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November 08 2006

The fans decide - vote for your favourite Mutant Enemy series. So far it's a victory for Firefly but a late surge for Buffy could still happen.

We haven't done one of these polls since November 2004 (but I can't remember what the outcome was) so it'll be interesting to see the current mindset of the fandom. If anything else, it'll hopefully give us an interesting discussion.

Don't make me choose!

Okay, I did. Buffy won out in the end - it's been the love of my life for more than half my life now. As much as I adore Firefly, Buffy will forever be my number one.
Not surprised, but still a little saddened to see Angel come in a weak third. I didn't like it when it first started airing, but over the years it has become my favorite ME show.
I'm not gonna post the same thing I've posted in those dozen discussions, but I did vote for Buffy -- Again.
i had to vote for Buffy... there's just so much greatness there.
as much as i adore Firefly, with only 14 eps, there just wasn't enough character development, and there were far too many unanswered questions.
as far as Angel is concerned, the only season beloved to me is season 5.
As much as I love both Buffy and Angel, Firefly always comes first.
As much as I love Firefly and Buffy, Angel always comes first.

If there had been 5 seasons of Firefly though I may have changed my mind.

Billowy coat, King of Pain gets my vote.
I love that Angel comes last in polls like this.. It just reinforces how ahead of its time it was.

Too good for the mainstream, man.
I could never split them. Whichever one I'm watching at the time is my favourite. That said I voted for Angel because it was toiling away in third place. Went for Faith and Darla in the other polls.

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Angel of course. I've watch all three shows and guess which one I actually miss and want to see more of? Angel. Gone before it's time, went out on a high and I still love ALL of the characters.

I see Spike is the runaway lead in the which vamp would you want to bite on your neck poll. Well yeah. I was tempted by Angelus but he'd want to torture me first, at least Spike wasn't into the pre-show like his grandsire. Although if I had the choice I'd go for a Spike/Angel combo. Oh yeah! ;0)
Nice site - haven't seen it before. I voted for Buffy, Faith and Spike.
Buffy. I love Angel to death and enjoyed Firefly but it will always be Buffy for me! However, I do miss Angel the most.
Show: Buffy -- It was my first introduction to the Whedonverse and remains my favorite. It's the show I return to the most - it's my comfort food. I have to watch Pangs every Thanksgiving morning. Forget the Macy's parade or football. It's Pangs with tea in the morning before I start cooking.

Slayer Other Than Buffy: It was hard choice. I was torn between Kendra and Melaka Fray. There are so many things I like about both but I finally went with Melaka because Kendra, unfortunately, was only in a few episodes and her character, therefore, was never fully developed. While I liked Faith, she is not my favorite "other slayer." I like a lot of the others (I'm counting the Slayer comic book as cannon) better, including Nickie Wood. I'm surprised she wasn't on the list.

Vampire: Spike, no surprise there. The great thing about this poll is it doesn't say which Spike. It could be: Evil Spike (Season 2-3); Evil but Chipped Spike (Season 4); Evil, Chipped but in Love Spike (Season 5); Chipped, in Love, Souless but Trying to be Good Spike (Season 6); or Soulful Spike (Season 7). You get to pick your favorite version. It'd be interesting to know which Spike is the favorite. It tickled me that Vampire Willow was second when I voted. Loved the character but she was scary mean and would cause a lot of pain. No mercy there.
I cannot choose! *exits dramatically*
I always go with Angel. I loved how deep, complicated and dark it always was.

For other slayer, it is not even a hard choice. Faith all the way. She still has so much more story to explore, yet what we got was some of the most dramatic and well written stuff on either show.

Angelus is my vamp. I like it when they wriggle too.
Oh, Buffy. But I also miss Angel the most, not the least of which reason was its far too early demise.

Best. First. Always. Show has over 50% of the vote now.

Faith and Spike were the obvious other choices for me. Incidentally, that's a pretty sweet-looking site. Is it brand new?
Voted for Buffy - just because the characters there have a deeper hold on me than any others.

Was very tempted to vote for Melaka, cuz I really love her, but I can't turn my back on Faith, y'know (but really, by the end of Chosen, hasn't Faith advanced sufficiently as a character to not be classed as an 'other slayer' anymore? That seems weird to me.)

And, since I am not gay and all those female vamps have much too much love with the torture, I chose Harmony, cuz at least she might be incompetent enough for me to stake her and actually survive...
When you see an internet poll asking the same question dozens of times you start to really think about the answer. So now I become the pollster, it's going to be an amazing transformation.

Pollster: So, Celebithil, I'd like to know, which is your favorite Whedon show?

Me: Buffy, off course, it grew together with me from high school to the university. Looking at the characters of the first season and comparing them to the same people in the seventh season shows how much the characters have grown (like me), and we realize why they've changed. And even though the show was in some sense completely different at the end from the beginning, it remained true to itself and was still the same as well. Oh, and hush, let's watch The Body once more with feeling.

Pollster 2: What is your favorite Whedon show?

Me: My favorite show would be Angel. It is the most mature of his shows. It conveys what's it's like to be alone in a big city, and how people in such a situation grow together. Also it is one of the few shows about superheros which doesn't portray the world as black and white but shows it is in fact a many shades of grey. There is often no such thing as the moral thing to do, but the choices you make between different evils shows what you're really made of.

I'm on some weird French website now, so
Pollster: Qu'est que c'est votre show favorite de Whedon?

Me: Without a doubt Firefly. In just 14 episodes Joss has succeeded in creating a world with incredibly complex characters and a ship which feels like another home. Every time I rewatch the show I notice some new little thing which shows how well the whole verse was brought together. In the little time it existed it managed to let me connect more to that world, perhaps because at its core is a message about taking care of each other, which also permeates the Firefly fandom, and makes me feel part of a family.

Pollster: What is your favorite Whedon show?

Me: I can't choose, and frankly I don't feel like I should. Joss created three wonderful TV-shows and we can all love them all at once, we don't have to choose. One day we watched Buffy and the next we can watch Firefly or Angel. Why do we need to quantify our feelings and can't we just sit back and enjoy the works of Joss, without getting headaches figuring out whether we like one show better than the other?
Great post Celebithil.
What Celebithil said.
I cannot choose! *exits dramatically*

My sentiments exactly hehe.

*exits dramatically*

*re-enters quietly*

Um, also I have to say Celebithil's post is awesome, love the nod to joss's Equality Now Speech. I can't choose. Although I am a Firefly fan first and foremost, my one big obsession, in terms of shows I enjoyed Buffy and Angel were awesome shows as well/ I think there was some great writing, character developemnt and plot in both.

anyways people think this might be bad, wait till he finishes Wonder Woman and Goners.
Oh, this question always makes me feel like I'm choosing a favorite child. I just can't do it. BtVS will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first love into the genius of Joss' art of story telling. Once I 'got' Buffy, I pretty much lost all interest in the other popular shows I was watching at the time. They just didn't touch my heart the same as the characters of Buffy. I found the depth and meaning of the show unlike anything I've ever watched. And, the same can be said for AtS and Firefly. I've always looked upon each show as a different stage of a person's life.

BtVS as young teens growing up with all the pain and learning that goes with such.

AtS as young adults seeking some guidance to prevent past mistakes and seek their meaning.

And Firefly were a group of people whom never felt togetherness in their time alone. However, once they tasted it, that very force drew them together.

Yeah, I know. Hun? Just speaking off my heart. Kinda' hard to put those feelings into words.
Thanks Madhatter. You sum it up very nicely. And Buffy has a sizable lead now.
Celebithil | November 08, 20:16 CET

Celebithil said it perfectly, and you really can't improve on perfection. I choose not to choose.

(And besides, I did all my important voting yesterday, and I'm glad I did! Woo! and likewise Hoo!)
I voted for Angel, deleted the browser cookie, went back and voted for Buffy. To me, they're two parts of the same whole, and can't be separated in my affections, so they both get my vote.

Much as I love Serenifly, there just wasn't enough of it to have the same impact on me.
This is like asking who your favorite parent (or child, or sibling) is! Not fair to do! ;-)
Buffy Forever. Firefly Infinity. Angel Unending. Goners any dang time now. HINT!
Buffy. Definitely. It was very difficult to choose between Buffy and Angel, but Buffy, being the beginning of the 'verse had to win.

As for Firefly? No thanks. I found it very lackluster and self-indulgent. It was funny, though and had... two great episodes (Out of Gas and Shindig). Serenity was good, but Firefly was very average, sadly. As I was very much looking forward to seeing it.
Since Buffy is my favorite show...ever, then this wasn't a hard decision and Spike can bite my neck anyday, although he has siring issues, which is troubling.

I picked Fray because I think Joss should do a series with this character.

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