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November 11 2006

2006 Sexiest man alive list. A really neat video of sexy men. Our David Boreanaz is in there.

Did I just see Borat there? Get ready for some sexy time.
Hahahah. Borat is definately in there. But I didnt see David... maybe it's just me.
Sania D.
Nice ... thanks cheryl ... David was definitely there ... near the end.
"Need" should be "neat" in the description. :)

Wow, some of those went way too fast at the end, but I did see David.
You can slow it down...he looks amazing as always. Perfectly placed right before David Duchovny.
Too fast, but I'll keep trying until I see David. Gratified to see Matthew Fox and Clive Owen. I think Josh Holloway is a little bit sexier than Ashton Kutcher. And no Fillion? No Denisof? No Marsters?
Daniel Dae Kim is there too.
Where am I? =(
Sorry, I take that back. Josh is in there, but I finally slowed it down enough to catch it.
I thought I saw you in there, TheZeppo, wearing a neon yellow speedokini. ;-)

ETA: Very nice!!!

[ edited by jam2 on 2006-11-12 02:02 ]
Managed to spot DB. But seriously, no James Marsters. Please.
Borat vs. Angel for Sexiest Man Alive? Wow-wee-woo-wah!
But I bet George Clooney wins again
Just wait till his big studio film comes out, lynnie...then he will be here next year;)

And I get the feeling Nathan will show up...if not cuz of his time on "Lost," then because of something like White Noise 2. Angst, from my observations, makes the ladies wibble;D
No, this is a non-verse based sexiest men list. Partisan to Spike or the Captain doesn't count as a waiver for this one.
*sigh* Huge Hugh Laurie. *sigh* *sigh*

*big sigh*

He wants me so bad.

You know you're getting older when you can only name about half of the people pictured in a popular culture thingamabob...

(And I'm gonna have nightmares about Borat's lime-green bathing suit, I just know it. God love 'em.)

Wow, talk about your Freudian slips, dl, it took me FOUR readings before I could find the typo -- I kept searching "thingamabob" for something other than the obvious... And yours needed no additional joke; you got it in one, as they say.

[ edited by QuoterGal on 2006-11-12 08:37 ]
I'm just going to suggest that you edit your post, QuoterGal, and refrain from making any tasteless jokes about the typo.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2006-11-12 06:05 ]
Go DB!

He deffiantly is one of the sexy ones and continues to be. This is his second time on this list.

I can see NF being there next year.
IMO David is the sexiest man on that list. Some of those guys are so young.
I agree. Thank goodness for the more mature men in that 100. The young ones didn't bug me though, as much as landing on Borat every time I paused. YEESH!
Are people serious about Borat being sexy? Or SBC? Or... I mean, seriously, what the hell is going on with that?
cheryl, I agree multiplied by a million. DB is the most beautiful man on the face of this earth.....ahem, except for my hubby.
Well, Laurie is pretty tall QuoterGal, that's probably what your subconscious meant, right ?

(does that count as tasteless ? If not I can try again ;)

And if it's just Borat's lime-green swi-thong that'll give you nightmares then you can't have seen the film yet. Two words. Naked. Wrestling. And not in the good way ;).

From a guy's perspective they're mostly understandable (I don't 'get' Borat either but I know Sacha Baron Cohen has his share of admirers) even if I could only name maybe 30 of them.
I have to say a few of those faces made me go "oooh". And not in a good way. But that picture of DB is a gorgeous one, no question.
Although, once again I agree with QuoterGal, Laurie will win for me every time. Those eyes!
But seriously, yes James Marsters. Please.
Laurie has those crazy eyes. They are sexy as hell.

DB is looking sexier with everyday. With all the great coverage he continues to get, I don't doubt he will be on many of these types of lists in the future.
How do you play it slower? My eyes are starting to cross...

ETA. Figured it out (right click, play speed)
Still took we a while - he's right after Clive Owen

[ edited by redfern on 2006-11-13 15:56 ]
It is great to see DB getting on these lists. I have no doubt others of the boys will start popping up as they get more mainstream exposure.

Is it indicative of something, like me living in a cave perhaps, that I have no idea who a lot of these fellows are? No one needs to suggest my age as a factor, because I've already ruled that out. ;-)

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