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November 13 2006

A Second Espenson Galactica Episode? Yes, according to Anne Cofell Saunders.

In an interview with Battlestar Galactica's Anne Cofell Saunders, Jane recently co-wrote episode “Dirty Hands”.

Very Cool. JE is such a great writer. She can weave humor and pain together and still make you want more.

This show is so darkly brilliant. I look forward to it every week.The pain Starbuck and Tigh are going through is so real you can taste it. I really liked Torn and Occupation. And the Cylons have become at times, as much as the ones to root for as the Galactica's crew.

And on the very plus and vain side, Apollo has dropped the horrible fat suit!=)
I'll just be glad when we can actually see the new season here in the UK. Apparently the arrival of Lost on Sky One had a good news/bad news kind of effect in that whilst we get to see the Lost episodes within an appropriate amount of time after the US, other shows have been put back to January as a result. Galactica included.

I wanna see fat Apollo!!! :D
Oh, Arcane... be careful what you wish for! Fat Apollo is a scary endeavour!

And can I just say woo and hoo to JE? I'm always happy when she writes!
Arcane - I believe BSG starts this month on Sky One in the UK.
Which other episode did she write?
She wrote "The Passage," which is scheduled to air on December 8 as the 10th episode for the season.
Yeah, Shame they couldn't find another way to do it cos it ain't great (in an otherwise approximately perfect season so far) but with jumping around filming bits here and there I guess they couldn't just have

Still, tis a tiny complaint all told.

(and yay Jane, can't get enough of her stuff anyway, the fact that it's also on one of my favourite shows is just gravy ;)

ETA: inviso-text. Sorry, Ariane as a spoiler-phobe myself I should have been less cavalier ;).

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Please be careful with Season 3 spoilers! Thank you!

Can't wait to see the Espenson episodes - next year, on DVD *sigh*

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I'm having a hard time imagining a "light" BSG episode. I'm anxious to see JE do her thing. For all those who must wait to watch BSG, it will be worth it. The first four episodes of Season 3 have been the series' finest hours, imho.
Gossi - "Arcane - I believe BSG starts this month on Sky One in the UK."

Really? They have changed their plans yet again? Well, I'm certainly not going to complain this time. In fact between this news, the fact Lost starts next Sunday and that they are showing 24 so soon after US broadcast too, Sky One have officially become my new favourite channel.

Now if only they will reconsider ending Dream Team...
I agree with you Saje, BSG has been at its best this season. Last friday's episode was really amazing. But I still don't know what to think .

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I'm very glad to see that Jane Espenson is doing more with Galactica. I can't wait to see her episode in December, and maybe if we're lucky, she'll join the writing staff next season.

Season Three has been up and down for me. A lot of it has been phenomenal. Exodus Part 2 was probably the best episode of the series. But as a whole, I don't quite think that Season Three is quite at the level of the Kobol Arc, which was the show's best. The last episode has been the worst of the season. It's not on the level of that dip during 2.5, more like early mid Season One, right before the Kobol arc.

That being said, Galactica at its worse was still brilliant.
I will also jump in with the love and agree that BSG is having an amazing year. In my opinion, the stuff that Michael Hogan and the writers are doing with Tigh is some of the most compelling, challenging and heartbreaking work being done in television or film today.
I'm a little anxious about what the people who make this show would consider to be "dirty hands." As opposed to what? What do the characters have to do to make their hands dirtier? Shudder to think.

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