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November 06 2006

Morena Baccarin AND Tom Lenk on How I Met Your Mother Tonight? Yahoo TV lists Tom Lenk as guest-starring in tonight's episode of HIMYM along with Morena Baccarin.

TV Guide lists him as playing "Guy" but doesn't specify which episode.

Inara mets Andrew? *head explodes*. Apparently Tom Lenk is in The Transformers Movie as well (according to IMDB).
I was just thinking that if characters from the two 'verses had to meet, Inara and Andrew would certainly be... interesting. And now I can hear Andrew talking about the grand tale of the Transformers.

So did I do okay posting my first link, Simon?
It's a good find :).
I was already setting up to record this on my 'Whedonverse Actors in Other Projects' tape, but Tom Lenk makes it even more exciting!
I hope Tom and Aly are in a scene together--to this day Willow's delivery of "insignificant man" to Andrew has been one of my alltime favs
I don't normally watch HIMYM, but if Tom Lenk is going to be on, then I think I will. Thanks very much for this!

And what a week for HIMYM -- today Neil Patrick Harris announced he is gay.

Good for him! Looks like T.R. Knight (George on Grey's Anatomy) started a trend.
Neil Patrick Harris: "So, rather than ignore those who choose to publish their opinions without actually talking to me, I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love."

I'm not up on who's been annoyingly opining about him, but he's a class act, and it's an especially significant time to come out so very publicly -- so good on him.
I have no idea what character Tom could play, but i think he'd make an AWESOME Barney relative :D
I have no idea what character Tom could play, but i think he'd make an AWESOME Barney relative :D

Yes, on so many levels. They even look alike -- blond, cute, a bit hobbity... ;-)
Neil Patrick Harris IS a class act, as well as utterly fantastic on HIMYM. I've forgiven him for contributing to the ruination of my childhood (I sort of share a last name with a certain young doctor he played many years ago, which lead to much cruel and bewildering taunting)

Oh, and I read Wayne Brady will actually be playing Barney's brother in an upcoming episode... THAT should be interesting.

[ edited by Lady Brick on 2006-11-06 21:06 ]
"Good for him! Looks like T.R. Knight (George on Grey's Anatomy) started a trend."

Actually, Cap, I think that credit goes to Lance Bass :)
HIMYM over at the futon critic list the episode and the guest although someone missed typed Tom's last name.
LEGENDARY! Sorry I couldn't help it. And I agree MySerenity, hopefully Tom and Aly will have some screen time together. And poor Morena can't seem to shake the whole weird/crazy eyes stigma. ;)
It's a shame they won't get larger, multi-episode arcs on this show.

It's currently one of my favorites, but it goes by so fast, I'm always left wanting so much more.
I'm suited up! ;-)

ETA: Almost forgot to say, great first post, Lady Brick! :-)

[ edited by billz on 2006-11-06 23:13 ]
Thank you billz... I'm very happy I won't be taken out back and shot :)
Thanks you for the news!
I was going to watch HIMYM anyway.
but now I get to look forward to it that much more :D

I can only imagine what characters they'll play (especially Tom Lenk . he would fit into the cast so well).
This has made my horrendous day. Thank you, Lady Brick!
I love HIMYM, so I'll be tuning in regardless... but now that Tom Lenk will be on I'll be setting my Tivo too! =)

I'm still bitter over the whole season final thing... I missed the final 15 minutes, so I never saw Alexis Denisof or Amy Acker. And when the repeat was suppose to come on, there was some sort of local news happening, so I missed it then too.
This breaks my heart. All these Buffy/Angel/Firefly alums showing up on the show, but I don't like the show. I've labored through watching a few episodes, and it just doesn't grab me.
Neb, I felt the same way in the first couple of episodes, but since coming to college I've been watching it with my roommates and I actually am now finding it quite amusing...okay, who am I kidding: I freakin love it now and I think you should try again!
Glad I could help, Harmalicious :)

I missed a lot of the end of last season, but over all, I really enjoy HIMYM. As silly as it is, a lot of it rings fairly true to me, moreso than most sitcoms.
(Has no reaction of her own so swipes Simon's)

***head explodes***
Morena looks amazing in this episode. Yum.
Best HIMYM ever. Never been keen on the show, but the running gag (esp. the end!) had me in stitches. Loved seeing Morena & Tom, although they needed much more of him. And wow, how cute are Lily & Marshall? Almost cute enough to make me nauseous, but the funny helps with that.

[ edited by greentara on 2006-11-07 03:36 ]
Good to see him and Aly in a scene together again, even though it was way too short. And was I the only one hoping a Tom line would be "I have shin splints"?

Oh, and points for Aly crying. She cries so good!
When Lilly put that coat on over her backpack, oh my. My hubby and I were laughing so hard. We knew what was coming, ya know? The episode was channeling the Kramer Pimp episode from Seinfeld, which is indeed a complement.
See I didn't even see that coming, but when she started with the man-voice I lost it. Actually, just thinking about it makes me laugh, which is always a good thing. Can't wait until that ep is online so I can see it again!
This Swarley... always cracks me up. Just noticed the coffee shop they're going to is the one at the corner of my block! Legendary!
I think the bit at the very end with the Cheers theme made me laugh the hardest.
This was the best episode yet. The hunchback part was hilarious!
We were rolling!

And Tom Lenk was really great, it was brief but excellent. Morena was so different than Inara. Very nice.

And yeah the Cheers thing!
What a great episode.

Tom Lenk could be this show's Gunther. Morena won't likely be back, but Tom Lenk could pop up again and again.

I'm so grateful for this show!
Was a great episode this, hilarious.

Was already funny when Lily was fallowing Chloe down the street with the coat over her bag, couldn't stop laughing when she put that low voice on and started going "Chloe, turn around".

Noticed it before, but now I'm pretty sure that if Alyson Hannigan's crying doesn't get to you, then you have no soul.
She looked GREAT as usual! Wish we could see more of her more often...
This breaks my heart. All these Buffy/Angel/Firefly alums showing up on the show, but I don't like the show. I've labored through watching a few episodes, and it just doesn't grab me.

Agreed about disliking or being ambilvalent about the show, especially this episode. I've liked other episodes of this, though I'm not generally fond of sitcoms, but disliked this one so much that I turned it off halfway through. Why did the sci-fi graphics have to come in, since they weren't in the mix of the show? And if I was in charge, I would trust Morena to make her own crazy eyes.
I loved the episode, but all I could think about when Alyson and Tom were doing their scene was the scene with Willow and Andrew outside the butcher shop in season 7.
I've watched 4 or 5 episodes of HIMYM but I think that's the first one that actually made me laugh (more than once). Might even give it another chance (though Lily and Marshall were one of the things I didn't like before - too saccharine - and it seems like i've missed the bit where they're not together).

And Morena in civvies ? Yowsa.

(didn't mind the 'crazy eyes', kind of like 'Scrubs' and other semi-surreal comedies' little sideways steps out of reality though it was maybe a bit out of place)
I'd missed the last couple of episodes due to a combination of VCR problems and CBS moving the show's airtime (grr!), but thankfully I was able to catch this one. I had heard that Morena Baccararin (sp?) would be on the show, but hadn't caught that Tom Lenk would be on it as well, which led to me, surprised, shouting (to myself): "Is that Andrew? It is Andrew!!"

Not to mention, hilarious episode. I loved the crazy eyes, and Lily as the hunchback with a limp, and particularly the whole "Swarley" thing (which could have gotten un-funny very fast, but didn't). Quite possibly even funnier than last season's episode when Marshall went to work with Barney and got involved in the prank war (the scene at the end of that one with Barney and the mice made me laugh so hard I almost choked).
Thank you LadyBrick for confirming that sneaking suspicion that I had while watching this last night. I kept thinking that "Not Brian" looked familiar... And I loved the banter with Allyson's character, particularly when she shut him down.

Morena? Gorgeous as always. And I too wish that she'd had a multi-episode arc. But there is always hope.
This epi kind of makes me wish I had watched from the start because now I don't know who's who or why (Except Aly and boyfriend broke up, then she wanted him back).

Crazy eyes! The boyfriend's friends watched the Battlestar Galactica episode?
First of all, my girlfriend has a cat called "The Weevil". So, that teddy clearly rocks.

Also, there has been much mocking of Morena's crazy eyes on WHEDONesque, I recall - I'm wondering they read.

I loved this episode. And I'm off to call Swarley!Jennifer.

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