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November 12 2006

Buffy's Publisher Furnishes "Preferred Reading of Serious Fans." New York Times News Service story on Dark Horse Comics' 20th anniversary.

"By nurturing and backing a quirky, brooding and inventive stable of writers and artists, Dark Horse has spent the last 20 years carving out and maintaining its place as a scrappy comic book franchise in an industry dominated by Marvel Entertainment and DC Comics."

I am sure Joss will be most honored by the article's recognition that he "helped produce" Buffy.


My dark horse candidate for writing an arc of Buffy book is the most laughacious jaynelovesvera, who, according to a little bird a great big gun, is getting CAT scan results tomorrow. May the CAT give him nothing but kittens.
Yeah, Pointy, I think we might wanna go over to "Dear Joss" and thank him for his assistance with production - he was such a help. I think it was was eithet Joe Swedon or Josh Whelan that actually produced the show. Or maybe Tim Minear...

(I hope the cat is kind tomorrow to our [possibly lurking] jlv, who is no doubt devising new ways to torture us over at Goners. *ladylike sigh*)
now if only dark horse comics didn't cost $8 a pop...
now if only dark horse comics didn't cost $8 a pop...

Say what?
ajay42 may be getting confused with 'Angel: Masks' which was $7.49 (admittedly pretty steep) but is published by IDW.

AFAIK, standard single issue Dark Horse comics are around the $3 mark (as is fairly usual) though I only actually get 'The Escapists' from them at the moment.

Good old Joss, always ready to lend a helping hand to the real creative types. Gotta love his workmanlike dedication ;)

(think they might mean 'produced and helped write' ?)

ETA: And good luck jlv, if you are lurking. If not, well, good luck anyway ;).

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Dark Horse comics are a little more expensive, but there are very few ads and most of them are to the back.

Compared to Marvel's trend of having more ad pages than story with the ads interrupting the story constantly and their new attitude of "get used to it", I'd rather pay a dollar or so more.
You might want to take a look at the actual NYT article which is much longer (~2500 words vs. ~800 of the Taipei Times):

NYT: A Quirky Superhero of the Comics Trade. This is a Userland link and should work for non-subscribers and after the article's relocation to the Times' archives.

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