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November 14 2006

Keep the Fringe Flyin'. A present for Nathan Fillion. A donation drive to honour Nathan Fillion, for his next birthday, March 27, 2007. All donations will go directly to Fringe Theatre Adventures (FTA) in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. FTA is a 25-year old, professionally operated, not-for-profit Theatre company. FTA provides valuable opportunities for emerging actors while aiming to diversify and expand the theatrical audience.

The site goes on to explain why FTA to be the beneficiary of the drive:
The goal of this drive is to support the unique services that FTA provides for the community of Edmonton, and to show our appreciation for the role the Fringe Festival has played in nurturing the talent of so many artists, in particular Nathan Fillion.

I think this is awesome, I will probably contribute to this.

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Super! That's a great thing to do for him. I'm in. I have very fond memories of watching and acting in fringe theatre.
Well I never did any professional cting, but I did act in high school plays:P Also one play in Cegep, and a play in University. It was put on by engineering undergrad students and no that is not a joke. It was an awesome experience. I have seen a few shows at the Fringe here in Montreal and it is interesting. I can see it as a great way to allow local artists to display their talents(either in terms of directing, acting, writing etc).
I'm very tickled that's how NF got his start. You just never know who is out there waiting to be discovered.
Yeah.... maybe the next captain tightpants may come out of the fringe festival.
That's a cool thing to do, and I'm sure Mr. Fillion will be appreciative. But if you want to support non-profit theaters, why stop at giving some money to a theater you'll never visit? Check out your own regional theater scene, there are non-profit organizations in most cities. That way, you're supporting struggling actors and you get to see a show, too. :)
Hmmm that is a good point dingoes8. I know I dont often enough go to local theatre productions. Especially asince alot of stuff that comes out of hollywood is usually not worth the price of admission, it is better to see a local play, drama or comedy.
That's a great idea, dingoes8! Since Keep the Fringe Flyin' is intended as a gift for Nathan Fillion, it makes sense to give to an organization that is meaningful to him. But we at Good Works would love to see this drive not only honor Nathan and contribute to the Edmonton community, but spur donors to look locally at their own community theaters. One thing we have learned is how such community efforts can benefit all of us. We have certainly all benefited from Nathan's involvement with Fringe Theatre Adventures, and we are happy to express our gratitude, even if we never set foot in Edmonton.

The Keep the Fringe Flyin' drive was born of the desire to channel our enthusiasm and appreciation for Nathan (and all who have supported him) into something beneficial for those both within and outside of the fandom. It would be wonderful if that enthusiasm carried on to local theaters as a result of this effort!

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