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November 12 2006

The Chosen Collection at Future Shop. I understand you can sometimes find The Chosen R1 DVD collection at Costco and other places for 99 bucks, but here's another place that has it fairly cheap ... just in time for Christmas! (Only available to Canadians).

Thanks to bronte who posted this at my forum.

Thanks for letting us know, Tonya J. Much as I'd love to find it at Costco for $99, that's a great price at FutureShop! still has it listed for $279 Cdn.

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So is that 140 dollars in Canadian money?
I would expect so, given the linked site is
OH MY GOD... man i have to get this now , but I dont have money :S
It is odd, I just noticed, that it says they're out of stock right under their link. But I clicked on the box set and added it to shopping cart and checked availability -- it indicated it was in stock. Unfortunately, this site is for Canadian customers only. Sorry, I should have checked further.

However, seems to have it in stock also, for a slightly higher price, $162.99:

The Chosen at
I also noticed the online availability says Out of Stock, but when I dug deeper, it says my local store has it, so I'm a happy camper! ;-D
Well I'll add "Canada only" to the subject line to avoid any confusion. I've never seen an environmental surchage before. That's a new one on me.

Anyhow, come all ye near and far and post where you can get the Chosen DVD cheap in countries around the world. are selling it for 135 quid here in the UK. Course we don't get that extra disk that our North American cousins get.
My Chosen Collection is my most priced possession. It seems to be out of stock at many places, so I would grab it if you can!!
Course we don't get that extra disk that our North American cousins get.

Yeah, but you guys can buy an Angel box set. :p(

Edited to make sense.

[ edited by Tonya J on 2006-11-13 01:35 ] has the Buffy collection for 120 or Buffy+Angel for 209. (I paid 220 for the pair of them a year ago. My investment is depreciating!)
While in-store at FutureShop several months ago, browsing the DVD sales, I came across the collection at an even lower price. Needless to say, I picked it up on the spot :)
Please remind me again why I would want this when I have all of the Seasons already?
Lioness, you have all of the seasons, me on the other hand do not(none of them actually), therefore, I should get this :P
I suppose you could buy each season separately, kurya, but at $26 to $28 each, you're looking at around $180 to $190.00+. Keep checking Costco if there's one near you. Also . That's where I got The Chosen. Wish they had it in stock for all of you right now.
So there isn't anything extra on this collection?

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