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November 14 2006

(SPOILER) Preview for Astonishing X-Men #18. The cover art finally gets revealed and there's four pages of interior art and dialogue as well.

So, Mr. Whedon, it was never going to be "Crisis on Infinite Mollies" at all, was it?

*(repeats "evil goodness" joke ad infinitum)*
So from the cover I'm guessing this is the issue where we found out Emma Frost is a Number Six cylon?
Nice to see the grant morrison emma costume front and center. the physics of that suit need to be studied.
What?Emma Frost and Tricia Helfer are the same person?
Those pages were awesome. Whedon's really gotta stop writing and making the rest of us look bad.
Um, might this have anything to do with the Stepford Cuckoo clones going on over in Warsong??

On a semi-related note--Marvel released it's solicatations for February today. Why are there so many beautiful covers that month? Swooning over Yu on New Avengers. Claremont's back. Alas, no Whedon mention, though on the Astonishing or Runaways front...
What are you talking about Brian!? So far, I've bought and read the first three issues of Spike: Asylum and I must say that your writing and storytelling far surpasses that of the man himself. I just know Spike is gonna wind up ripping Wiseau's head off. That prick deserves it for staking that poor girl. And the ending for issue number #3 with the special guest appearance, genius!
The first thing I thought of when I saw the cover was it's the Cuckoos in Emma's various outfits. But I'm not sure everything that's going on in Warsong would be impacting Astonishing. But Warsong happens before Torn, since the Sentinels are still outside the mansion.
At a rough guess, Emma has umpteen different multiple personalities. And each one will get their own spin-off mini-series.
Is it my imagination, or has Joss topped the previous Most Embarrassing Hank McCoy moment -- I speak of New X-Men #117's depiction of Beast's litter box -- on page 4 of Astonishing #18, by having our fuzzy blue hero engage in what might delicately be referred to as a post-litter box grooming ritual? Cat fanciers, does memory deceive me?
I thought he was doing the Hokey Pokey...

He put his right foot in, he put his right foot out...
Yep, those pages are pretty amazing. I'm going to love dark!Scott, that's for sure. Can't wait to get my hands on this issue.
At a rough guess, Emma has umpteen different multiple personalities
And apparantly they all like to wear skimpy white outfits...

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