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November 07 2006

Band loses MySpace URL to Bones and then get it back. Previously: "We logged on one day and found David Boreanaz staring back at us." Now: "Myspace give us back the... URL".

Baton Rouge-based indie rock band Bones has lost their MySpace URL to David's new show. Funnily enough, MySpace owners News Corp. also own the Fox network.

Why is it that nothing Fox does surprises me anymore?

"We logged on one day and found David Boreanaz staring back at us."

Wow, that must have been scary.

I meant about the page, not David! Geez, guys...
Why is it that nothing Fox does surprises me anymore?

Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's.
Sure Simon there's nothing the band or anyone else can do about it (assuming you mean the quote in the 'Whaddya gonna do, they're the boss' sense and not the 'Keep God out of MySpace' sense ;). Doesn't make it a particularly savoury business practice.

Presumably there's a point at which a company's actions aren't acceptable or are we meant to just sit back and 'render unto Caesar' everytime we're reminded that in today's world individuals and their rights take an increasingly further back seat to corporations and theirs ?

(note i'm not saying we should man the barricades over this since i'm sure there'll be a 'and by the way we can do whatever we like, so fuck you' provision in the Terms and Conditions - though MySpace could've at least given them some warning - just that lines need to be drawn sooner or later or we're all going to end up boiled frogs before we know it)
Hang on, takes me to the band's website. So what exactly are they complaining about?
Maybe MySpace changed it back? Anyway, I'm sort of on the side of the band, but since I detest MySpace, I'm finding it hard to care either way.
I have to agree with Saje. Whilst there very likely is absolutely nothing at all that the band or anyone else can do to fight a decision such as this one, it still needs to be pointed out that what has been done here absolutely stinks.

It's one thing to realise that the 'little guy' is all but powerless in the corporate world today, certainly against giants like Fox. The David and Goliath battle of the 21st century very rarely goes the way of the original story. It would be pointless to pretend that I thought Bones (the band) could fight this and win.

However, it is very important that people do comment on news such as this if they feel negatively about what they see happening. Any hope that the proverbial little guy has left depends on people not taking this kind of thing as matter of fact. Once they do then there really will be no way back.

Simon, I did wonder exactly what the problem was myself to begin with but not exactly being well informed on how the whole URL thing, or anything computer related, works I just assumed it was something to do with the "number" version of the URL rather than the "bones" version. Oh, who am I kidding. When it comes to anything to do with this sort of internet thing I'm clueless, at least beyond the basics anyway. All I do know is that something was changed and the band didn't like it! :)
Well maybe someone here will admit to being a MySpace user and fill us in on what is going on.
Obviously it's been changed back. Crisis averted!
From what I can tell their website was restored sometime in the last few hours. Probably because of that report.
MySpace is the devil.

I will admit to having an account. But only because someone sent me a link to a cool Firefly video on it and I had to join to watch it. I've never been back.
I'm much more of a facebook whore...I have a myspace so that I can keep tabs on a few old friends that have them but I never use mine hasnt been updated since day 1, lol

Anyway looks like the problem was solved...personally I'd much rather see David everywhere but thats just the fangirl in me. She pops out every now and then.
Well, if it really has been changed back then it's good to see that occasionally things do work out for you if you aren't Fox, hehe. ;)

I check out FMQB every day so if there is an update to this report I'll post it here to try clarify what actually happened.
Well I'm glad that they seem to have changed it back. Which goes to show that yes you should stand up for yourself. Don't just cower in the corner and accept the status quo, challenge it and sometimes you will win. Good on them.
But--but--now where can I find David Boreanaz/Emily Deschanel Bones on MySpace? I'm So Confused!
Steven Deknight forced me to get a myspace by only letting us comment on Smallville's Season Finale if we had one.
I've added a wee update to the subject line to say that it would that Fox gave the URL back.
And then tomorrow, we'll get notice that they actually just mistyped their myspace url, and all was well the whole time!
Maeve: It probably wasn't a real question, but I checked anyway.
It was the second guess I tried, after bonestv.
Dunno if the article has changed at all, but it says they gave it back in the actual linked piece.

That said - I have an assumed name on myspace in case I ever need to email someone on it. It's happened twice. Apparently I have a friend too. Woo! Also, meh.
Yes the article has changed. Cheers for that, I'll edit the headline.
Giles, you beat me to it. I was just about to post that the article had been updated when I saw you had already mentioned it.

Looks like the band may even benefit from the publicity this has caused. Good to know!
"Maeve: It probably wasn't a real question, but I checked anyway."

Lucky the show isn't called Hard.

ha ha ha ha ha, ok not too funny. Wouldn't want to hurt anyone with excessive laughter.
Myspace is the debil...and yes, I have a page.

I'm weak, what can I say.
Annoyingly, someone stole my username, so I've had to put an underscore in my usual name.
I can sympathise with the band, although, myspace is the debil.
Well, I sympathized with the band until I read some nasty comments about DB and 'Bones' fans. In view of the fact neither DB or 'Bones' fans had anything to do with the switch, it all seemed rather unnecessary.

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