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November 09 2006

The Tribe trailer. Featuring a bouncy Jewel Staite and an island. What's not to love?

Very much a Lost meets Far Cry feel to it.
It's funny how two years ago I would have remarked how unique a story it seems, but today I say, "it's Lost in film format?"

Stranded on a beach next to a jungle, mysterious creatures, a handgun or two, hmm.

added: this is an indie? What was the budget?

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Actually, it looks more like "The Descent" on an island than Lost on film. Happy to see Jewel, in any case!
Yeah, 'Lost' meets 'The Descent' via 'Farcry' with elements of 'Spongebob Squarepants' (or is that just me ?).

Could be OK, not a bad trailer all told though a lot of it was pretty dark on my screen (always wise with smaller budgets to hint at the monster rather than show it outright - though good enough creature design carries far even without much money, as evidenced by 'The Descent').

(the line about "biologically human but animals in every other way" made me smile though since to me that's basically saying "biologically animals but also animals in every other way too. They're totally animals, yo" ;)
Yeah, plus "biologically human but animals in every other way" really doesn't sound that scary. I mean, minus the cultural/technological, humans are pretty harmless. "Biologically tigers/bears/wolves/etc." would be a lot scarier...
Or "biologically the Ebola virus but that fruit we ate last night in every other way". Now that's scary ;).
I don't give a crap if it's freaking Sesame Street on an island, cuz it's got Jewel Staite in it!!!
Judging from the way she's featured in the trailer, Jewel is the star of this one. Good for her!

See your point Septimus, but IMO humans are scary biologically not because we're great predators but because we're great vermin. We get everywhere and kill everything, eventually.
I heard about this movie awhile back and thought, ruh roh... sounds like a terrible movie. However, the trailer was actually pretty good.

I'm a big fan of Jewel's, but would have skipped the movie before seeing the trailer. Now, I'll probably rent it .
Sesame Street on an island

I'd buy that for a dollar!
Figured I'd toss this in on a Jewel-centric thread. I stumbled across this word the day. The meaning is "A social event or party with music and dancing." Sounds like a shindig doesn't it? But it's a gaellic word--Ceilidh. And it's pronounced...Kaylee.

Cool, huh?
Kinda old news for me, batmarlowe, if only because I go to school at a university obsessed with Gaelic;)

And from looking at the trailer...I think Jewel gets most exposure cuz she's probably the biggest name in this indie project:D

And I am thankful I wasn't the only person to think "Far Cry" and "Lost" when I saw this *wink*
Well, she seems to be the "main girl" in the film, gf of the 1st disappeared. Maybe she got the lead because she's the biggest name, because it does look like she's taking the lead investigation-wise. And the trailer kind of reminds me of that XFiles where Mulder & Scully get lost in the forest tracking some kind of human/chameleon child-stealing beastie ;)

Here's hoping we get to see Jewel kick some butt for a change!
It is too bad that this really isn't my type of movie because I would love to see Jewel show her acting chops. And good to see that she appears to be the hero of the story.
But it's a gaellic word--Ceilidh. And it's pronounced...Kaylee.

Yep, first time I heard her name I thought 'Hmm, party girl ?'. And she certainly wasn't averse to a good time ;).

(still, nice to educate those of non-Scots/Irish* and also apparently Canadian (!) origin batmarlowe, cool indeed ;)

* though I think they add an 'e' to their parties (Simon ?) as they do to their whisky (which, since words are on the menu, comes from 'uisque beatha' and yep, i'll be amazed if i've spelt that right, pronounced - very - roughly 'ooshka-baya', gaelic for 'water of life'. Slainte ;)
Okay, that film looks WAY too scary. I'd actually prefer Sesame St on an island.

And thinking of Jewel's horror stories of filming in Costa Rica with all the bugs and whatnot made me even more spooked (no, I really can't handle horror/thriller films)
It's uisce beatha, with a c. Tá cúpla focal agam.
This will make a nice double feature with Pinata: Survival Island.
Tá cúpla focal agam.

Well that's more than me already Caroline ;). Cheers for the correction (though i'll content myself with thinking my spelling might be closer to the Scots Gaidhlig and yours the Irish. And when I say 'thinking' I mean 'deluding myself into believing' ;-).
Biologically human, but animals in every other way. Hmm.

Reavers, anyone? ;)
Wow, that looks really bad. Like, really really bad.
No matter what the movie is, our Jewel is in it, so I say Yay! (Er, Saje and Caroline can probably tell me the Celtic for "yay", yeah?) ;-)

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