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November 12 2006

The thinking woman's sex symbol. TV Squad lists Anthony Stewart Head as one of the five top thinking woman's sex symbols.

He's just a sex symbol, period.

Pure sex.
I agree. Sexy in everyway that counts and even the ways that don't.
Funny. Saw the headline and knew they were talking about Tony Head.
I'm glad to see I was right.
Although I disagree with the author that his Ripper past would be of no importance to his sexiness as a librarian ...
I think that his past adds to his sexiness but I found him sexy before we knew about Ripper. And I think that she was trying to make clear that it was not Ripper that was sexy but Giles. And that even without that past, he would still be on the list.
There's Huge Laurie again.
Interesting list. I was under the impression "thinking women" still had a taste for male objectification.

Really? Jon Stewart?
Really? Jon Stewart?

Really, Resolute! At least this corner of femaledom concurs...
Jon Stewart, Tony Head, Hugh Laurie. Yes, yes. A thousand times, yes.

I'll be in my bunk.

But where is K-Fed??
ASH head is definately a sex symbol. Sexy in e.v.e.r.y. w.a.y.
Jon Stewart would be my number one, always! Love that man.
Oh, hell ya! Totally agree with these picks!
Jon Stewart does have sex appeal. When he's clothed. Poor guy is hirsute - er than Robin Williams! I'm one of those gals that doesn't like a lotta body hair on a guy. Have to agree about ASH, he's definitely hot. Let's not forget Patrick Stewart, either! mmmmm
Christiane Amanpour. Great choice, I was hoping I wasn't the only one with a crush on her.
There's just no love for Nigel Havers, Peter Bowles and Clive Owen anywhere these days.
Ewww, didn't know that about Jon Stewart, Willowy. I'm not a fan of a lot of body hair, either, but his wit just might make up for it. I could think of worse things than to be "lost" on an island with him, ASH, and Hugh Laurie.
Oh, yum. ASH, Jon Stewart and Hugh Laurie. And Bradley Whitford gets a shout-out. I'll be in my bunk as well.
Hah, that list is wonderfully spot-on. I'm not actually familiar with Christiane Amanpour, but the rest? Absolutely perfect.

Really? Jon Stewart?

So much yes.
I would not have put Hugh Laurie in the number #1 slot. Like to look at him but after his appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio (which was brilliant) I doubt I could take being on a desert island with him for too long. He's a lot like House. ASH is the complete package. I bet he's a delight to be with.
One thing not mentioned by the article is how Stewart and ASH are also great gigglers. A sense of humor is a must. I would have subbed in Naveen Andrews for B.J. Novak as well.
I'm afraid I don't know who those other two people are, but Tony Head, Jon Stewart, and Hugh Laurie will always be on my 'sexiest' list (Tonya I would love to be on that desert island w/HL, sign me up!). Intellect, humor and musical talent (okay, I don't know if JS has any musical ability but I love him regardless) is always a winning combination.
See how much Huge Hugh Laurie wants me? He's following me around today, into every thread.

Yay to all of 'em, and I'm also down with the Christiane love (and will Americans please listen to her when she explains how to pronounce Eer-on and Eer-ock, not I-ran and I-rock? You didn't and you don't.)

(Forgive the pronunciation rant, but as you can imagine, we are daily subjected to these annoying sounds, which are among the lady's - and my - pet peeves. Oh, re: the men - could not care less about details like hirsutitude and such. For me, it's all about the totality of the person...)
Finally someone else who knows christiane amanpour. Not only is she great, she has an awesome name. It just flows off the tongue.
You know, QG, I think we all would like to believe that of ourselves. Still, there are certain things that repel or attract us at that split-second visceral level that we have no control over. Me likes the mens to not be so sprouty. :)
What a great list...

other than
s/B.J. Novak/Gerard Butler/
Glad to see someone else noticing the absence of Patrick Stewart. That was my first reaction to this list.

However, the other name that is missing for me is that of the great Jossiness himself. Smart, funny, literate, enormously talented, feminist and yes, very, very cute. What's not to adore?

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I can think of a lot worse things than being stuck on a desert island with Jon Stewart, ASH (as Giles or as himself) and Hugh (or even Huge) Laurie. And Bradley Whitford. Add Joss to the mix and I'm afraid I wouldn't be the only woman on that island for very long ;-).
My five? In order of importance/sexiness:

1. James Marsters (I could listen to him talk about or perform "The Scottish Play" for the rest of my days!) I know, I know, me and my James obsess crush!
2. Joss!!!! ('Nuff said.)
3. ASH (love the giggle--and I've been a fan since before the coffee commercials!)
4. Patrick Stewart (that voice!)
5. Hugh Laurie (what can I say? I lurrve attitude!)

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