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November 08 2006

(SPOILER) Tonight on ABC: Nathan Fillion guest stars on 'Lost'. A must see TV event for the fandom.

And fans will be thrilled to know that Nathan co-wrote Firefly along with Joss (according to the Universal HD website).

Waah, sometimes even a headline is a spoiler for me...
Our local TV critic - Melanie McFarland wrote this (as part of a story titled: On TV: Um, 'Lost,' we can't go on like this):

Nathan Fillion shows up on tonight's episode, and we can't wait to see what he'll do. That's because we loved him in "Firefly." Oh, you thought our anticipation had something to do with you? Sorry.

And fans will be thrilled to know that Nathan co-wrote Firefly along with Joss

Bwhaha. Congrats, Nateman!
The truth is out..."Tim Minear" must have been a pen-name.
wOOt! i can't wait!!
Noooooo, Tim Minear was a puppet,Nathan was the brains of the operation. Tim Minear got all the glory, while Nathan was able to have 100% access to Tim Minear's beach home, where he could hold sceances to contact Wash and Book who died so miserably in the movie.

ETA: I think the written by Joss and Nathan was due to the fact that the commentary track for that episode had Joss and Nathan. That's my guess. Although they could have looked up on the box set clearly, who had written it , anyways.

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Nathan ought to add something to "Lost." It certainly needs a shot in the arm this season, because it's more slow-moving than usual so far.
Well apparently it's the last Lost of this year so there may be a mini-season finale on the edge of your seat moment.
I'm loving this season of Lost and having Nathan as a guest star just adds to my delight with the show.
As Simon suggested above, the first six episodes are being treated as a mini-season designed to bridge events between season two and the larger part of the third season airing next year.

Apparently we can expect a little closure on certain plotlines as well as a set up for the main event to come this year. I'm just really glad that Sky One have made sure we get to see this at some point before spoilers become impossible to avoid. Can't wait for November 19th.
I can safely say, in the first 5 episodes of Lost this year, they explained... nothing!
Except the writers DID confirm that there is a strong correlation between drunk-driving and getting killed by clouds of smoke.
I can safely say, in the first 5 episodes of Lost this year, they explained... nothing!

I second that. The only thing that they achieved is to make me to hate those manipulative Nazis (aka the Others) with such a fiery passion that I really stopped caring what the excuse for their behaviour is (victims of a government experiment, a cult, a pharmaceutical company :)).

[ edited by Lince on 2006-11-08 22:50 ]
I think one of the best things about the first five episodes this year has been The Others, actually. They've shown you hints of things - power struggles etc - and actually started to do something with those hints. Maybe it's because they kept themselves to an initial 6 episode arc.

Sorry, I didn't mean to bash Lost. I know why a lot of people love it, but to me, I'm 3 series in and the only thing I know is that a bunch of seemingly random numbers caused a plane to crash. Well, we think. That's what they told us. If Buffy had kept us guessing for a few seasons as to what the key was, I'm pretty sure we'd all be a bit pissed.
I like looking at the pretty people. I'm shallow in that respect. Lost is glorious eye candy.
"I can safely say, in the first 5 episodes of Lost this year, they explained... nothing!'

Aah, but they've explained the polar bear.

Looking forward tonight's ep. Wonder if he's an expendable or some one that can reappear later (that was dumb, everybody on that show reappears later, even if it's just in flashbacks)

[ edited by Grace on 2006-11-08 23:16 ]
Spoiler for Nathan's character in tonights episode;

Gossi, regarding your spoiler comment, how about in "Chosen."
girlpowerbit said:

Gossi, regarding your spoiler comment, how about in "Chosen."

I'm a Lost fanboy, but I definitely admit this season has been slooooow, with a lot of senseless messing with characters' minds and without any new revelations in the flashbacks (which in the past have been really interesting and a great part of the show, IMO). I am disappointed, so I'm really looking forward to see what our Captain can do to make things more interesting! :-)
Nathan was so touching! What a great performance - though there wasn't nearly enough of him.
Okay, I just saw it, and it is hands down, the best episode so far this year. Awesome on all accounts, and seeing Nathan back on TV was just so awesome! Whenever he was on screen I had the hugest grin on my face my roomates thought I was having a stroke.

God I hope they bring him back for more episodes. I almost felt like I was watching Firefly again!
All I'm going to say this: and he didn't even kiss on the mouth! Guess Jayne's plan wasn't fool-proof.

[ edited by MySerenity on 2006-11-09 05:20 ]
People think this season has been slow? Yikes. I thought the opposite...I mean, a lot has happened, relatively speaking.

I'm loving this season so insanely much, and it's too bad that Kate had to break poor, Kevin's heart. :'(

Good job, Nathan!
Nathan was so touching! What a great performance - though there wasn't nearly enough of him.

True, Nebula1400, but there were some truly dear amounts of him ;>.
Unfortunately, I must admit that I didn't watch Lost tonight -- I was not stuck in traffic, nor did I forget. I simply did not watch because I haven't watched Lost since the first season and have neglected to since I started missing an episode here and there and haven't been able to pick it up since. The Lost train has rolled on without me and despite the temptation of watching Nathan -- alas, I had to say 'nay.' Plus, Criminal Minds was on.
I saw it and focused on his tee shirt. I laughed and said to my husband, "watch, that shirt will be on ebay this week".

And I would buy it.
So, Kevin .
In my opinion, there have been lots of things answered on Lost. Not everything, mind you, but that's the reason I tune in. I don't mean to start a flame war (don't take this personally) but people who say "Nothing ever gets answered on Lost!" are either not paying attention or say so simply because they are frustrated that they are not told everything up front.
Yep, MySerenity I sat there thinking the Captain's just has some serious bad luck when it comes to . I doubt he gets that treatment much in the real world...we hope anyway.
I'm with Browncoat, not even the lure of Nathan could get me to tune in tonight, but I am so delighted that he's getting this kind of exposure! Me, I gave up on Lost halfway thru S2.
madmolly, was there someething special about his t-shirt I missed? Or was that just an idle comment?
The show is good again. I lost a lot of faith in season two but kept watching just cuz I was too damn curious. It's gotten intriguing again. Season Three = Not Lame.
Nathan was great! So innocent and love struck...gosh, golly. I read somewhere (possibly here) he signed on for 2 episodes. Did anyone else read this?

And that ending, wow! I will agree that Lost isn't quite up to season 1 excitement, but that ending was indeed a mighty cliff hanger. I'm hoping the whole gang will get back on the same island soon. And thank god, someone had sex. Yes, it's true. They have more to think about like starving to death, getting killed by Others, and smoke monsters, but if I were stuck on that island I would really just like to get laid. It eases the stress, and like Simon says...much eye candy.
"Wanna get it on?"


How could you do that to Nathan?! I mean Kevin. I mean Nathan.
I only caught the last twenty min or so of the episode, but if you are talking about the shirt Nathan Fillion was wearing at the very end, it looked like a Miami Heat shirt. Did the flashback scenes take place in Florida perhaps?
With words like Palmetto in the background scenery and Tampa in the dialogue, it had to be Florida.
Yup, Miami Heat shirt. Must be a Dwyane Wade fan.

[ edited by Lady Brick on 2006-11-09 08:33 ]
Well that was anticlimactical, Nathan wasn't given much to do and I didn't see much point in the flashback at all. I have been getting more and more bored with Lost anyway, basically you can skip watching the show and then just tune in a couple of times a year when they do their 'previously on Lost clips show'.
It will be off the air until February and personally I won't miss it.

[ edited by embers on 2006-11-09 08:47 ]
I'm with you, onthedrift. Poor Nathan, always ending up on the floor out cold when girls get all naked and articulate with him, at least on TV. ;-)
Nathan and wives just don't mix.
For me, the flashbacks were about Kate ruminating on relationships, commitment, love etc.

And about Nathan with and without shirt.

(Also, just a side note to be fair to Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje [Mr. Eko], according to last week's Entertainment Weekly article, he was killed off as part of a long-standing plan, and his police encounter involved being "charged with driving without a licence... charges were dropped when he produduced [the licence later].") Not quite the same as drunk driving, IMHO.
I haven't seen this episode yet. But this season has had so much in it that I have to disagree that it has been slow. Last season was moving like a sloth at this point, with an episode happening and then the next week all the same things happened, leading up to the same point but from a slightly different perspective. Now that got old fast.

I'm really enjoying it this year and although I'm disappointed about Eko I like that some other survivers are getting lines. Like the couple last week. They did and said stuff that made sense. The bloke used a flushing toilet and the woman said what I yelled at the tv last year, what about the other screens, there must be other stations. Like doh John. I think they call that hanging a lantern.

miri47 As an non-USer I wouldn't know you needed to have your driving license on you all the time. As he is a UKer it is possible that he was unaware also. Huge difference between that and drink driving. Thanks for clearing that up, it's so easy for incorrect information to become fact these days, and on the internet it spreads like wildfire. Cheers! :0)

[ edited by lynnie on 2006-11-09 15:26 ]
Just to add another reason for the not watching of Lost...for me, it isn't the pace, or the lack of answers, or whatever else. It's the characters. I just don't give a damn about any of them.

And flashback after flashback of showing the same flawed, personality traits and life problems that you can infer just watching them on the island, did nothing to help me care.

I watched all of the first season (and yes, I was bothered by that finale, not because we didn't see what was in the hatch, but because the whole episode was around the tension of them getting to the hatch, when you *knew* that dynamite wasn't going to blow up Kate, Jack, Hurley or Locke. And so, until the last five minutes, when Walt was taken, and the thing with the baby, and the hatch, the rest was all filler), and I watched the first ep of S2 with my sister, and watched *that* finale because of the buzz.

And you know what? It was a really good episode. Know why I liked it? Desmond. I don't know whether it was the actor, or the writing, or both, but I liked and cared about a character (and his flashbacks) that was only in the show one other episode, more than any of the regulars.
Pat you said it so well: "And flashback after flashback of showing the same flawed, personality traits and life problems that you can infer just watching them on the island, did nothing to help me care."
I already knew Kate wasn't good at relationships. Now if the flashback had shown us that she used to be good at them, or at least something that was surprising and insightful, there would have been a point to it.
"And about Nathan with and without shirt."
Well, yes Miri, no one can argue with that.
I got something new out of Kate's flashback with Kevin/Nathan (and sorry, I know this isn't a Lost posting thread) - I had never seen Kate express real love for a man (other than her childhood friend who left her the toy plane) until the Kevin scenario. Too bad she made all those mistakes and it kept her leaving, in theory, more than one good man who loved her. Certainly being on the run from the U.S. Marshals or whatever group her pursuer from S1 is with, is nothing compared to being locked in a cage, tortured psychologically with threats of being shot or tasered and watching someone (yes, I have to admit it, she loves Sawyer) she loves being brutally beaten, and not knowing what is happening to Jack.

I think that's why she climbed back into her cage the last episode instead of running, like she always runs, even when Sawyer begged her to. She wasn't going to leave one more man who loved her. So for that reason, I liked her flashback. It showed conclusively she's not the stone killer, bad-ass we'd been led to believe she was.
Pat Joining you on the Desmond love.
I love me some Nathan Fillion on tv, and he's the only reason I even half watched the episode.

I'm just getting more and more bored with Kate, so a Kate centric episode as the cliffhanger was not a happy for me.

Except for the very end, every once in a while LOST reminds you why Jack is a hero.

[ edited by nna_funk on 2006-11-09 18:54 ]
And thank god, someone had sex.

Doesn't somebody always die after sex on "Lost"?
I want you all to know that my dreams came true last night. Nathan told me he loved me. :)
That episode was NathanFilliontastic! Hopefully the writers will do the smart thing and bring him back for another episode.
"Doesn't somebody always die after sex on "Lost"?"

Yes, Neb, they do. However, something tells me these two are gonna be okay, considering that LOST would lose a whole lot of female viewers if Sawyer got the axe. It ain't gonna happen (Damon for the love of God, don't make me eat my words).

[ edited by MySerenity on 2006-11-09 23:16 ]
GrrrAargh, are you sayin' your name is Monica? ;-)
Oddly, I did not dream about Sawyer or Kevin (Nathan) last night. I could lie but ... damn! Now if we can just get Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox and Daniel Dae-Kim and Naveen Andrews and Terry O'Quinn to do a MySpace blog.
I love Desmond, too, and look forward to seeing more of him.
I'm in the camp loving Lost this season. I think it's answering all the right questions. Nathan is great, Sawyer is cute but Geesh, have you seen Jack? Loving Jack.
I like Jack, but he often irritates me. However, Matthew Fox is terrific in the role and just when I think I can't stand Jack any longer, he makes him sympathetic and his controlling behavior understandable.

My favorite characters are Locke and Eko. I also love Benry. Michael Emerson is a fantastic actor and he makes me curious about who and what Benry really is.

And when are we going to see Rousseau again?
I love Desmond also. But that's mostly because I love it when Scottish people are on TV and NOT evil, because it's just nice when the world gets to see that we aren't as evil as TV likes to make out.

I'm quite liking this season, but I was really annoyed about Eko. I'd much rather it had been Jack, just to mix it at least. Plus, I don't really like him. And he gets waaaaay to many flashbacks.

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