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November 07 2006

(SPOILER) New David Boreanaz Interview. He talks about his upcoming movies, Bones and Angel.Contains spoilers for Bones.

I love this interview. He is so very excited about his life and career.

Even his Angel question, shows respect and says only what he has being saying all along. It has to be the right time and reason.

I love all the upcoming stuff on Bones. The show really only gets better and better.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-11-08 02:28 ]

Thanks Donna Troy ... Really great interview.
great one. He's so nice.
That's code for "theres not a chance in HECK I'm doing a reunion". Then again, I bet he would jump at the chance for a feature film version.
He's so dreamy :) Great find, Donna Troy!
Damn could this man be any cuter? Gives you an over all good feeling listening to him talk. He's such a sweety pie.
David's life is good and there's nobody who deserves it more.
He's a lovely man, and I really love what he's doing on Bones. Agree with DarrenG though, there ain't no way he's doing Angel again. If he does I'll eat my stylish yet affordable boots. :0)
I actually agree with DarenG too, for a feature film only. Right now he really doesn't NEED to think about Angel movies. There's no word from Joss that it's even a possibility and he isn't exactly hurting. Life is good for David and his fans. :)

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