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November 15 2006

The aesthetics of Buffy. A very special edition of Slayage focussing on Buffy's opening credits, fashion and the quality of Spike's campness.

And some of our fellow posters quoted in the last essay. Good stuff.

I've only had time to read that last essay: "Queer Eye for that Vampire Guy: Spike and the Aesthetics of Camp." Pretty cool that we're being quoted!

My one thought as the writer talked about Spike straddling the different lines such as masculine/feminine or antagonist/protagonist was how in Angel he literally ended up straddling the chasm of Hell. I think he'd finally reached a point where straddling the fence had much more dire consequences - His being corporeal or saving Fred. Less 'camp' there, but a decision that a Buffy season 4-5 Spike would have never made so selflessly. Interesting article.

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Very happy to see this issue, edited by Matthew Pateman, whose book, The Aesthetics of Culture in BtVS, is one of the best out there.
Okay, Angel dressed the way he did for all those years and it's Spike that's the camp one?!?!? ;)
Does anyone feel like we're running out of things to talk about when things like this show up? (Not to belittle either the poster or the article. Nice topic, it's just sad when we get to this point.)

We need new Joss news!

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Spike was camp? *scratches head* Is this some new sense of "camp" that I am unfamiliar with?
The article on the opening credits was very interesting. It certainly provides good evidence of what shows may lose as credits increasingly disappear. I'm assuming the dual reason for it is lack of airtime due to increased commercials and considerations of viewing patterns (TiVO skips and DVD jumps).

As an aside I was thinking Monday that "Heroes" (another show without credits) has one of the longest running lists of names in the opening minutes I've seen. Another good argument for having at least a brief opening credit sequence.
Thanks for this link. I loved the camp article. Most of it made me giggle like mad, but there were some really interesting, more serious points made as well.

But you know how if you keep repeating a word it starts to sound really weird?

I don't know if I can ever use the word camp again. In any capacity.
Spike was camp? *scratches head* Is this some new sense of "camp" that I am unfamiliar with?

The article subverts the normal preconceptions of the term "camp". Not so much Mr Humphreys anymore.
Ditto on the thanks for the link. I find these essays very thought provoking in that they make me think of things I never thought of before, like how glad I am that I don't have to write an essay. Thanks again.
I really enjoyed the camp article. It shone light on an element of the show, and Spike inparticular, that I'd never considered before. It also highligted a lot of why people are so drawn to Spike and why he's such a popular character.

I don't think we'll ever run out of things to talk about with regard to these shows. Just when you think you've dissected it all someone comes along with another angle. Personally I very pleased that articles are still being written, and that they are so well thought out too.
Just read the opening credits article and it was very interesting. I think maybe some of it was overanalyzed, but it was pretty cool to read.
This is the first volume of Slayage in which I read every article. I found the writing to be above the Slayage average. While I wanted a few stronger conclusions, on the whole, I was pleasantly surprised by this issue.

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