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November 09 2006

The Real Nathan Fillion on MySpace. Nathan Fillion now has a MySpace account. Certified authentic by James Gunn.

That's so funny. He only has 9 friends right now--including Tom. That won't last long now that it's been posted here. I wonder if the Whedonesquers will blow out MySpace trying to "friend" him?
That is so cool.

Occupation: Nearly famous actor.

So self-deprecating.

And neat pics in his profile, too!
I love the picture of him on the front. It's got to be his nieces beating up on their silly uncle.
Today 9 friends, tomorrow several thousand.

Obviously him from how it's written.
Only if he adds them to his friends list, before or after he kills James Gunn.
I felt slightly sadistic posting this, but I figured someone would point it out sooner or later.
I can't get it to come up...
"This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted." Am I doing something wrong or did we scare him?????
twadde1, I got that message too--just go back and reload the page. Should work.
Invalid Friend

That might be the saddest error message ever...
James Gunn's blog says that it does work, try copy and paste, or reload, whatever works for you.

it's there.
Heh, you're a friend, you're just not a valid one Rogue. At least it's something.

I once got

"404: Page Not Found.

You broke the internet, I hope you're happy."

which made me chuckle ;).

(and Nathan bringing the funny as per. I notice he says he doesn't drink though. How the hell am I gonna buy him a beer and shoot the shit about him smacking his face into perspex time after time now, eh ?)
Got Nathan to join MySpace? Done. Next: Get Nathan to join us here on Whedonesque! C'mon, Captain, you know you want to! And we're very friendly; just ask our mods! ;-)

But, more seriously, how hard does Mr. Fillion rock to name his father and his brother as his heroes, and to ask for prayers, thoughts and positive energy" for the family of Adrienne Shelly? I salute you, sir; you are a damn fine person, and a BDH to be sure! :-)
Ahh, I'm on now, thanks guys!
Nooooooooooo!!!!!!! LiveJournal is where the fan action is. Silly Nathan. Tsssk. Tsssssk.

This 404 page beats the rest.
Simon: "Nooooooooooo!!!!!!! LiveJournal is where the fan action is."

Matter of opinion...
Myspace is just so confusing. I like LiveJournal, I have some codes figured out there and everything.

Love the 404 pages.
I too am on the livejournal. I have a myspace, but I dont really know what to do with it.
But saying that, I now know that I am one inch taller than Nathan but he is three years older than me. I never knew his age before. Tis odd.

But it is nice to see him posting online again. I missed the old days when he'd wander into the Official Serenity Movie Forum and post stuff. Good times. I have no doubt we'll be linking to his blog. Are MySpace blog entries set up for RSS subscription?
Simon: "Are MySpace blog entries set up for RSS subscription?"

Why, yes, yes they are!
Thanks for the info! I have sent him an add request so hopefully he'll add me. Does anyone know of anyone else in the Whedonverse that has a myspace page?
Simon, I do both. Livejournal for my fandom peeps, and myspace for my family (because they have issues actually picking up the phone for some reason). Also, my crazy theatre friends are all about the myspace which seems odd to me. Livejournal is so much better. I friended Nathan, so I'm anxious to see what happens :)
This is actually slightly too exciting for me. I may be unable to function for several days.
Technically, MySpace is one of the worst, ever. But James and now Nathan being there makes the rude invalid messages you get (sometimes for hours at a time) worth it.
this is soooooooooo cool! I am happy beyond insane.... but the sucky part is I have to have a myspace account, how can I not try to be on his friends list?
It would really suck if he would reject me... its ok I know im not one of the "cool" kids... *runs off to corner and cries*
Heh. Personally, I'm wondering just how much of a shock he'll get the next time he logs in, and sees the number of friends requests...
Just clicking on the link seems to be working now--none of that invalid stuff. We must have been clogging up the works a bit earlier.
The good news: An LJ feed of the blog! The bad news: posts are truncated in the feed, so you still have to click to myspace. *sigh* At least Nathan's is pretty clean.
I agree, will be good to see Nathan posting online. I enjoy his funneh.
Why talk of normal 404 pages when you have 404 Doodoo Error pages?
Weeza - Jewel has a myspace account, and it's actually her, too. Her husband does, too.
ROTFL veryverycrowded... oh my lord. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Swiss Cake Roll *drooool*
OMG! It says 'Online Now'!
So, how do I get to be one of Nathan's friends? I wanna be cool too.

I have a MySpace Page but I don't know what to do with it. There's other people who took ZachsMind before I could get there. So I got my own impostors, but they're not intentional. In fact they probably think I'm the impostor, but I been going by ZachsMind since at least 1994. Earlier, if you don't count the Internet.

I don't know how to make MySpace work, and I don't get why it's so popular. The coding of the pages is just downright unsettlin'.

...Does Amber Benson have a MySpace Page? Cuz I'm just dyin' to get rejected by her. Y'know. I make a pass at her. She laughs in my face. It'd make my day. =)
Hmmm how would you make a pass at her by the internet? Or should I not even ask that question afraid of the answer, Zachsmind
He's been adding friends to his list, but he stopped at 438, and I submitted my request yesterday morning! As long as he adds me by my birthday...
438 adds!! I'm thinking Mr. Fillion is not going to get anything else done for a while, not to mention not be able to use his e-mail, now that he's MySpaced himself. ;-)
This makes me wish I could tolerate MySpace. LJ is better.
Simon and ESP arecorrect, livejournal's where it's at... a lot fewer pederasts.
MySpace. LJ. Pah. Vox is where the beautiful people are.
Maybe he should hire someone to manage his account? Maybe like me???
I'm not convinced.
Weeza - Jewel has a myspace account, and it's actually her, too. Her husband does, too.

As does Christian Kane, Jonathon Woodward, and a few others.

Jewel used to have a public one but has recently changed it to private. Also...oddly enough when she was in Oz last she mentioned that the 'old' Nathan Fillion myspace was his? She said that he had invited her as a friend and she didn't approve it, and he rang her up and asked her why? Anyhoo...he must have revamped and restarted another one. I'm not sure, but she definately said he had one, and it was really cheesey looking.
LJ is so much nicer and easier to use.

I do have a myspace account created purely so I could add 'Kane' - so my friends are just them and some 'Tom' guy. I have just spent all morning trying to spiff up my profile so I can try and get added to Nathan's friends but the darn thing keeps going all kerplooey. Gorammit !
the darn thing keeps going all kerplooey.

that's myspace for you. drives me round the bend.
all my friends are there though, and i hate to feel left out.
OK, this maybe a no no...but...I have a myspace,
and if ya'll wanna add me then please do so!
I'm trying to think of any Whedon peeps on LJ. Nothing springs to mind. Though that guy who plays Sheriff Lamb on Veronica Mars has an LJ account from what I remember.

There is of course the mighty Whedonesque LJ syndicated feed which is LJ's 36th most popular feed.
I'm not totally convinced either, kispexi2, but mostly because it says it's been up since 9/16 and I find it difficult to believe he would have so few friends two months later. But maybe it's decently run by a fan--some of them are.

I've wondered about Warren Ellis' because he updates it so much and puts out so many bulletins and I just have trouble believing WE spends that much time on MySpace. Plus, he friended me less than ten minutes after I requested it. But maybe that was just lucky timing.

This makes me wish I could tolerate MySpace. LJ is better.

MySpace blows. I only keep one because of some far away friends I hardly keep in touch with. LiveJournal is a little too personal to use it for that. I know them too well to use filters but I'm not comfortable enough to leave them filter-free. With MySpace we are more likely to message each other. Though I wish more people still used Friendster. It has far fewer problems, is more user friendly, allows for a ton of pictures, and is just not as skeevy in general. I get hit on in MySpace all the time. On Friendster that only happened twice--and the second time was the guy who is now my partner!

I have just spent all morning trying to spiff up my profile so I can try and get added to Nathan's friends but the darn thing keeps going all kerplooey.

I doubt you have to worry about it too much--the guy went from 9 friends to 438 yesterday and then however many thousands of requests he got from all of us--if he is going to still add people he's probably not going to bother reading everyone's profile first.

I'm trying to think of any Whedon peeps on LJ. Nothing springs to mind.

Didn't Jonathan Woodward have one for a while? I feel like I had friended him at one point but then thought better of it because that's not really what I use it for.
I'm not convinced.

That it's him? James Gunn has been posting for a few months that he's been trying to get Nathan to put up a MySpace page (because of imposters, mostly). I got a bulletin from him yesterday that Nathan had done so, and James ought to know, since they're friends. Nathan's also doing it so that people will honor the memory of Adrienne Shelly. Don't doubt it. And I agree that he needs a friend or someone to help with all of the friend adds because you have to sit there and click on each one manually.
"because you have to sit there and click on each one manually. "

Awwwww. Nathan or his underling clicked on me! I feel special. :)
You can accept friends in batch mode, which adds them a page at a time. I certainly hope he's doing that!
Oh, that's great! I was worried about him getting carpal tunnel syndrome.
I got a MySpace account a few months ago just to comment on a (non-Whedon related) page. It's completely blank and I don't remember how to get back into it. The comments above about MySpace are not encouraging me to try.

QuoterGal, I heard somebody talking about that "These Weapons of Mass Destruction are not available" 404 page a while ago. The story I heard was that the people who made it actually managed to hack it into Internet Explorer, but that sounds urban legend-y.
I have two blogs going, saying the same thing, but it would be great to add him to my MySpace. I just added him. That means I better watch "Lost" fast to tell him my review of how he did.
First, though, I'm off to see Borat
Oh my, someone has been busy on his account! I now have 1 friend and it is Nathan. I think I'll leave that for awhile before I start including a few others.
This is such an odd phenomenon!
...but that sounds urban legend-y.

Sure does dreamlogic. 404's are served up by the web server so all IE does is render the HTML it's given. Given MS' security record I wouldn't put anything past those wily hackers though ;).

(and I guess a piece of malware which redirects IE's homepage or something similar isn't out of the question)

Some of those pages were pretty funny, BTW, QuoterGal (liked the 'Marvin the paranoid 404 page' and the WMD one especially), cheers for the links ;).
Oh my god, he added me. My day is now complete.
Damn, now I gotta do the MySpace thing which means actually working out the MySpace thing.

The things you do just so you can be added to Nathan Fillion's friends list.
Here's his first blog...

"So, I've done it. I've finally gone MySpace. What am I trying to do here? To say? Nothing. This is a little experiment to see what this site is all about. Some of my friends are totally into it, and I've been telling myself I need to learn how to do more computery stuff. And, of course, there is the matter of people coming online and pretending to be me- so, Nathan Fillion, (if that IS your real name) I'm talking to you. Creepy. Really, really creepy. It's not that I'm mad, it's just I feel badly for the 3 thousand or so nice folks he's (or she's) duped. Sorry, folks. Send me a request, I'll put you in.
You wanna be my MySpace pal? No prob. Just don't be creepy- James Gunn, I'm talking to you.
I'll try to employ this site to keep you all up to date on anything important going on at the moment. Right now, that's making sure you send some prayers, thoughts, and positive energy to the family of Adrienne Shelly. I'll also use it as a gauge of my poplularity. Love me. Am I looking to answer fan mail, autograph or interview requests? No. But feel free to try. I'll just be an ass and ignore them."
If you think MySpace is bad, try using Bebo. It's become a bit of a phenomenon among the youth in the UK, more so than MySpace or LJ or anything. I think the latter tend to be frequented mostly by those strongly into a certain type of fandom, whereas almost everyone at school seems to be on this Bebo website. But it's incredibly faulty and horrendous to use.

I much prefer MySpace because it works much more sensibly and without so many irritating mistakes, and because it feels like I keep in contact only with my closest friends on it. Which should hopefully include Nathan soon. ;)
Oh Bebo is huge here in both parts of Ireland as well. So much so that schools, colleges and universities have banned direct access to it. For a brief time I felt joy that my students couldn't get to it in labs but then they discovered proxy servers. I don't get the addiction to it, I really don't.
I'm sending a "welcome, Nathan" message to him, and will folow it with a review of Wednesday's "Lost" later that day from my blog. I'll also tell him to go see Borat, and you should too. Sasha Baron Cohen takes some old movie gags and really uses them in a brand new way....maybe too new, but he'll get a big hit out of this.
It's just so stupid to be this thrilled that he added me (probably in one of those batch adds) considering he's up to 2175 friends as of right now, but...I'm just thrilled.

Not everybody who's adding Nathan as a friend at MySpace is a Browncoat or a Whedonite, so I know you'll be sensitive to the fact that this sentence in his greeting,

Right now, that's making sure you send some prayers, thoughts, and positive energy to the family of Adrienne Shelly

has garned only about 38 comments at her memorial site out of the over 2,000 people he's added. I've asked people at my forum who knew her work to also add the site dedicated to her as a friend and leave a comment for friends and family to read, if they are so inclined. It would probably mean a lot to NF to see a lot more comments added.
Maybe people are praying privately, rather than posting, Tonya J? That's what I did.
I did say, if so inclined. Of course private prayer and reflection are your choice. :p

[ edited by Tonya J on 2006-11-11 07:09 ]
To be honest, Tonya J, praying was all I felt OK with, just for my inclination, as you say. Since I never met the lady or her family, although I feel terrible about what happened and I wish them well, I didn't feel it would be right to go to their website since they don't know me. OTOH, I did write some condolences on our thread here on the Black when Ms. Shelly's death was first announced, because y'all know me, yo. Like I say -- just my personal preference. :-)
Someone asked if there are other Whedonverse people with MySpaces:

Off the top of my head, Tom Lenk, Jewel Staite, I think Danny Strong has one, Christian Kane, Jonathan Woodward, Dayne Johnson (Did the special effects make-up for Angel and has some awesome photos on his space), James Leary... Can't think of any others.

There was a fake Adam Baldwin and a possible Sean Maher (reports vary - he has said that he doesn't have one, but apparently told some people that he did).

Not that I stalk these people...

[ edited by Angelite on 2006-11-11 15:38 ]
Simon, being slightly computer illiterate, I have no idea what a proxy server is or how one would use it. Sounds like information that could come in useful sometime. Anyone here care to explain?

I think it's weird that certain websites seem to offer very similar features yet some manage to attract much more attention than others. It reminds me of someone who posted sarcastically on the sale of YouTube to Google, "Congratulations, you guys figured out how to put a video on your webpage, and now you're millionaires!" I may have paraphrased that but that was roughly it.

I do think that there were sites which basically acted like search engines for videos long before YouTube sprung up, but it must have just been something about how it was designed or the ease of use that made it so much more popular than the other sites. Kind of like how Bebo seems to have really eclipsed most of the other sites like MySpace and LJ, at least in my school.
Razor, proxy servers let you re-direct your web requests so that they appear to be going to a different machine than the actual destination.

In Simon's case the school/Uni will probably be filtering outgoing requests based on IP address (or maybe URL) to prevent users connecting to MySpace etc. but by using a proxy server the kids effectively seem (to the filtering software) to be requesting a different page and so their attempts get through (there are proxy server 'black' lists that can be used for filtering but new servers open/close all the time so it's pretty hard to stay totally current).

From the other side, BTW, some servers filter incoming requests too, for instance to prevent people outside the host country from accessing their facilities and a proxy server helps here by making it seem like you're connecting from a different, possibly more geographically local, IP address (i've used one - the address of which was kindly posted by someone on here - to watch US TV shows that the network puts online for American consumers only e.g. the pilot of 'Dexter').

(to get a list of server details something like 'public proxy servers' in Google will help. 'using a proxy in internet explorer' - or whatever your browser of choice is - will help with the setting up. I'm being a bit circumspect in an effort to stay legal, BTW ;)

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