruises. Not sure i've got the details right though)

Still, lots of 'bad' eps with good parts but i'd nominate 'Prophecy Girl' as an overall good episode with a bad part. The bit where Buffy walks through school in her dress and the music starts up very loudly makes me cringe so hard I usually have to turn over when it appears. Don't mind the other mentioned cringey bits though (Dawn's painfully bad cheerleading etc.) but then i'm a fan of 'The Office' UK and stuff like "I'm Alan Partridge" which are all about the cringing.
I think that your theory is very strong, tichtich. I've never known why so many people hated Doublemeat and it's only through reading these that I realize it's that silly monster. I can see that, not the most intriguing or aesthetically pleasing foe. I just never really cared about that part because I find the rest of the ep so good.

I also don't see Beer Bad as a cautionary tale about beer. If it's cautionary about anything it's those pompous, pampered frat boys she's hanging out with. I grew up in a college town and those characters were so dead on. I think Xander's scenes really capture having to work in the service industry, I think Buffy's continued delusions over Parker are done well, I really like the repartee between Buffy and Riley. Then, of course, there is the great stuff with Xander, Giles and Buffy and also the fabulous Willow/Parker scenes. And it still makes me crack up to think of someone coming out to his or her SUV in the morning to find a bunch of drunk college guys have trashed the inside and are still there passed out. And, lastly, I think SMG looks fabulous in that episode, both as regular Buffy and as Cave Slayer Buffy.

And, no, Xane, you are not the only one who gained affection for Dawn from the cheerleading tryout scene. I think that's one of the stronger parts of an otherwise fairly awkward episode. It gave me a lot of respect for MT as an actor because it's one thing to portray the character as having done badly but it really takes a lot to let go of your ego enough to make the audience so excruciatingly embarrassed for the character that it is barely watchable. I find that impressive.
Buffy is like sex(and pizza, apparently). Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good.
Rogue Slayer, you have hit the nail on the head!
Go Fish and Where the Wild Things Are are two episodes that I always ranked somewhere in the sub-140 group of the 144 episodes. I was surprised on recent repeat viewings, however, how much there was to LIKE in those episodes. (Good one-liners, mostly.) For me, there is very little to redeem Hell's Bells. Eric G, about 80-odd comments ago, speaks my thoughts on this episode perfectly. Almost a start-to-finish cringe.

I noticed Buffy vs. Dracula popped up on several Bottom 5 lists. Some of it was strained--the makeup on Dracula, for one--but it generally came off as the lighthearted sendup it seemed to be aiming at. Plus, my 3-year-old son LOVES it, and we watched it all weekend long. It's both amusing and a hair unsettling to hear him recite his favorite quote from that episode: "Check. No more butt monkey."
While Hell’s Bells is far from being my favourite episode it does have the lovely scene when Tara (with a little help from Willow) does up Anya’s dress while she practices her vows. I just adore that scene.

[And it has Buffy juggling.]

My least favourite episode is Bad Eggs – nothing else comes close.
Nebula 1400, I just skipped over "Normal Again" just yesterday afternoon. Ugh. Batmarlowe, as I was watching "Hell's Bells" I was thinking how it's one of my favorite eps, probably. At least in the top 20. I'm surprised that so many people dislike it. "Doublemeat Palace" makes me queasy so I doubt I will watch it again. I just did not see the humor in it and I worked at a fast-food place for several months as a teenager. I concur with the "Gingerbread" haters, too.
Oh, my dear lord, do we have some opinions or what? I can't believe I'll be number 131. So funny.

I Robot, You Jane and Go Fish are probably my two least favorite episodes. But ya know what? I'd watch both of these shows all day over any of the CSI shows.
I have no "worst" episodes though my least favorite part of the whole series was the Initiative arc. Luckily, interspersed with that arc was Buffy going to college, Buffy's Enormously Annoying roommate, Willow and Oz, Harmony and Spike, Buffy's confidence being crushed by Parker and getting her revenge in Beer Bad (glorious!).

I'm glad Ted wasn't on the list - I might've gotten slightly hot over that. I'm not going to defend the episodes on the list because for me, all of them have aspects that I enjoyed, but I will say that Go Fish, and excuse me, I'm going to bring up the value of that episode with the naked man example (as I did with Spike when I first started posting here -- Spike and invisible Buffy). Xander in a speedo? Get out of town. I think he probably looked hotter than Fox Mulder, and that's saying something. That memory certainly takes the edge off of floppy fishboys at the end.
In seven seasons of Buffy there is only one episode that I really dislike. Life Serial from season six.

Even ignoring the logic problems of the evil-lint and mummy hand time shifting (which make absolutely no sense no matter how you look at them) I cannot get passed the fact that the dialogue and acting in that episode seems so poor. The mummy hand scene could have been hilarious but the whole thing seemed like it was tacked together using outtakes.

To be fair, I tend to think that Buffy suffers from being to damn good for it's own good. Because of the usually incredibly high standards, when one episode doesn't quite reach the quality of the rest it really stands out.

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