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April 23 2003

(SPOILER) BtVS S7x19 'Empty Spaces' video preview. Finally, a new UPN promo.

gah! i nearly teared up watching that promo. i'm going to miss this show so much it's not even remotely sane.
I DID tear up! Oh geesus, why did they have to use "Goodbye to You?!" WHY?! ::dies:: There cannot only be 4 weeks left....
I just posted to the PTC thread, then saw this. Nice biblical reference with the flash of BETRAYAL and then the Judas (?) kiss from Dawn to Buffy. Hmmm...
I'm not sure the UPN promo department is smart enough to intentionally make a reference to Judas...I mean, have you seen most of the promos they've dumped on us this season? That being said, this one is pretty sad...that song kills me!

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