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November 10 2006

Buffy Amends snowglobe. Diamond Select Toys is making a Buffy snowglobe from Amends.

I personally think it is not that good. The First looks like crap, Buffy and Angel should be holding hands, and I think they should've been walking down Main Street. And what's with the rocks?

Think the snow will actually be soap flakes? Then you shake it up and it gets all 'foamy'! Mmmmm, foamy...

Seriously though, this looks pretty sweet and I'd love to have one. The First looks kind of Fyarl demon-y, but I see what they were going for. What a unique collectible!
I've been trying to slow down on my collecting (I mean who really needs 150+ action figures?) but just when I think I'm out they pull me back in! This is sweet looking.
hitnrun017, I think the rocks are supposed to be the hilltop they were on when the snow started coming down, so I guess that's what they were going for. But yeah, the first image I got when I read the headline was the one of them holding hands walking down the street. I would have been a bit more inclined to buy that one. Still pretty neat.
I really like it. The first does look a little odd, but it'd hard to do right because it only appears for about half a second.
Can The First be removed? heh
Fortunateizzi, my sentiments exactly.
If it played a jaunty tune when you shook it, I'd think about getting it. I was thinking "The sun has got his hat on" or "Close your eyes".
The First didn't even look like that. He looked like a giant evil crab. Like Willowy said, that's a Fyral demon. Wrong episode.

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jam2: "But yeah, the first image I got when I read the headline was the one of them holding hands walking down the street."

Yeah, me too, jam2... that's the shot that comes to mind when I picture "Amends," in the heart of downtown Sunnydale. And in the next shot I picture, Faith and Joyce out through the front door to marvel at the snow. And then I see Xander in his sleeping bag in the back yard, covered with snow. But obviously the globe has to feature our heroine...

I like the idea of Buffy and Angel on the hill as the snow starts to fall, but I so don't need that huge demon hovering over it all. Having The First represented at all here is too concrete for my tastes...

My carping is purely academic, anyway, as I am torn between thinking "Buffy snow globes" are thoroughly tacky on the one hand, yet strangely compelling on the other, which probably averages out to not getting one.

ANGELUS: "Daniel, be of good cheer. It's Christmas!"
The demon looks bloody awful, but I'm going to have to get it.

...What's a battery powered snow globe?

I skimmed the description but I don't think it explained what the batteries would do. Does it play a song? Control the snow inside somehow? (I'm thinking electromagnetics and polarized snow? Or a little pump to needlessly create a current.)

Maybe it makes the First's eyes glow? (As for how it looks, isn't that fairly accurate? It seems like it ought to be a bit more hazy or skeletal or something, less so well defined given the intangible haziness, but at least I think that's how I remember it looking in the season seven CGI bits... I'm not really sure how they'd go about that when this really is tangible.)
I thought the demon guy was Chip (I love Chip) but thinking of it as a Fyrl demon is cool too, you know that relationship always bugged Giles.

I may have to buy this, how much is it?
I think it's nice but I don't think I'll get it, because my finances have not stretched thus far to buying a lot of Jossverse figurines and statuettes that I was more enthusiastic about. But it isn't bad. I wasn't expecting The First on it, either, and it seems kind of weird, ruining the romantic atmosphere, but maybe some people will prefer it that way.
I really like this. This is a deffiant buy for me.

Simon, yeah that would be cool if it played "Close you eyes".
Or maybe 'Let it Snow' ?

Ohhh, the weather outside is frightful,
And the ultimate-source-of-all-evil is trying to inspire you to suicide,

Hmm, needs work.

Not really my bag but it's a pretty original idea for a verse collectible, more power to them.
Not even interested. Go to E-bay.
I love the actual snow globe, but the first looks terrible. Plus it kind of ruins the image. Something so pure and then there's a big deamon jumping out.
Something so pure and then there's a big deamon jumping out.

Which really sums up the concept of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a nutshell. And my life come to think of it.
I love this, totally a must-have!
I kinda like it..any idea on when you can order it or how much its going to be?
I want it too. It's so sweet.
Simon, I think it is time for you to tell us your life's story.
Aw, it looks like the First is reformed, like the Grinch. Or trying to eat them, I can't tell.
This object is a perfect example of why I don't collect Buffy art. Its an utter perversion of the episode concept. I deplore it and the horse it rode it on.
Dang, I can't find any more information than was posted and I signed up with them. I imagine they send you information via e-mail once you do that. I can tell you the Spike puppet on their site is hideous (once you sign up you can click on a link that says Radicals, some special sub-section of the site for members).

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