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November 07 2006

Tom Lenk in Wendy's burger commercial on U.S. TV. Click on second ad from the left (the one with the car). It is him right?

Just caught the ad on Comedy Central tonight. I could not find official confirmation anywhere (his official site seems to be down) but I'm 99% sure this is our Andrew (if it's not, color me embarassed! Mods, feel free to delete). I did not recognize him at first with the long hair but when he speaks at the end of the ad, his voice is un-mis-ta-ka-ble (at least to me!). "That's OK. I like the middle." Hee. Is he not his adorably dorky self?

The burger does not look too tempting though! ;)

Yeah, I saw this yesterday and did a double take! It is him.
I had to switch computers to see it (so blurry!), but it definitely is him. It's so heartening to be seeing him around so much! He was even on an ad that aired here in Australia! That was exciting.
I have such a schoolgirl crush on that boy. I wish he'd get a steady role in a show or something.
Looks/sounds like him to me. That burger makes me hungry.
His voice is unmistakable.

And yes. He needs a steady role on a show, the man's brilliant.
Burger - disgusting. Tom Lenk - delightful.
I'm kinda sad. I mean, I'm glad he has work, but I would think he could do better than a commercial.
He's just finished filming for the new Transformers movie.
There's a club here in LA called Hot Dog. I saw him there not too long ago. He was having a good were we all.

It was nice to see him on TV again last night.
buffy_kitten - I'm in Australia too but I can't remember seeing an ad with him in it. What ad was it?
It reminded me of his mini role in this week's "How I Met Your Mother". He did share a small moment with Aly's Lily, playing Morena's Chloe co-worker and it made me wonder, is Tom Lenk the new Gunther (-from Friends)?
I thought maybe it was just a doppleganger until I heard his voice. He needs a new agent. If he's going to be in some crappy burger ad they should at least have him headlining a series of them--maybe doing his Masterpiece Theatre schtick or something. Don't these people know what they've got??
I was also going to say - I didn't think it was him till I heard the voice at the end.
Definitely him. Revolting-looking burger, though.
catalyst2, if memory serves, there was a Cadbury Favourites ad where, when Tom opened up the box, everyone was magnetised towards him. It came out a few years ago though. Buffy might even have still been on.
Alpha5099- yes, but it has a Unicorn it it too so that makes it okay.
A national/international commercial could pay his rent for a while. This is good.
buffy_kitten - yes I remember that ad! it played in NZ too. I think it was on about the time of buffy s7
buffy_kitten - thanks for that - I can't even remember that ad! Yet another senior moment for me!

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