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November 08 2006

Stunt Buffy (Sophia Crawford) fights on Angel's current show. I was watching Bones tonight when I saw "Buffy" fighting while "Angel" watched.

The episode had to do with an underground fight club which Booth and Bones investigate. I recognized the physique and fighting style (and hairstyle!) of one of the fighters. Sure enough, it was longtime Buffy double Sophia Crawford. Cool to see her and DB in the same scene.

Fox puts episodes on Bones' MySpace page (though this one is not up just yet).

Oh, and while researching this, I came across this page with cool pictures of stunt doubles on the Buffy set (quadruple vampire Willow!).

Wow, jam2, good catch! I saw the show, but never spotted that.
It's 41 minutes past the hour (like now on the West coast), when two girls are fighting right before Booth .
Cool! Bones just keeps getting better and better this season!
This was a really good ep. I loved all the Booth and Bones stuff.

What is up with Booth's pink socks? That outfit was great! David looked droolworthy. And Emily was very pretty tonight. She brought a real intresting humor to Bones tongiht as she played the girlfriend.

I meet Sophia a few times and even one time got to see her and Jeff doing sketches and go through stunts for the ep Anne. It was very neat.
Good call, I'm impressed.

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