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November 07 2006

(SPOILER) Spike: Asylum #3 Is Out This Wednesday (Nov 8). Brian Lynch's excellent Spike series continues.

Related news: Brian's blog announced today he's writing a pilot for CW. Dodge -- a show about an immortal man who battles evil. Congratulations, Brian.

Let the dream casting wish lists begin. Maybe the talented Mr. Marsters, if he's not too busy with a movie career?

Oh I just adore this series. I honestly think that it is the best comic to feature Spike character so far. Brian has his character spot on.

Highly recommended!
I totally agree. I am loving this series. Now if I can show enough patience to wait for Auld Lane Syne to come out this month I will save on postage...I just don't know if I have that much patience.
Oh cool, cheers for the reminder. Might have to brave rush-hour traffic on Thursday night now.

'Dodge' sounds interesting. As in 'Get the hell out of...' maybe ? If he's immortal he's presumably been around a while so maybe he was Wyatt Earp. Or he invented the pick-up truck. Or possibly he's a champion dodgeball player (catchphrase: 'Hey evil, I totally hit your leg'. I picture a backpack/volleyball dispenser kind of like Lara Croft's magazine reloaders. He could walk a lonely road dealing stinging thighs and bruised buttocks to evil wherever it lurked. I'd watch it - though possibly only while drunk ;).
Thanks guys...ASYLUM 3 came out great, I'm really proud of it.

As for DODGE, yeah, that too-quick description is a bit frustrating because it makes it sound like ANGEL, but it's very different from head to toe. Still, I think you're gonna like it.
I just received the first Spike:Asylum a couple of days ago. While I admit I normally don't enjoy comic books, I did love seeing Spike again in any form and think Brian did a good job of capturing Spike's voice.
I'm really enjoying the series Brian. Like Reddygirl, I don't normally read comics, but I think your Spike is spot on. Besides, this old lady can now add to her list of never done, but wanted to, the experience of going to comic book store. *However, they scared me* :)
Brian, this series is lining up to be just what I asked for - a complicated, multi layered, heroic Spike! I'm really enjoying the new characters as well, loving Beta George.

Thank you so much for the wonderful story and Urru for the great artwork. He brings our beautiful Spike to life beautifully.
Congratulations on the pilot news, Brian.

I'm loving the writing for Spike, the excellent Artwork and the wonderful supporting characters. Another fan of Betta George here !

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I'll be getting this tomorrow and if this isn't still on the front page I'll post my thoughts over at the IDW boards or maybe
Spike: Asylum is pretty much awesome. Just plain love it.
I just finished reading #3. Amazing. Take the goodness of the first two issues and multiple it by 10. Loved it. Great action and call outs. Brian, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this issue.
Just chiming in with the Spike:Asylum love too Brian.
Can't thank you enough for doing this for all the Spike fans out us more of the hero we love.
Great news about your pilot and Brian...if it's not too blatant to uhhhmmmm hint....I hope you will think of James when the casting calls start....would sure love to see him back on my TV soon. I know he is doing films now, but an additional weekly dose of Marsters would be heaven in my book.
Ditto on what kathylovesspike said. Give us more Spike and even more James...please and thank you.

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