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November 15 2006

James Marsters November Q&A. Tasmanian devils, Steve DeKnight, and bologna are discussed.

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Hmm. The link took me to the October page.
It works for me... :(
ETA: I had no idea that people overseas are not familar with Balogney.

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He still hasn't answered my question...Oh well, there's always next month.
That was written by Steve DeKnight, for christsakes, who should have more dignity.

LOL! I'm afraid I thought that about the whole episode.
LOL! I'm afraid I thought that about the whole episode.

I tend to think that about the whole series, hehe.
Dignity and Smallville? Interesting concept. Might be a good idea...
Little late for that, wouldn't you say?
I just listened to the Smallville Commentary on Thirst yesterday and the amount of self-deprecating humor Deknight displayed in regards to that episode redeems him a little bit.

Pretty funny.
He had Marsters and it was Halloween, how could he resist? ;)
Sing the song with me now:

Oscar Meyer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A.

I'm with the Dignity and Smallville are mutually exclusive crowd. It's such bad writing, I'm amazed that Steven DeKnight's involved at all. Although, Smallville's got nothing on Charmed. Now that's bad.
It's all very Monty Python.
Willowy, you’re getting the October questions because your browser is loading the previously cached page for James’ site. Click the reload button in your browser’s menu bar. That will reload the page, bringing up the most recent postings.
Methinks I detect just a slight amount of disappointment in Smallville's writing from JM...
James still comes across as a very down-to-earth, honest, nice guy. Very refreshing!
That was written by Steve DeKnight, for christsakes, who should have more dignity.

Oh, he knows SDK will see what he said.... ;-)
Of course you're right, showgirl. Thanks for the reminder. :)
Changed spelling and/or capitalization for DeKnight and bologna. Balogna is a commune of the Corse-du-Sud département of France, located on the island of Corsica, for the record.
Mmmmm, Spam or bologna...
*is white trash too, for christsake* :D

A wonderfully fun Q & A, thanks Spikey.
James tells you he has a pool (bringing to mind a wet,glistening James doing laps..muscles rippling...effulgent in the California sunshine...and all you guys can think of is what he had for lunch??!! :D
*hugs Berry*

That deliciously lovely mental image is going to be with me for a LONG time. Thank you :)
Berry, I like the way you think

sadly the image is rather spoiled for me by the thought of a lithe, glistening James climbing out of the deep end, striding towards a sun lounger and tucking into a Spam sandwich

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