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April 23 2003

Cleveland Browns should draft Buffy according to ESPN (#21). Nice picture.

Uhm, I don't think that's a spoiler. I believe that's a joke. or something.
Hey, you're right. I stopped reading after "according to bootleg..."


Read further down and there is a paragraph on Charisma Carpenter, former San Diego Chargers Cheerleader.

[ edited by Robo-Ritter on 2003-04-23 07:04 ]

Also, "Josh" Whedon in #23.
FWIW, that photo is from a past TV Guide photo shoot. I agree that it's a great photo though. :)
Spoiler or no - I've lived in Cleveland - I believe it. 'Splains a lot.
I'm thinking spoiler - remember the Wishverse? Where was Buffy? Cleveland!
(Giles: "Yes, I'm sure there is a lot of demonic activity in Cleveland, but . . .")

Plus, it's where I live now. Genghis is right. Lots of 'splaining.
What!? She dropped out of the top 15?! Minnesota needed her for filler in the D!

P.S. ESPN's Page 2 takes a satirical look at sports.
The 2003 NFL Draft April 26 & 27 @ Noon EST.
New play in the Browns playbook: The Slut Bomb!

P-P-Please can our photos reflect the empowerment of women so strongly symboli... **SMAP** Sorry, forgot my current incarnation. Rowwrr! Woof woof woof.
Cleveland rocks! So does that picture. Wow, SMG, didn't know you could look so, um, 'vampish'. :D

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