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November 16 2006

More Serenity tales. First up is "Serenity Park", a short sequel to Serenity told a la South Park. And last but not least, the very wonderful "Notes on a Fridge on a Spaceship".

"Fridge" is fricking brilliant.
Very cute, and I could see Wash as the 'Kenny' of Serenity: Joss could kill him off in every one of the sequels!
"Serenity Park" is really cute. Love the "I got better" line. "Fridge" made me grin.
If I read a funnier sentence today than "Notepaper without gorram cats on it!!!," I will frankly be surprised.

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The Notes on a Fridge are AWESOME!!
Oh, yeah, Serenity Tales. So, uh, anyone a stellar comic artist? Someone's in need of one. Someone whose false versions you should not worship. Yeah.
I think Wash is too articulate and visable to make a really effective Kenny, but that's probably just me. Meanwhile, "Notes on a Fridge on a Spaceship" will not load for me, will not load, though I've tried 40 gajillion times today.
i love the note on fridge .... soo hilarious, luckily i was alone in the lab. Seriously I could read one of those every week! And Serenity park is funny, but there are some great serenity park comics on the site. Just do a search of the blue sun room there.
Can not say enough good things about "Notes on a Fridge on a Spaceship" - it's very funny and the characterizations are spot on.

As for "Serenity Park" -- (to the tune of "Joe Hill")

I dreamed I saw Wash Hoburn last night
Alive as you and me
Says I, "But Wash, you're one year dead"
"I never died," says he
"I never died," says he

"That Reaver Whedon killed you, Wash
"He spiked you, Wash," says I
"Takes more than beams to kill a man"
Says Wash, "I didn't die"
Says Wash, "I didn't die"

"Oh, God," you said
"Oh God," you said
"The crew is gonna die."
But they survived,
Got out alive,
'Cept you and Preacher Guy.
'Cept you and Preacher Guy.

But standing there as big as life
And smiling with his eyes
Wash says, "I'm one can never die --
"We need to organize!"
"We need to organize!"

"From Sihnon, up to Higgins' Moon
"In every ship and bar
"Where Browncoats meet and fraternize
"It's there you'll find Wash Hoburn."
"It's there you'll find Wash Hoburn."

I dreamed I saw Wash Hoburn last night
Alive as you and me
Says I, "But Wash, you're one year dead"
"I got better," says he.
"I got better," says he.

(with apologies to Alfred Hayes and Earl Robinson... and dl, I'm trying to think of a good way to get the fridge notes to you...)
Where is Inara on the Notes on a Fridge on a Spaceship?
Yeah! Where's Inara?
Inara pays rent for a shuttle and makes her own money for things. Why would she be on the chores and supplies lists?
Ooh, good answer (said like Jaye Tyler).
Ah, but I still think she'd have some things to say about it. ;)
I can see Inara and Kaylee talking between themselves about the lists. Just, you know, not actually on the lists.
It finally loaded on the 40th gajillianth and one try. Love it. Would love to see future installments. Which should definitely include Inara. We've seen her in the kitchen many times.

And great song lyrics, QG.

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I love Kaylee's need for batteries although probably her "i"s should have hearts on them, not just circles.
And Wash back? I'll take it.
And Wash back? I'll take it.

Given that Book is there, too, I assumed this was a series-era set of lists.
I loved the notes too!
really, the cap's not to himself about the notepaper made me laugh really loud, I choked on my chai tea!
Oh, hooray for notes on the fridge. The precious little zombie rodents were classics.
What had me LMAO was when Mal finally boiled the list down from wants to needs -- and he still included Kaylee's batteries in there. A good captain understands what his crew needs, yo. ;-)
Woo, "Fridge" was awesome! Incredibly original and really well done.
Fridge - thing of beauty.
Good point billz. Now that's leadership ;).

Yep, 'Notes on a Fridge' was brill, got the voices down in just a few lines and the way the penmanship matched every character was great.

('Serenity Park' was pretty good too though and who didn't think 'Oh My God, He Killed Wash!' at that moment so maybe he could work as a Kenny stand-in)
I liked both of 'em.

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