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April 23 2003

(SPOILER) ANGEL's Fate Determined?? "We've not been able to confirm this with our best sources, who appear to have retired for the evening, but the switchboard has been lighting up all Tuesday night with news from lesser sources that the WB finally decided to slide 'Angel' off the bubble and into a fifth-season renewal."

There is also a Buffy finale spoiler in the "c" paragraph. Beware!

Fingers crossed this is true, and from what I can gather M.E. will be told at least 2 weeks before the fate of Angel will be announced so AICN may well be right :).
AICN has an excellent track record, so I feel reasonably comfortable saying Whew!
Read closely -- "Will 1 happen or 2? Yes!"
Would you like tea or coffee? Yes!

While I do believe he may mean to endorse scenario 2, that's not necessarily what it says.
whew---yes, please.
Hold on...
Yes to 1 or 2? Both?
-scratches head-
Yes to both. Why is that so surprising?
Well, obviously I'm overjoyed by the renewal, but for's bittersweet, since I soooo do not want Spike on Angel. *sigh* Well, hopefully he won't become a regular.
Keep an eye out on the BBC Buffy site

BBC Buffy Site

They reported the AICN news and said "We will be checking with our own sources at Fox today, and hope to have more news on this later in the week."

They're very reliable and a couple of them used to work for the Watcher's Web so they know their stuff.
I lost interest in Spike a long time ago. As soon as he started going gooey over Buffy, he wussed out. No Spike on Angel, unless Spike is Bad. If you're going to have Wussy Spike you may as well shove in Yawnie Dawnie too. Then watch the ratings go down.

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