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November 12 2006

New prestige Buffy 16" statue now on sale. At a "holy crap, how much?" price of $375. Also at Time and Space, you can pre-order Fred's 'Feigenbaum the Bunny' from Angel season 5. Tis awfully cute.

I am never sure just how fussy I can be about these things - but at a Simon-special price of $"holy crap, how much?", I think I can expect high standards.

That said, is she supposed to be wielding the hunga-munga from BtVS S3e1 Anne? If so, shouldn't her top be green(-ish blue)?

OK, I'm fussy - I know it!
Actually I don't think the face looks like Sarah at all. I know we fans are fussy, but for that price it should be the spitting image of her. The pose is cool but I wouldn't pay that price when, if I only saw the face, I wouldn't recognize it as Buffy.
Well, $375 buys a lot of fussy to my mind and that doesn't look much like her. Pass, big style.

(also, the other photos seem like slightly odd choices. Are they saying 'Now with added ass !' or what ? ;)
Extreme close-up came to mind.
Great action pose, but terrible likeness.

The Sideshow permium format version is cheaper and it at least looks like the women.
Is this the most expensive Buffy collectible item to date btw (not counting the stuff that gets auctioned of course)?
Reminds me more of Marti Noxon than Sarah Michelle Gellar...
Plus the weapon is messed up - it's supposed to be an idiot-proof throwing blade, wouldn't work as such with the handle elongated and circumference of the blade part reduced. Plus the haircut is from season 6. Pfft.
You're right, adam_tvs, looks quite a bit like Marti Noxon. I was gonna say SNL's Kristen Wiig.
Ekk! I know I always complain about the action figures, however I allow the picture to speak for itself. Actually, it does look a bit like Marti, no offense. And yes, Simon, I think this is the most expensive Buffy item I've seen to date. I'm crazed, but not that much (I think).
I also much prefer the sideshow premium format figures at a lesser price. They are a much better likeness. Plus, I have to add, the main reason I like them so much more is I'm getting one!! My kids all chipped in and got me the Spike one and I am so pumped an so looking forward to February when it comes out!!
Sorry, just had to brag.
The bunny is very, very cute, but--and here comes that "fussy" thing--wasn't Feigenbaum brown? Unless maybe this is Feigenbaum's ghost...

And I agree with adam_tvs. It really does look like more like Marti Noxon than SMG. Neat action pose, but holy cow, at that price it really should be a near-photographic likeness.
Bunny? There's a bunny? I missed the door prize.
375???? That's obscene even if it WAS the spitting image of SMG...maybe if it was lifesize...sheesh
I have to say, I like the Snowglobe featured in a thread below here, much more than that (though we don't know what the price of the Snowglobe is yet).

[ edited by Tonya J on 2006-11-13 01:34 ]
That's uh... a lot of money.
At a "holy crap, how much?" price of $375.

Truest. Description. Ever. Thanks for the laugh, Simon. ;-)
Agree with all: way too much money, even for an exact likeness. Which this is not. And I gotta agree with Saje:

(also, the other photos seem like slightly odd choices. Are they saying 'Now with added ass !' or what ? ;)

That one view is just weird.

But I do adore Feigenbaum. Just not to the tune of thirty six bucks. Were I rich, I would indulge, though.

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