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November 06 2006

IGN Interview with Asif Kapidia, the director of SMG's new movie The Return. The director of the visually stunning movie, The Warrior, speaks about The Return which will be released November 10th wide.

IGN: And of course you have the incredibly photogenic Sarah Michelle Gellar as your lead.

Kapadia: I was so happy to have Sarah do this film. She's such a fan of the genre and she's just an all around wonderful person. And she was so enthusiastic about what this is about. In a sense, she plays herself, but there's something very different about it. I think a lot of people are going to see a side of her they've never seen before. This is a film role wherein she matures. It's not a quick take. It's something that evolves and Sarah will surprise a lot of people.

BTW, if you havent seen The Warrior, its one of the best independent films Ive seen in a while, and that says something because Ive seen Garden State and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.

Thanks to rey rey over on smgfan.

This interview has performed the near-impossible feat of making me wish to see this movie even more than I currently do.

I echo jerryst3161 on the excellence of The Warrior.

I am glad that the hero of The Return, like one of the heroes of Serenity, is
It's interesting that two of Sarah's upcoming movies are the second efforts of directors whose first films were critically acclaimed. I hope she avoids sophomore jinxes. ("Jinxes"??)
It isnt' released in the UK until January 19th :(

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