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November 08 2006

Interview with James Gunn, director of Slither. With Daniel Robert Epstein. James Gunn relates tales of his experiences in the industry and his relationships with Joss and Nathan Fillion.

"I wrote a pilot with Joss executive producing but it never got filmed. That was the first thing I got paid for after leaving Troma..."

Well well well, isn't that interesting? A lost co-Joss-written pilot script about a B-movie company. Scramble, ye Whedonists - seek, SEEK!
Very interesting interview! I really enjoy reading James's blog, and I enjoy reading Suicide Girls, so this was an especially good find, NekoDono!
Whazzat? Gunn and Whedon once planned a sitcom about a B-movie studio?! Now THAT would have been sweet. Although, Gunn is correct about TV being too damn self-referential and masturbatory these days. I only let it slide for "Entourage." And "Studio 60." Oh, and "Extras." And any scene on "30 Rock" that Baldwin's in.
Hey, they cleaned that one up for profanity! Great read, wonderful interview actually. I love how James loves the squishy, the demented, the humorous, the perverse and the old horror movies all rolled into one. I can't wait to see what he does next.

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