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November 07 2006

(SPOILER) Update on Jewel Staite's return to Stargate Atlantis. Looks like she is going to be appearing in a lot more than just a "few episodes". The article itself is spoiler-free but possible spoilers in the thread.

Joe Flanigan (John Sheppard) has revealed that Jewel is going to appear in thirteen to fifteen episodes of season four of Atlantis. Another five and they would have had to put her in the opening credits! :)

Well, that's very good news! Now here's hoping she won't be playing an alien under a bunch of prosthetics again.
She isn't, GVH.
that's great! i hope that means she won't be moving to the US (i recall reading somewhere about relocating to LA) since altantis is filmed where she (and myself!) lives now ^_^
Thumper, while Vancouver is a pretty happening place for TV and movie shoots, to get some of the good roles, LA is the place to be...mainly since lots of extra fees have to be paid to Jewel for her to work on a US-filmed show while she and Matt still live in British Columbia.

Least she has dual citizenship - I presume - from being born in the rainy part of Canuckistan and living in Hawaii as a kid. Certainly makes the coastal commute less of a hassle;)
Yay Jewel! :-)
How does living in Hawaii grant you dual citizenship?
Canuckistan! Best laugh I had all day.
Well i guess its better canuckistan than "pinko-communistia"....
i can't get my facts straight... were her parents american, living in canada where jewel was born? does that give her US citizenship status?

i recall reading somewhere that she wanted to move to LA because every time she had a US gig it was a big hassle to get a work visa. she was worried that it was hurting her chances at getting work stateside because it would be easier to hire an american actor rather than deal with the paperwork to bring her over?

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