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November 14 2006

All Passes for the Big Damned Flanvention are SOLD OUT. So says the official announcement posted on BE's website. If you didn't get tickets but still want to try to go, watch your favorite boards, and BE's ticket exchange threads. Meanwhile, this word from vicki as well: "I can say with *some* degree of certainty that we are probably done on main cast- yes. But no- the guest list is not done."

Oh, this is awful timing! :( I just found out my wife is going to be able to go, and she missed last year's Flan. Extra tickets seem to be few and far between. :(
I'm really excited to be going to the Flanvention this year. Everyone stop by and say hello! There's also a chance of me having a shiny item to show off at the event as well. See you soon!

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For those who want it, here is the hand-numbered seating chart.

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