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November 10 2006

Sketchy characters. Joe Quesada shows off Joss' co-conspirator Michael Ryan's character sketches for Runaways.

Just over halfway down the page.

Also, video of Marvel editor Tom Brevoort dancing the Robot. Scary stuff.

They look even better in the larger version. Very nice indeed. Looking forward to this one.
It's no Alphona, but it's quite decent.
Looking good. The lines look pretty clean for a sketch, hope that carries over (scratches have their place - they work in 'Fell' for instance because of the feel of the comic - but generally I like nice clean lines).

Waiting on the vol 2 hardback then i'll probably get the singles for Joss' run. Should be good.
Saw these earlier today. Gorgeous! Wizard posted a sketch of Nico that was just as lovely. Looking forward to seeing more of Ryan's work!
Saturn Girl, any chance of a link for the Nico sketch? Can't seem to locate it myself.

Ever since Ryan was announced as an artist, I've been stunned about how obvious a choice he is. His style is surprisingly like Alphona's, once you start comparing.
I think they look great, much better than in the cross over 'Young Avengers & Runaways: Civil War' (although I don't hate those). I love Molly and her funny animal hats! I am really enjoying Brian K. Vaughan's series, and I'm looking forward to seeing where Joss takes us.
His style is surprisingly like Alphona's, once you start comparing.

I thought the same thing. Whilst they, at first glance, appear to be very different in style there is definately some similarity between the two artists and their work. I think Ryan will prove to be a fine replacement on Runaways.

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