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November 14 2006

Fight like a reaver. Museum Replicas Limited offers a replica set of the reaver sword and axe used by River at the end of Serenity.

For those who like a little more order in their killing, they also offer a replica of the Operative's sword.

Want it,Want it,Want it,Want it,Want it,Want it,Want it!
I want! If I were a crier, I would be crying at the fact that the axe is available. And, also, crying at the price.

Who wants to buy a Christmas present for a girl you've never met?
*violent nods, joyous bouncing, hugging of total strangers*

SQUEE I want THIS and THIS and THIS...

I would like to second ormaybemidgets who would like to sponser a fangirl's arsenal?
Reaver sword bears a resemblance to a steak knife. Not a coincidence.
Ewwwwww! I'm glad I've already eaten, Pointy ;-). That combination would look so good on my wall next to the sword I already have...

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