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November 08 2006

UK's "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!" confirms line up of celebrities for 2006, including BtVS's Phina Oruche.

Giles' "orgasm friend" is going into the jungle.

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I absoloutley love the show, but it looks like its going to be rubbish this year.

Mind you, I said that last year, and it turned out to be one of the best.

Heres hoping Phina will be less like Liberty and more like Olivia.
Y'know, I saw the list of celebs going in this year and I thought I recognised her name but it didn't click until now as to where I knew her from.

Might even watch this time around, at least until she is evicted (or whatever they call it when you leave a jungle).
This is the show Ant & Dec do after Saturday Night Takeaway is all finished for the year (which it is), right?

Joe Pasquale's was the best, IMO. Speaking of Joe, he stayed in the hotel where I work last week. I didn't get to meet him (arrived and left half an hour too late every time!) but apparently he wasn't very friendly. Glad I didn't get my illusions shattered!

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