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November 08 2006

We were at it like animals. Ivana Milisevic (Riley's wife Sam from "As You Were") talks about playing a Bond girl in the upcoming film, "Casino Royale".

Nice headline. Shame Ivana says nothing of the sort in her interview.
True, but that presupposes that the words "The Sun" and "Journalistic Integrity" can be juxtaposed in the same solar system, let alone planet.
She is quoted as saying: "Then one night she meets Bond . . . and has sex with him. We are like two animals." It's closer to what is being said than a lot of The Sun's headlines!
Caterina Murino says that in the intervew not Ivana. Btw how is Ivana's last name spelt? IMDB has a different spelling.
Yeah, she says something like there is no physical relationship with her character. That makes more sense. Although I am happy she is getting such a nice break for her career, she is the actor I was least impressed with in the entire run of BtVS. Knowing that English is her second language, might help explain some of the things that bothered me about the performance. Here's hoping she kicks butt in this role.
Hmm, I dunno, she moved when she was 9 so unless her parents are pretty culturally insular she'll have learned English fluently i'd've thought (she didn't have an accent in 'As You Were' either IIRC).

In fairness though she didn't have very long to impress on BtVS so maybe she'll show us something in 'Casino Royale' (which i'm actually looking forward to in quite a big way, looks like they've stripped the films back to the book style Bond, to good effect - though hopefully they've taken out most of the casual misogyny and racism).
"Caterina Murino says that in the intervew not Ivana." - that's true, but I was referring to the relationship of the headline to the content. As I commented, the article does contain a quote pretty close to what the headline says. The headline itself makes no claims about who said it.
That's a very eye-catching headline there. Ahem.

I liked Milicevic in Buffy. When I saw her in Love Actually I couldn't figure out where I knew her from and then I realized, "Oh, that's Sam." From this interview it sounds like she's a lot like that character.
Made no impression to me (either good or bad) on Buffy. I just remember enjoying her character on Felicity, especially that very funny episode where Noel goes to buy a soda machine (or was it a food machine?) from her family. I actually wish they'd had her come back again.
She was also on Love Monkey.

I liked Sam a lot. She was a straight-shooter and didn't mince words or gloss over feelings that she knew were all present in the Scoobs. She loves her "Ri", and she's a smart, kickass demon-battling gal. Never really understood why fans didn't like her. Not many people seemed to like Riley with Buffy, so why shouldn't he have found someone else? And if not Sam, then what type of woman should he have been with?

I thought they were good together. Fighting the good fight in a completely different way from our gang, but just as dedicated. And in love, too. I liked that.
Yeah, I didn't really know people didn't like Sam until that thread the other day. I thought she was very likable. I was surprised. Especially since no one really liked Riley with Buffy. Plus, I really liked the way she talked to Willow. that doesn't even look like the same woman who played Sam. kinda scary lol
Count me in on the Sam love. I thought she was a great female character in the Jossy tradition of smart, brave, competent, kickass women, she was respectful to the Scoobies and the perfect match for Riley. Actually, I think they'd make a great spinoff series - husband and wife demonhunters.

I sometimes get the impression that anybody connected romantically with anyone in the Buffyverse is reflexively hated by a significant proportion of the fans, until they've lasted a full season.
wow, her face looks completely different
I didn't dislike Sam, but I could see how she could easily come across as very Mary Sue-ish, especially in an episode that (IMHO) felt rather off balance anyway.
It is not a big deal, but just to be clear; I did not dislike Sam, I disliked the actress's performance. The short version is that I thought she was wooden. I have not seen her in anything else. She might be wonderful, and I actually hope she is. I just did not care for her performance as Sam and I have always thought the problems with the performance helped generate bad feelings toward the character. I actually thought the character made perfect sense for the episode, which I liked.
If I wouldn't like Riley (and would carry a grudge against him for leaving my much-beloved Buffy), why would I want him to be happy while she is at the bottom of the barrel? And with a carbon-copy Buffy... btw: I love Doug Petrie

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