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November 15 2006

USA Today reviews Adam Baldwin's 'Day Break'. The review is less than favorable but ratings may save it.

Test screening feedback has reportedly been excellent on this. I agree, it's got the Tru Calling problem where the idea is great - but probably not as a weekly show. That said, if they keep enough twists going to keep you interested for 13 weeks it could be fun.
gossi - need you be reminded of the "Seinfeld" test screening and how well that went. They even make it a joke on Studio 60 this season about test screenings. They are to be taken with a grain of salt, cause they typically are done by people with an agenda.

On the other hand, yea Adam actually gets named in an article about the show. Usually it's Taye, Taye, Taye, Taye, Taye, Taye, Taye, Taye, Taye, Taye, Taye, Taye and hey Diggs.

Oh BTW you might want to Spoiler this thread since it has not aired and people may want to wait and see what kinda character Adam is portraying.

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Here's a pretty good review to balance it up ;)

There's also an interview with Jeff Bell at the same site.
The girlfriend, Rita, is played by an actress named Moon Bloodgood. There's just something about that name that makes me think werewolf.
MI6 has fewer double o's...
But then again "USA Today" might not be a good reference for quality... it's a nice looking publication though, it has a lot of colors inside.
Zap2It also has a review of Day Break.
I didn't know that Jeff Bell was involved nor that Adam Baldwin was in it. Now I have to watch because now I have much higher expecatations for it then I had five minutes ago.
Yorrick, I'd agree about USA Today's film coverage and quality, but Robert Bianco is a good TV critic.
I'd love to watch AB, but even the promos for this show bored me stiff. Taye Diggs' purtiness notwithstanding. But then, I'm one of the three people on the planet who loathed Groundhog Day, so I'm probably biased.
I'm watching it, but it's not grabbing me (unlike Taye Diggs's character, who seems to be grabbed by some grubby goon every 3 minutes). The dialogue is awful. My daughter and I keep coming up with alternate lines that sometimes have us in hysterics, but then we get bored again...

Why am I supposed to care about any of the characters?
It was ok. I liked Adam Baldwin and Mitch Pileggi in their roles. The show may get old after a while, but I can see at least a season of non-repetitive episodes.
The show got old from the opening scene. This plot device has been executed much better in other series (Tru Calling, Early Edition, and even Seven Days). If it must be used again, at least the dialogue should be interesting. None of the characters were remotely likeable (except maybe Rita, but more because the actress's name is Moon Bloodgood than because I could care).

I prefer meandering Lost over murky Daybreak. Wednesdays are going to be TV-free nights for a while.
I watched it for Adam. And only Adam. But let's give it a chance. It was only the first night.
Did anyone else catch the "Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco" shout out?

It's when Digg's character is running after he realizes that his meeting in the park with his partner is a trap.
Come on. Taye Diggs so -cannot- beat up Adam. Sheesh.

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