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November 09 2006

Firefly Movie Night Presented by Gay Geeks in San Francisco. San Francisco LGBT Center's Three Dollar Bill Cafe is hosting a Firefly movie night presented by Gay Geeks this Sunday!

What: Movie Night Presented by Gay Geeks
When: Sun Nov 12 6:30pm - 10pm
Where: Three Dollar Bill Cafe

The Gay Geeks are having another movie night. The votes were overwhelmingly for Firefly, so we'll be hosting a Firefly evening.

Refreshments provided by Three Dollar Bill and Martin.

For some reason my browser crashes every time I open that link o.O

Sounds like good fun though, and hey- something in the area.
When you say "we", is this a screening you've organised?
As a gay geek, I think this is sooooo cool! Its too bad I am not even remotely close to San Francisco.
I know! Wish I could organize a queer geek group here in Austin (amazing that there isn't one) and air some slashy tidbits.

OMGTTS, anyone?
As a non-gay geek with a deep and abiding love for all things gay, Whedon-verse and the San Francisco LGBT Center, I'm so there! Now it's just a matter of dragging all my friends along..
OMG the table scene... lol that is hilarious. Well they won't be showing the movie Serenity I think. I am trying to guess what episodes they will play. I know 3 episodes they have to play. Jaynestown for the topless Jayne scene. Trash for the almost nude Mal scene. And Objects in Space for the topless Simon scene. Oh and there is some good plot, characterization, and witty dialogue on the side.

The episodes for the lesbians who are going( I am assuming this is a queer male and female thing) that should be shown, would be War Stories for the Inara/Chancellor scene, and Our Mrs Renolyds for that almost Inara Saffron kiss. Am I missing anything?

And dottikin, not to be mean, offensive or anything(so please dont take it as such), but would you be characterized as a "fag hag", the love for all things gay and such? :P
I'm so confused. It's almost like calling it a dancing night, and then having painting classes. Unless they're actually showing Serenity, or something.
*cough* I know that some consider it an offensive term, but I'm pretty sure I qualify as a fag hag. All I know is that I much prefer clubbing and drinking in the (much funner, safer and generally hilarious) gay haunts of the city than the straight places. This is one of the many cool benefits of living in San Francisco.
Um, why? I don't really get it. As a gay man, I don't understand gay people segregating themselves. What's so wrong with organising a sci-fi or firefly showing without it being gay?
simon, i didn't organize it. i copied the description from the site. sorry about the link not working for some people.

flugufrelsarinn, Gay Geeks are a group here. i haven't heard of them before. they decided to have a "movie" night, so we're watching the premiere episode. and it's at the gay/lesbian center. the only thing "gay" about the event is that the group is a gay mens group and the center is for the LGBT community. there's no segregation. it's a focus group for those of us who would like to be around other gay people.

you can't honestly believe it's segregation of any sorts. it just happens to be thrown by a gay focus group. all are welcome.

sorry if this response is a little late.

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