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November 09 2006

What if you kept reliving Adam's new show 'Day Break'? "In support of the premiere, ABC is having ABC affiliates, ESPN and SOAPnet participate in simultaneously airing a thirty-second promo to create a road block at 6:17 AM during a two-day window on 11/14 and/or 15."

Sounds like ABC is putting some power behind this series to try to score a hit.

6:17 AM? Yeah, that's gonna get a lot of viewers...

(On the other hand, the in-tunnel "flip-book" style ads on subways are pretty cool.)

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I am so behind on the news, I didn't even know Adam was on this show.

Of course all the previews I've seen have showed Taye Diggs, Taye Diggs, and did they forget Taye Diggs?

Not that I mind....
Does anyone know who Adam plays in the show? I haven't seen him in any previews.

I was planning on ignoring this show, as it seems its just an action Groundhog day, but if Adam's in it I'll check it out. I just hope ABC isn't expecting it to keep Lost's timeslot safe for three months.
Who on earth watches the telly at that time?
Who on earth watches the telly at that time?

I do after a hearty night of not sleeping.

That's the only time I catch Angel reruns anymore.
He plays a Marcus Hamilton-type Internal Affairs office, ex-partner to Taye Diggs' Hopper, and ex-husband to Hopper's girlfriend, Resolute. Rather slimy and beatdown-worthy from the 10 min clip I saw on;)
This show sounds like it will get old by episode 2...
But Rogue Slayer, it has Taye Diggs!

Toronto also has the LCD screens in the subway but I doubt that Toronto will be getting this promo, somehow.
Is it just me or is this show "Tru Calling" all over again?
(though, with this premise, one could call that "thematic")
Oddly enough, the actress playing Taye's partner was one of Gina's costars in Cleopatra 2525. Wonder if she and Adam swapped stories during the breaks...

Gotta say, I preferred her in the futuristic bustier ;)

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