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"Is everyone here very stoned?"
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November 09 2006

Top 10 TV show bands. Dingoes Ate My Baby come in at number 8 in this fun IGN list.

Wow, Phish Taco already made the list! I think this list follows in the fine tradition of "Top 100 Hits of All Time" music countdowns at the end of every year. They always seem populated by the last two year's hits until you get to #1. In which case it is always "Stairway to Heaven." :)

How about Ricky Nelson? Didn't "Ozzie and Harriet" start this trend (at least on American TV)? Although I have no idea what Ricky's band was called on the show.

And although it doesn't count as a band (or a series either) I'd have to say seeing Stephen Colbert's unexpected duets on The Colbert Report has been really fun.
Oz played guitar, not bass.
Ack, dreamlogic, I don't know why I had it in my mind that he played bass. The article is fixed. Thanks. :)

yourlibrarian; Phish Tahko made the list because they inspired the list. I enjoyed that episode a lot and it made me think of all the shows where the characters suddenly have a band.
Holy crap... a list with the Lubbock Babes, the Brady Kids, Pete and Pete *and* Zack Attack?

Will you marry me, Eric G?

Seriously, great list.
Thanks XanFan32! And wow, a marriage proposal! I'll have to consider it, but you never know... ;)
Oz did have a bass, Eric G. He sold it to get his van fixed while he was on his quest for werewolfy self-control. Maybe that's what you were thinking of.

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