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November 06 2006

Showtime takes a stab at a 2nd Season of 'Dexter'. The show featuring some 'verser talents like Julie Benz and Drew Z. Greenberg has been renewed for another season. It's also Showtime's top-rated series.

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I'm very interested in this show. But I don't get Showtime. So,if anyone hears when it will be released on DVD,please let me know.
This show is so very dark, but also accessible, that I could swear Tim is writing it. 'cept he ain't. Best show of this year's programmes, hands down, in my book.
Squeeeee. Love the books, love the show. JB is fantastic in it too. *bounces happily that my favourite serial killer has been renewed*

Hey, what do you know, I am a serial killer lover. JOKE!!!
I just ordered the first two books. I've seen the first three episodes. Benz has that marvelous vulnerability, plus the way she can turn on (and off) physical desire. It would be easy for a show like this to neglect a female character who wasn't driving a lot of action, but I think Benz will prevent this just by sheer acting ability.

It's a shame I don't have Showtime. I suspect I'll be buying these.
Saje and gossi and I were all squeeing (in a very manly way) over Dexter on an earlier thread linking to Julie Benz's latest interview. I just saw ep 6 last night, and there continues to be much to squee about; this show just rocks so hard. Agreed, gossi, this is the best show of the new season, even better than Heroes (which I am also enjoying), and I also agree that I keep looking for Mr. Minear's name in the credits. Scary, but so. Damn. Good. ;-)
Man oh man. This show is so deliciously disturbing that every Sunday night when it appears on my DVR list, I mutter to myself "Mmmmmm... Dexter..."

Love the opening credits. Love the acting. Love the plotting. And their presentation of an Antisocial Personality in his unusual circumstances is dead on! (er... so to speak.)

HBO better watch out. Showtime is starting to kick their programming butts! :)
I agree, Joss' bitch (hahahaha), they have so far presented fairly accurately the psychopathy in his case. Lack of emotion, sympathy, empathy, the organized behavior...his M.O. is even the same. He is truly an organized, psychopathic serial killer. I love psych class.
Dexter is THE reason to have Showtime. Well, at least until '07 when The L Word returns. I'd *like* to also praise Masters of Horror, but it's been an extremely hit or miss affair. And sadly, many of the installments have been misses. *ack*
Just saw an episode of Dexter while traveling. Pretty disturbing stuff. I dont know how long a run it has in it but...

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