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November 05 2006

Campaign to get Joss his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Time to give the man his due.

This fan campaign is run by RavenU btw.

1. Professional achievement
2. Longevity of five years in the field of entertainment
3. Contributions to the community

In the words of Cartman: kickass.
Those being the criteria, it's an utter no-brainer.

1. Best show ever. (Could cite lots of critical acclaim to that effect, but you all know about that already.) Best spin-off ever. Best movie from "failed" TV show ever. (A tad subjective, I realize, but there are good cases to be made for each.) Also, his TV and movie writing credits (and Toy Story, duh.)
2. A couple of decades, actually.
3. Superb philanthropist on behalf of most worthy cause. And, Buffy is on that list of The Most Influential People Who Never Existed or whatever it's called. In a positive way.

As I say, an utter no-brainer.
The problem is, is he a household name? I would imagine 99% of the stars are/were household names. I would imagine they would evaluate him on that basis too right? Btw in the movie biblopgraphy, I think the movie Goners is missing from the credits.
kurya - Big Bird, Pee Wee Herman and Mabel Taliaferro have stars.
Actually they do not have to be household names. Just names that are recognized in their field and their contribution to the Hollywood community. I believe Joss has done that, he has made an impact on television industry. Couple that with the fact that he has kept most of his productions in the Hollywood area instead of going out of state or country to save money, I think shows his civic nature to keep the Hollywood community strong.

You can check out a list of resent recipents, here, not all of them are or were household names.

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Joss was -- I believe -- the first person to push for a canceled TV show to go to DVD (Firefly), which turned out to be a commercial DVD success.
I am *just* asking and not looking to make trouble, but is a grassroots effort to get someone a star the usual (or even a possible) way someone gets one? I agree wholeheartedly that Joss deserves a star, but I am a bit...cautious about the nature of getting him one. :-)
Joss was -- I believe -- the first person to push for a canceled TV show to go to DVD (Firefly)

I suppose it depends how you define 'canceled'. Even Dark Angel, the show Firefly 'replaced', came out on DVD before it.
Grassroots is pretty much the only way. Stars usually come from fan clubs and such things. The city likes the shiny money. While, say, signing the cement at Graumann's Chinese is a "chosen one" sort of affair, stars are all about fan campaigns, which is something people around these parts know how to do quite well.
Actually, this type of effort is typical, the only other way to get nominated is by your own management submitting you. There have been 100's of fan campaigns for stars, most of the Star Trek actors on the walk of fame were nominated by fans. So it is not unusual. We are not asking for letters or postcards to be sent, they do not accept those things. All we are asking for is help in dotting our i's and crossing all of our t's on the nomination form, and if people want to help in raising money to cover the cost once they do accept his nomination.

You have to keep in mind the other reason for the star besides the one's we listed is that it will get publicity coverage in most of the entertainment press. Which is never a bad thing when we can get his name out there in front of the masses, especially since he may have a movie or two coming out in 2007 & 2008.

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I'm amazed that this is the first time I've seen anything about this, because it makes a lot of sense and would definitely be something that Joss deserves. However I do wonder if the Hollywood Walk of Fame is as prestigious or exclusive as it once was, as I think I can remember hearing about the host of American idol getting one. So if they're giving them out to flavour-of-the-month TV presenters I'm not sure just how much of an honour it would be (and I'm sure that a lot of people who fit the criteria wouldn't really be worthy candidates).

I don't want to be too negative but I'm just wondering what other people's feelings, or perceptions, of this are. I used to think it was a really sort of glamorous, 50's Hollywood style thing for really famous actors and actresses, but I'm just wondering is that still the case, or was it ever?

But as I said I do think it's still very much a worthy cause and something that Joss should definitely receive.
Well if you are talking about Simon from AI, no he has not received one as of yet, he has not met the criteria. The Walk of Fame has only 2500 stars on it to fill, there are over 2300 spoken for. Each year they chose 20 recipents for the next year. Starting in 2007 they cut that to no more than 15 for 2008. It may not be as prestigous as somethings but it is still an honor to be included. Especially since it has not yet been desided if they are going to add any additional stars after the original 2500 have been filled.

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Ryan Seacrest has a star. And honestly I have a secret admiration for Seacrest. The guy has like six people's careers.
Joss deserves this on his own merits, without question but it is also a very cool thing that he is third generation Hollywood writer. And that may be one of those little things that tips the balance towards a "yes".

I suppose it depends how you define 'canceled'. Even Dark Angel, the show Firefly 'replaced', came out on DVD before it.

By canceled I mean without meeting a full first season. Dark Angel ran for it's allocated two seasons.
Oh cool! Well, then, by all means let's go for it! I have sent y'all some money and an offer of a donation for the auction as well as a tip as to another of Joss' charitable contributions in the past. Good luck and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon! :-D
It would be great if we can get this done in time to coincide with the release of Wonder Woman. Hollywood eats this kind of stuff up!
My only concern is the URL: - is quite lenthy and could hinder word of mouth promotion of the site and is alot to put on other promotional materials. Is this just a placeholder location or is that the permanent address?
I think on the biography page, Raven U, you might want a few blurbs from recpients of various charity works. Plus, I believe the amount was about 75K donated to Make-A-Wish over the six years of PBP's run. OzLady would have a better idea of the exact amount. I think you're on the right track about inspiration, but also should incorporate the concept of community, that the work inspired people to connect with each other and act. Television, at the time, was mostly a solitary thing (though sci-fi fandom had been seeking like-minded souls for a long time before Buffy), but with the advent of the net, and Whedon's participation in it (he was much more involved in The Bronze way back when) he did help forge a sense of community which prides itself on doing good works.

I wrote this awhile back, and since it ended up in a scrap heap on my editor's floor (rightly so, no doubt due to the melodrama of it), I'll share it:

What I loved most about Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the concept that a small group of misfits can save the world...

...This, to me, was the essence of BtVS. One girl in all the world with the power to defeat the (assholes) vampires. She was supposed to do it all alone, but realized she could do more with the support and talents of the people who loved her. They comforted and protected each other. They had a sense of personal responsibility, and a responsibility to the world around them, they were their brotherís keeper. They were terribly flawed, and terribly noble, all at the same time. And they did it all with razor sharp, sardonic quips that made me smile despite myself...

...Buffy had an audience of about four million Americans, plus however many uncounted masses in Europe, Israel, Australia, and South America who all adored her enough to tune in every week. When the tiniest sliver of the fans that tuned in every week would log onto the internet to discuss the show, we bonded over our ridiculous analytic observations, and slacked off at work together. It was a common ground we all shared. Within our shared love for Buffy, there were shared values about charity, loyalty, being our brotherís keeper.

I once got a thank you card from Whedon for a basket of books the fans sent as a gift to his newborn son. The gift came with a an honor card for donating 2/3 of the money raised to a charity that gives new books to children just learning how to read. In the thank you, he said that the best thing about the gift was knowing that other children would learn the joy of reading. And I think that notion, that honoring people we love through good works and acts of kindness is something that rang true through all of Whedon's work and lead to a community of fans who agreed with that notion and walked the walk.

I think it's the thing that no matter what, I'll always be grateful to Joss for bringing to my life: the wonderful friends who have become my family because we all loved this thing he created. And all of those friends were such generous souls, because that's the sort of fan that he attracted through his works. I'm not sure if he really understands that, or rolls his eyes at the thought of it.

I think this is the thing you're honoring Joss for, Raven U, not just the work itself, since there are certainly lots of fine storytellers in the world, but what the work inspired millions of people to do. And that's just lovely.

Um. This is way longer than I thought it was going to be.
2 things. Who is Mabel Taliaferro and why can't I access the site? I keep getting a "Http 403Forbidden" page.
I'll always be grateful to Joss for bringing to my life: the wonderful friends who have become my family because we all loved this thing he created. And all of those friends were such generous souls, because that's the sort of fan that he attracted through his works. I'm not sure if he really understands that, or rolls his eyes at the thought of it.

I think he actually does, Allyson -- there's been a few times where he's (publicly) spoken about the kind of people his work attracts, and in a good way. And if you don't understand that, Joss, I mock you with my cats and whatever else I can find to hand.

I myself am the product of moving country due to meeting members of the community surrounding Buffy, much like yourself, Allyson. I can say that move enriched my life with friends I hope I'll always keep. (Get the sick bucket now, Saje). Exactly the same thing happened with Firefly for me.

I think part of the reason for that connection in Whedon's work is they tend to show families of friends. They also show characters you have reasons to love, and situations you can relate to. It kinda leaves to a perfect storm of online - and offline - community.
I'd add Canada to your list, Allyson but otherwise, you speak for me.
It might have been during an update to the bio that ozlady sent about the PBP fundraising.

Allyson, you hit it exactly, for my part I would much rather observe than get to involved but ever since being drawn to this verse in particular I have felt the need to get involved and do what I can. That is the spirit behind this, to get Joss the recogition for the work beyond the writing that he has done. He has affected people on an emotional level and in this world today that doesn't happen often. That's why it took me 2 years to get around to doing this, cause if there is one think I have learned from Joss is if you believe in something you cannot wait for someone else to do it.

killinj - I'm going to try to link it to a shorter url but I'm afraid it is that long for now.

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Good God yes. What a brilliant idea. I'm totally in!
I'll certainly do what I can to help once the ball gets rolling.
Anyone can buy a star, if they want.
Allyson, ya should have brought water. ;-)

I e'd RavenU re. the amount which was closer to $60k I believe. :-) And let's not forget what was raised by you all at the Wolfram and Hart event (I can't remember what the charity was- sorry! *cringe*)!

Also, I just talked to someone at Buffy/Angel magazine and they'll put a good word in for the campaign in the next issue or so. :-)

Bottom line is, he's a good guy who does good work and has a good time. A better role model there is not, and he's a star for that.

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RavenU, in the biography, the songs section, it's missing "Blue" from Conversations With Dead People, which Joss co-wrote. I love this idea and I'll be contributing.
(Get the sick bucket now, Saje)

Naw, that's a nice sentiment gossi (OK, I threw up in my mouth but just a little. And I feel kinda insulin deficient but that'll pass ;-). The whole bringing folk together thing is a cool aspect of any fandom but Joss seems to have created shows with a very wide cross-section of fans which is cool++. Add to that stuff like the Angel food-bank, blood drives, the multi-media project etc. and it gives me a big ol' warm fuzzy.

3. Contributions to the community.

Come on, what's he ever done for the world at large ? ... Err, hang on ... nevermind.

Good idea this. I'm happy to wave my flexible friend (not one I made through Joss but i've certainly got to know it a lot better because of him ;) at the donation box.
Joss most certainly deserves this honor. Count me in for support and funds. Love back at you, Joss :)
I'd like to contribute somehow.

Another song missing, might be "Mrs." from "Selfless", someone should verify what I'm saying, but I believe Drew did say that the song was also written by Joss.

On Bibliography part, should we add forewords for books or comic books?
I believe that there's a Planetary TPB or Hardcover, which featured a forewword from Joss.

And also Joss did an artwork for tor that Dark Horse 20 years commemorative special.

Other mentionable contributions: I think Joss wrote the review for the Veronica Mars Season 1 DVD for Entertainment Weekly, which is available in print and also in the EW website.
Nominations and awards:
2005: Recieved Film 2005 Best Film award for Serenity.
While I have to admit that I'd love to see that kind of money used for charity instead, it just rocks so hard to think of Joss having his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star that I have to say I'm completely supporting this. Yes, definitely, another great place to visit when you're in Los Angeles, and a nice honor for a great writer-director-creator who also gives a lot of time and effort to charities like Equality Now and to trying to help the world (like the big fundraiser for Kerry -- no matter what your politics are, you have to credit the guy for standing up for what he believes in, like DDK's commercial for the Viriginia election). Plus, dedication ceremony -- there might be pie, yo. ;-)
billz:"While I have to admit that I'd love to see that kind of money used for charity instead, it just rocks so hard to think of Joss having his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star that I have to say I'm completely supporting this."

billz, I hear you, and I've recently come up with (what I think is) a brilliant way of dealing with this concern. I figure out how much money I would be willing and able to donate to the entertainment-or-Joss related activity (unless it is a charity event in itself) and then halve it. I offer one half to the fun-Joss-thing, and another half to the charity or non-profit of my choice.

So, not only does the fun-Joss-thing get money from me, the fun-Joss-thing has encouraged me to give to something else worthy - something that I otherwise may not have given to without a little impetus.

This is yet another example of a way in which Joss has helped contribute to the community. I am so for this star.

And if I have a star on the Walk-Of-Fame, Joss should certainly have one...
I think what the site needs is support for pledges, rather than donations. I would chip in a few bucks to fund the star, if awarded, but I don't particularly care to donate money to a campaign to hold on to for a year or two.
Great ideas from both QuoterGal and jclemens! I would definitely pledge, then come back and donate if the star is approved, and then give the same amount to a charity *coughequalitynowcough* too.

BTW, QG, congratulations on your star; I had no idea you were a such a big celebrity! Should you get the purple font now? ;-)
jclemens - I understand your point but we don't expect to collect all money we need in a short time, only that when the time comes we will have something to pay them if only a deposit. I want this to be a community effort and it takes time to get the word out and spread among the verse, this is why we are starting it now, cause June will be here in no time. My concern was about getting some money to fund the star once his nomination is accepted, how soon they would want the full ammount or at least a deposit. So starting to raise the funds now at least will have some funds built up for a deposit if not to pay the thing in full. There is only 7 monthes until the announcement, that one of the reasons I am doing the raffles. If you don't want to donate directly maybe you would be interested in getting a raffle ticket for an item that appeals to you. I didn't want to wait and them have ask for the entire ammount in June and have to come up with a plea for the money then. We want to knock this out on the first try, and the recipents announcement is only 7 months away, the star it self may be a year after that, but should we wait until then to ask or should we try to build up funds $1 at a time now while we still have time to build it slowly?
If you guys can pull this off, the perfect date for unveilling the star...March 10, 2007, the 10th anniversary of the first Buffy episode.
Well, if I get the purple name font, billz, then you do, too. (Though I think it would be more fittin' if I permanently programmed the "purple font of sarcasm" as my default font.)

Oooh, and I think this lady should get one, too.

"Stars scribble on our eyes the frosty sagas,
The gleaming cantos of unvanquished space. . ."

-- Hart Crane, excerpted from "The Bridge"
WOO-HOO! Wait till my mom sees this, lol! :-D
Ugh. No fan should have to to contribute to this. This should be done by Joss's people, who definitely have the wherewithall. Fans should contribute to Joss's signature charity, Equality Now, if they want to throw money at something him-related.

I agree whole-heartedly that he needs and deserves a star. I do not agree that fans should pay for it. I applaud RavenU for drawing attention to the fact that Joss has been neglected in this particular area, and maybe his peeps (all the folks that WORK FOR HIM) will wake up and do what they should have done years ago. This still should not be a funnel for fan dollars, imo.
Great, great idea. I'm 100% for it and look forward to pitching in.
Yeah, great, jam2. But you don't have to. Stars are paid for by the stars themselves and their employees nominate and pay the fees for actual happening out of the star's petty cash.

I am as huge a Joss fan as you will find anywhere, but I'm having trouble paying my mortgage and since I found out how this works, it makes a helluva lot more sense to let his business people pay for it, rather than us piecemeal fans. It bothers me a bit. Kind of like, 'Let's buy Joss some Manolo Blahniks!' Yay!
That's cool, I have no problem with anyone deciding this is not something for them to spend money on. I was just expressing my personal support, not saying anything about what anyone else should do.

Personally, I like the idea of fans doing this for someone much more than the star and their management doing it themselves (even if that's how it's traditionally done). I find this idea more meaningful. And I always hope that these things have many many small contributions (like 5,000 times $5). There's a lot of potential power in the size of the fandom, this shouldn't be a financial burden on any individual if enough people feel like this is right for them.
Actually, Willowy, it is about 50-50 as to who nominates a person for the walk of fame. Fans, management, studios, and business organizations all nominate people for a star. Outside of fan nominations, most of the other nominations are done for business reasons, like publicity. Also I think you may have missed my point, getting Joss a star is not just about him or his management, it's about us as fans. Yes his management could nominate him and pay for the star, but what would that mean to us, we would have had no involvement in it. By doing this in his honor, we are showing not only him but Hollywood something more then an ad in a paper or a donation in his name to a charity, Both of those things tend to be prepetual events, the star is a one time, for all times deal. We have a tangible item to mark for all time that for a moment fandom and verse were represented in the same time and place. It maybe a bit selfish of some of us to want this but we want to feel that we made a tanigible impact. The star is the marker of that impact.

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Make no mistake, RavenU, I'm not trying to impugn you or any other fan that has the disposable income to contribute to this endeavor. I just wish to point out that it isn't necessary for us to give cashy money to make it happen. Five bucks is two gallons of milk for my kids. When this same wonderful result can be obtained by other means? I'm gonna x 'other' in the voter box.

Plus, Equality Now? Better Joss-driven results, imo.
Willowy, we are not only looking for donations of money but we are also asking for donations of time and information. We want the nomination we submit to get Joss accepted on the first try. We are looking for anyone who is willing to lend a hand as some people in this thread have already done by providing us with information and corrections they have found.

As for the money needed for this, I envy you your altruistic nature, to only have what you need and never obtain anything you want and to give any excess to worthy causes. I've given as much as I can to various charities, in time, money and created items to raise money and I will again after this venture. However, every once in a while I would like to see some effect to my cause, something to honor Joss that it at once puclic and personal and will be around for years to come and may still be there long after we have all gone. The same result cannot be obtained by other means, the result would be different because the meaning would be different. Example, what if your kids gave you a drawing of you that they made, would it not have a different meaning for you than if another family member gave you the same drawing. As the saying goes it's the thought that counts, and the thought behind this star is one of respect and appreciation for all that he has given us. I guess on this I-P issue we will just have to agree to disagree.

PS - If you look at all the money raised in his names for various charities over the years, we are looking at over a hundred & fifty thousand dollars. The charities will still be there but this star is a one time cost. It's for Joss and for us which includes you no matter if you donate anything or not.
If you guys can pull this off, the perfect date for unveilling the star...March 10, 2007, the 10th anniversary of the first Buffy episode.

2007 stars have already been announced, Joss would have to wait for 2008.
Joss's music credits also include "Last Time" (words and music by Joss Whedon) on Anthony Stewart Head's CD Music for Elevators.
I think this is a great idea, and I'd be more than happy to contribute some money to the cause if it goes ahead. This a one-off and would be a wonderful way to recognise the work Joss has done. Count me in.
kurya, without reading everything in the thread, there are plenty of names on the "walk of fame" that aren't recognizable by me. Since BTVS is my favorite show...ever, I find it fitting that the creator of this series would be on the "walk of fame".
First, kudos to RavenU for starting this campaign. I think it's a swellegant idea.

Whatever people's perceptions are of the stars, it's an industry thing and Joss is of the industry. The more he is known and appreciated, the better.

I sent James Lipton an e-mail several months ago that Joss should be on the Inside the Actors Studio show, but do you think he listens to me? Ah well.
Just doing some quick figuring of numbers and I thought I'd share this with everyone. Since the beginning of this thing we call the verse. From as far back as the PBP party until today, the verse has raised OVER $200,000.00 US dollars for charity. I have not got all the figures in but that is just from the numbers I could find or people have emailed me. Equality Now has received almost $90,000.00 of that and LA based charities have received just over $100,000.00. The rest of the donations were made to various other charities over the years. I just thought I would share that with you, but I know I am missing a few numbers that would put us farther over the $200,000 mark for sure.

ETA : Thanks Allyson for the Wolfram & Hart party numbers which put us over the $200,000 mark so far.

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I think this is a great idea, well deserved and I like the idea of it being fan instigated. Its just cooler.

Also, I like the idea of it being a raffle, which works out to be a fun thing for fans, rather than an out and out charitable contribution which would be slightly less comfortable.

Good idea, good execution, now I'm just waiting to see what else is going to be raffled.

[ edited by Xane on 2006-11-06 19:35 ]
15K for the Al Wooten Jr. Center in South Central. (Wolfram and Hart Annual Revue)
Thanks for that addition Allyson - that pushes the number well over $200,000.00 and over a $100,000 being give to local LA organizations on behalf of the verse.

Also for those interested in a shorter url - <- there you go.
I just happened to think if Joss reads this it won't be a surprise.

Plus, will his star be Royal Purple?
Tonya J, this is not a surprise for Joss, since we needed his ok to start with. So he knows we are doing this for him and he is cool with it as well as flattered that we would do it.
No fan should have to to contribute to this.

Willowy, I don't think it's a matter of "should have to" contribute as it is "wants to" contribute. A lot of people here, myself included, have given money and/or time to various charitable organizations that have had a Whedon connection but no one should ever feel obligated to give money for any reason.

But I like the idea of giving something back to Joss and I want to do this. Through his works, he has given me something that made my life a little richer, one the pieces you pick up along the way.

And frankly he deserves it FAR more than Erik Estrada!
Hell, yes! I'm all for whatever, count me in!!

RavenU, it would be great if you could incorporate his Equality Now speech into the mix. It's just so him, and says so much about his writing. Possibly a link?
Xlnt idea!

I looked at that again yesterday after linking it on my blog and got all misty.
At the behest of better judgement there has been a guestbook added to the site's front page. So if you stop by you can say "Hi."

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