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November 14 2006

Phina Oruche enters the jungle... Just a reminder for all you Olivia fans (cough), Phina Oruche enters the Jungle on ITV1, in the sixth series of "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here", well...right about now!

And will probably exit by the next episode. I suppose it's an historical moment, someone from the Whedonverse appearing in a reality tv show. Unless I blinked and it's happened already.
I watch pretty much anything, Strictly Come Dancing (Mmmmmark Ramprakash) and The X Factor and usually this too. But I saw a few clips of David Gest and thoroughly scared the cr@p out of myself. *shudders*
This will be the first I'm A Celeb that I've watched for more than a few random episodes and if I'm honest it won't be for Phina (although she did make me laugh a couple of times tonight).

Any chance to see Myleene Klass taking an outdoor shower must NOT be refused! :)
And you know, not as bad this year as I thought it was going to be. There werent any big names or that well known people (Except Myleene and Matt - and even they arent that big) but already you can see clashes in the distance

Oh and I liked Phina more than I thought I would.

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